Winter is approaching, my brain starts to think about traveling every single day.

I want to go a place, go to somewhere to relax, charge up energy and bring good feeling back,

as well as to live a slow life at a place.

And Chiang Mai is one of the destinations that I want to go, to travel, and to relax.

With its nature, air and green space, we feel good to see and happy to be around such atmosphere.

Especially when we get to stay at organic farm resort,

how much fun and enjoyable it could be?

Narittaya Resort and Spa is located at Hangdong District, Chiang Mai Province.

We get to stay here for two nights during the end of the rainy and the beginning of winter season.

So here comes the story that I want to share with you guys,

to get to know more about this organic resort of what interesting things here they have to offer.

Let's start our new morning activity after the full rest from the trip.

When we learn to live with nature, we must also learn to built it. We must know how to plant and the staff will take us to the planting fields.

They let us try to plant lettuces as well as other vegetables for cooking.

Narittaya Resort and Spa plant all organic vegetables, altogether in many fields.

In our room, the basket with room number is also provided.

What will we need them for? If not to pick up fresh vegetables or duck eggs? hehe.

So let's go to duck farm

The duck here is also fed organically. They use no chemical substance nor hormone accelerator. The food fed to ducks is also hygienic.

This makes it a complete organic farm.

After picking up morning vegetables and duck eggs, let's take them to the chef for cooking. We will come back to enjoy the food in about 20 minutes.

In the mean time, we will go for a walk in the green space of the resort.

Here, bicycle is also provided free of charge. It might be hard to cycling with a bit weight, good thing that we haven't had anything yet so we are so light and that makes our cycling a very easy one, haha.

This trip, 5 of us are staying at Narittaya Resort and Spa. We come in a teenage and fresh look ^^

Let's get a snap shot with a resort sign for our memory.

There are not many rooms inside the resort. Each house is located quite in distance to one another with a sense of high privacy.

It only takes approximately 15 minutes drive from the airport, if we didn't get lost, hehe.

The directional sign is available from the road all along to the resort itself.

The restaurant in the garden of Narittaya Resort and Spa

Sitting here, you will be surrounded by trees in a 360-degree.

You can also enjoy the clean food and many other menus as we preferred,

With the organic vegetables planted by the resort.

Duck eggs that we collected earlier, now they become our food, that is a white omelet menu.

Although the food was not in buffet style while we stay here and we have to choose our own menu, we are very full and it's a good full.

This includes beverages like tea, coffee, orange juice that are offered in full refill.

Le'ts get relaxed in the late morning, let the time walks slow and goes enjoy our room.

With this wall, it gives us another level of privacy, do you agree?

We stay at Pool Villa with 2 bedrooms in which each room is located in separation,

with a swimming in the middle of the house.

The swimming pool is an actual pool that we can swim. It's also quite big not small like the ones I used to see.

So here comes the name Pool Villa. But the pool is a long rectangular pool in which you can enjoy swimming back and forth.

And tonight, we will have a good time swimming here.

Inside both rooms, single bed and double bed are available.

For the decoration, I think it's quite plain and not so outstanding.

But full facilities is provided, such as LCD TV, air conditioner, hair dryer, and WiFi.

Rice crackers and longan juice is also provided but I forgot to take a photo as they quickly go to my stomach.

What I like the most about the room in Narittaya Resort and Spa is the bathroom. It is very spacious and clearly zoning.

The wet and dry zone is clearly separated. The toilet and shower room is located in different room. An open air bathtub is also available.

The space in the middle of the bathroom is so spacious that it can accommodate a whole tent, hehe.

A single bed Pool Villa room. I think this type is the most gorgeous type in the resort, let's go take a look!

Pool Villa like this offers high level of privacy with fencing around the whole house.

The room is not so big nor too small, it's a perfect size for two people.

Open the back door and you simply step into the swimming pool.

The information of Narittaya Resort and Spa, Chiang Mai, in case you are interested:

Tel. +66 53 432 972

[email protected]

9 M. 11, T. Namphrae A. Hang Dong ,Chiang Mai Thailand 50230

Narittaya Resort and Spa

Another room type, a Garden Cottage which is located on the opposite side of Pool Villa.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that, the toilet here comes with a washing line which is a familiar Thai habit.

I think someone chooses the hotel with the condition of having the washing line attached to the toilet, haha.

Although Garden Cottage has no personal swimming pool, it is very close to public swimming pool.

Narittaya Resort and Spa provides public swimming pool in the middle of the Garden Cottage, it's an ideal place for a small pool party.

We had quite a heavy breakfast, let's go for a light lunch with a snack in a clean food style like usual.

Generally, we have a pork satay, but here they use mushroom instead of pork. I think it's quite delicious.

Also, we have a good bite of Roti Mataba and what must not miss dish is a bright and fresh flower spring roll offered in roses and pea flower.

And when you enjoy it, don't forget to dip it with sauce. It's just so unbelievably tasty.

Now, let's continue our chill time with spa..... I must say that Narittaya Resort & Spa also has a famous spa service.

From my feeling, in addition to organic vegetable farm, they must also grow herbs.

I also see lemongrass farm a lot in the middle of the resort.

So, please allow me to enjoy their service a bit now.

If we want to know, we must try. And only when we try ourselves then we can say how good it is.

We start from foot spa. Seeing the water in the tub, we start to think whether it was the flower we just ate, haha.

But I must say, relaxation all starts when we put our feet into the tub.

I choose the hot massage service as I love to have the heat running over the body, hehe.

And my other friend chooses skin scrub with coffee beans, a current trendy spa now.

And this is a massage-spa room. We can choose a single or a double people room.

Throughout the 90 minutes of the spa, I really enjoy the massage and the relaxation. I have to say, I really like it. Where do I like? I think I like the staff the most. They are very gentle and know where to massage. They look a bit with age and that means with experiences right? hehe. I used to go for an oil massage at one spa place and I don't know whether to call it massage or bully as when I got out from the room I was all hurt and it took 2 day to recover, haha. I think may be because I didn't dare to tell the staff so she just put all her strength on me.

But here, I have to say that you truly get relaxed. This is another service that I want to tell and let you know.

Another impression is that the staff take excellent care of you.

The staff here is very friendly and has a great hospitality. We can feel that they must have been well-trained.

For the second evening here at Narittaya Resort and Spa is truly a full relaxation day for us.

Let's get a pool party among us going!

The atmosphere of the swimming pool in Pool Villa. We start the party with BBQ grilling.

The resort provides certain services for us like the stove and grilling as well as other equipment.

And we go buy more beverages and other food. Well, let's help out grilling now....

The atmosphere near the swimming pool with a chic prop. Everyone is loving it and enjoy photography time.

It is not often that we get to enjoy like this, so we must play hard and have a great time.

On the next day, we like to continue travel. Since Narittaya Resort and Spa is located in Hangdong District, Chiang Mai Province.

What are the nearby attractions? Let me take you to discover them.

We will go by the red taxi service in which the resort can help arranged.

Ready now let's go! And before that, 1 2 3, cheese, action!!!

Chaturamuk Pavilion, the only one in the North (157 years old)

Here is Wat Ton Kwen. It is an ancient temple with a historic significance as it was the place for temporary stop of Phra That Si Chom Thong relics procession from Chom Thong District to Chiang Mai.

In the past, the Chiang Mai ruler had a tradition to water the Buddha's relics and conveyed from Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong with elephants and horses procession.

Then the procession stopped at Wat Ton Kwen for the locals to also water Phra That Si Chom Thong.

Arriving the temple, we also offer food and make some merits. In fact, the resort also provides food offering set in the morning at the front of the resort.

But the monks weren't be able to come that day, so we took that opportunity to visit Wat Ton Kwen and also made some merits here. We can feel full in merit and heart before moving on.

Then, we continue on our journey. I must say this destination is very close to the resort. It is only a 5 minutes drive to one of the most trendy tourist attraction of Chiang Mai now.

That is the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai. We have heard a lot about it and now it's time to experience it first-hand.

This is the place that I really want to see for myself of how beautiful or scary it could be and whether it's like what I've heard before or not?

The entrance fee is 50 THB and you can use it to exchange for a bottle of water or herbal juice.

When I see these giant earthen wells, I must say that they are so elegant.

This elegance is mingled with the horror of the place as the surface was dig so deep for sale.

The depth reaches the green water layer in several wide wells. Although there's a walkway from point to point but the passage is in crumbling soil. Walking not carefully and there's a chance to fall down.

Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai here is a mixture of beauty and horror.

Many brave people are jumping into the water with joy despite knowing that several people have died of drowning here earlier.

Well, jump, jump, jump, for those who dare!!!

So we finally make it here to the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai. This place can be considered as another unseen places of Chiang Mai.

If you are traveling to Hangdong, Chiang Mai, please do not miss to visit and see it with your own eyes.

And now, we have to move on to our next destination, our next spot.

Chiang Mai and our journey, again, here.....

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 Monday, November 16, 2015 11:15 AM