Hi everyone! This trip, Fatty Uncle will go to Europe with NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST. NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST is the very first tour company that operate a trip like this in order to supply the needs of tourists.

I have been traveling a lot and after I have experienced this trip, I have got to say that those previous experience can't be compared to this one including tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants. This trip is just way too perfect. There is even a famous Thai actor in this tour, Fluke Krirkpol, a world epicure who has been to many places and tried so many kind of cuisines around the world.

Fluke has never traveled with a tour company before and never liked it this way. However, his perception about traveling with a tour has changed forever after this trip ends. He firmly says that a tour with NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST is so good. It is well-organized and everything goes smoothly. He even mentions that NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST should re-do the whole tour program again. You might be wondered why Fluke likes this tour so much.

Let's go and see and also see my own-style journey on this tour!

Fatty Uncle flies with Thai Airways flight TG 940.

It is a direct flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Milan, Italy.

There are still sometimes to kill so I stop by at Royal Silk Business Class Lounge to look for something to eat.

I am on board now. It is totally comfortable and relaxing lying down in this business class seat.

I have arrived in Milan in the morning after watching 2 movies and sleeping 2 times.

The first agenda with NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST tour is to go to the hotel to fresh up, take a shower, and have a breakfast.
(Not like other tour that go to a tourist spot directly after the flight)

We are staying here at Starhotels Rosa Grand www.starhotels.com. It is totally amazing.

The hotel is located right in the middle of Milan next to the famous Duomo.

This is my room.

The program today will start with going to MILAN WORLD EXPO 2015. The Expo is about 15-minute far from downtown.

It has been welcomed visitor since 1st May and it will end on 31st October 2015. There are 147 countries participating in this Expo.

Milan World Expo 2015 covers about 1.1 million square meters and expects to attract more than 20 millions visitors.

Our nation, Thailand has welcomed 2 millions visitors so far.

NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST has organized everything for us well so we get through the entrance and every process quickly.

We don't have to waste our time queuing.

This is the ambiance and atmosphere of the world-class fair in the expo where are packed with visitors.

Thai pavilion is pretty attractive. The queue is long which people need to wait up to 1 hour to get in.

Thai Pavilion

Our lunch is simple at Japanese pavilion.

Here is our lunch in Japanese pavilion.

After lunch, we walk around the Expo for a while before going back to Downtown Milan.

After arriving back in Downtown Milan, we are heading to TARTUFI AND FRIENDS directly for dinner.

This restaurant is famous for its quality truffle. The truffle costs up to more than one hundred thousand Thai Baht per kilogram.


We are so impressed experiencing all truffle dishes for our first dinner on the tour.

Then we are ready to head back to rest in a 5-star hotel.


Day 2 (European Tour)

After the breakfast, we have some spare time.

We are out here wandering around the DUOMO.

Then we are going back to the EXPO once again.

We are served with some pizza prepared by NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST on the bus to the Expo.

The dinner time has come and of course it is another wonderful one emphasizing on seafood tonight at DA GIACOMO Restaurant.

DA GIACOMO Restaurant

We are here enjoying our time spotting the Duomo at night. I am telling you it is so pretty.

We don't hesitate to have fun taking photos with the Duomo.

Thank to NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST who has arranged such a fantastic hotel at the prime location.

It is totally convenient to do some shopping, and sightseeing.

We are going back to the hotel after the dinner in NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST-style.

If you think we are going to sleep right away, you are wrong. We have come out and have some fun taking photos around again.

We are out here with the team of Khun Fluke and the professional photographer Khun Boy, the owner of this page www.thesixthfloorstudio.com

And it is time to say "Good night".

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Monday, November 23, 2015 5:23 PM