This trip is such a rushed trip which we have decided in the last minute. We actually tended to go to Phuket to see vegetarian festival.

But, my close friend Bo from Medsye Travel who calls to invite me to take a trip for sailing and seeing dolphins at Maiton Island. As I have never been to this island before, hence I accept her invitation without any reluctance

This package trip is called Catamaran Sailing which is normally sold at THB 2,900.

This program has consists of 2 routes.

The first routing is to sail to Maiton island including lunch and some snacks

The second routing is to sail to see the sunset and indulge with spectacular atmosphere of Sri Panwa including with special dinner BBQ seafood.

As we have really less time to spend for this trip, hence we have chosen for the first routing. Indeed, we have also brought our drone in order to take the beautiful photos at the upper angle.

We are ready to discover our trip now.

To start our trip by heading to Dolphin pier, then we contact with the staff for onboarding on the sail.

The sail has moved slowly because this trip is emphasized on relaxation not activity. We sip some water and do sun bathing at the same time.

Once we get closer to Maiton island, I am so surprised why there are some water ballet over here.

They promptly dance together, and they are good at dancing. Furthermore, all of water ballet dancer wear fins too.


Those are dolphins. Right, they are real dolphins.

This is really amazing, I have ever found dolphins in Maldives but I am not as excited as seeing dolphins at Maiton island.

I have never thought before that there will be some dolphins in the sea of our country. We take the camera to record the video.

Nevertheless, some dolphins swim directly to us, we are really excited.

We are hurry to leave our camera and prefer to stare at those dolphins instead.

And below are some of the clips, please enjoy seeing


The staffs have left to enjoy our moments, we can either chill out on the sailing boat or snorkeling.

As I really want to discover how beautiful is, hence we request to do some snorkeling.

But we must tell you that there is a weakness of this island which is coral. It is not as beautiful as we expect.

We have spent sometimes in doing snorkeling, then we come to enjoy lunch which are well prepared by the staffs.

They have prepared some BBQ, fried chicken etc while we are doing snorkeling.

We have eaten a lot because tiredness, the food is arranged in buffet.

As we mention that the price is included for snack and drinks as well.

We are really full, we are now on the beach of Maiton island, we have only 1 hour to spend on the island

There are some place to chill out and swimming pool on the island too.

For us, we prefer to take sometime on the island to take some photos, swim in the pool as well as use drone to take the photos at the high angle.

Those are some parts of the photo which are taken in this trip. It is very relaxing trip.

We do not take many photos because we mostly enjoy seeing by our eyes

After this part, we are back on board and sail back to the bank.

Mi Palapilii

 Monday, November 16, 2015 9:49 AM