Chiangmai with 2,000 Baht


Traveling alone isn't easy and it isn't hard


If not now, then when?



Today I will review my "alone trip"

Since it's a long holiday during the start of winter, I chose to travel to the North.

I have to tell you that this isn't a normal trip but an adventure. Taking the train to a distance of 1,400 kilometers and 400 kilometers on a motorcycle in Chiangmai.

It might seem inconvenient and scary but it's a lot of fun!!

What are we waiting for? Let's start the review!


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-Our mission is "spend only 2,000 baht"-

At the Hua Lamphong train station

I got a free ticket from the ticket booth. The train leaves at 1.45 PM and arrives at 4.05 AM. Next, I have to prepare some food to eat on the train.

I haven't been on a train for 7-8 years but the train is quite nice and not very crowded. (Maybe it's because this is the first stop)

Around 5 AM, I arrived in Chiangmai. One hour late isn't that bad. Next, I have to rent a motorcycle.

After I found a motorcycle, I ate some breakfast and rode the motorcycle to The Canyon. I'm so excited!

Now we are in the United States in Arizona! Just kidding!

This is the Grand Canyon in Chiangmai (there are 3 branches)

The admission fee is 50 baht. I don't know about other fees because I'm just looking around and I don't plan on swimming.

Next is Amphoe Chiangdao! It isn't hard to get to Doi Luang Chiangdao as I have Google Map!

I just made a reservation when I was at the Canyon. Making a reservation is quite difficult because there is no signal there. The place that I reserved was Baan View Doi Luang (Tent) for 350 baht

All the accommodations here are the same price : Home stay for 500 baht and Tent for 350 baht. Breakfast and dinner are free.

Now we can walk around the village and take photos. For the accommodation, there is no plug for charging but there is a charging point.

The sunset is very beautiful, but I don't know how to capture its beauty :)

It's time to eat!

Eating on the mountain is a great feeling!

Then get some sleep so you can wake up to see the sea.

6 AM.. I woke up to a sea of fog...

It's okay, let's have breakfast and go somewhere else.


Bye Chiangdao! See you next time!

Next destination : Mae Kampong

First, you have to enter Chiangmai and visit some temples.

Next we go to Mae Kampong.. 30 kilometers.

Here we are at Mae Kampong village!

As usual, it was easy to get here with Google Maps

Taking photos and relaxing at a shop.

This is Giant Coffee Shop !

It's a coffee shop on the mountain in the middle of a giant tree. It makes me a bit sad to sit here..


Waking up in the middle of a field covered with a sea of fog is very nice. It's a dawn of a new life.

This is the camping site. There is no electricity here. Only AIS and DTAC is available. So be prepared!

The trip was really worth it. Even though it's a long journey, the ambiance makes up for it.

The food has arrived! This is my dinner.

How to take a photo without feeling lonely

1 2 3 Cheese! Bye!

It's time to head back. My motorcycle has been through a lot, but it was fun. We are going to Chiangmai.

End of my 4 days and 2 nights trip

I learned so much from this trip
If you are brave enough to do things you have never done before, you will gain experience and happiness from them.

Actually we are often afraid of things we don't understand..
Don't let fear prevent you from being happy.

I can only tell a story, but only listening won't do anything!!!
There won't be any good unless you travel yourself!

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