This is Part 2 of this trip in " Italy Switzerland, and France with NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST "

Day 3

We have checked out from the hotel and we are ready to move on to our next destination, Switzerland.

We stop here at Lugano for lunch at a Michelin-starred restaurant, Art Al Laso.
It is located right by Lugano lake shore. This place is known for its rich in Swiss-Italian ambiance that is why it is also called " Swiss Rivera".

"ART AL LASO Restaurant"

After we have filled us up, we are ready to depart to Interlaken now.

However, we have stopped at Foxtown Outlets first to do some shopping since the outlets offer a huge range of goods including the brand name ones.

The shopping mission is completed. We have continued our journey through the longest tunnel in Switzerland to Interlaken directly. In addition, we are going to stay in a very luxury hotel tonight at Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel.


We have settled well and are heading out for dinner. Our dinner is at a restaurant located just across the street.

We have picked this restaurant because there is a Thai chef here and they offer authentic Thai cuisine as well.

The name of the restaurant is SCHUH

For more information about Schuh Restaurant please go

Tonight I am going to sleep so well and tight at this luxury hotel, VICTORIA JUNGFRAU.

I feel like home after having all this Thai food...I am ready to take a good long rest now in order to get myself ready for tomorrow's program. We are going to the top of Europe.


Day 4

I woke up with the freezing cold weather outside. It is -3 degrees Celsius.

After having breakfast, the bus will take us to GRINDALWALD GRUND train station in

order to take the touristic train to JUNGFRAU.

Jungfrau is 11,333 -feet high and it is considered as the TOP OF EUROPE.

We have so much fun taking photos all around.

We even have traditional Swiss food for lunch at the TOP OF EUROPE.

Let's have breakfast first!

We are ready to get to the train station to conquer Jungfrau.

Our lunch is in the middle of minus zero degree Celsius weather.

It is time to go down. Anyway, let's get some photos in the town on the way back!

The time in Interlaken area has come to an end.

We are now leaving to Lucerne, the most visited city in Switzerland.

We arrive in Lucerne in the early evening that is why we are going to have dinner first. Our dinner is at an old fondue restaurant named RESTAURANT FRITSCHI

For more information about Restaurant Fritschi please go to

We are staying at ASTORIA Hotel tonight.

It has been a long day and I rather say GOOD NIGHT now.


The new day has come and our first program of today is the city tour. We are going to see the famous DYING LION OF LUCERNE. It is a well-known rock carving in Switzerland.

We are back to the hotel for lunch. Lunch is served in Thai restaurant in the hotel.

It is a famous Thai restaurant here and very popular among Swiss people. It is called THAI GARDEN

For more information about Thai Garden Restaurant please go to

Lunch is done and we are ready to go to our next stop, the border between Switzerland, France, and Germany.

The first spot is at Colmar in France. Colmar is a center city of French wine business.

This trip is very special since NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST has organized a program for us to visit wine factory


We are welcomed warmly by the CEO who later show us around through wine making process and the wine cellar closely.

For more information about wine factory and vineyard please go

After the wine tour then we continue our journey.

We are going to have dinner in an old town in the village which is known as the most beautiful village in France.

And our dinner is at LA GRANGLIERE Restaurant

For more information about La Grangliere please go

We stay at a very cute Chateau on a small hill tonight.

For more information about this Chateau please go

I have been feeling a bit dizzy since noon. And because the room is very beautiful and the bed is so comfortable, I am pretty sure I am going to have such a good nigh sleep.

So good night for now.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Monday, November 23, 2015 5:26 PM