Part 4 The End, "Italy Switzerland, and France with NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST"

What a refreshing morning! I woke up comfortably. NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST has organized the hotel for us located only 500 meters from Eiffel Tower. It is super convenient.

We spend the morning going around taking photos of all iconic places in Paris such as Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and we also spend time shopping.

I would say that our lunch this noon is very impressive. It is at a small Japanese restaurant called RESTAURANT NEIGE D' eTe'

I really want to give them the top rate of 3 stars.

For more information about Restaurant Neige D'ete please go

After filling up our stomach, it is time to do some shopping again.

After shopping, it is back to the routine of having dinner. It is our last dinner in Paris of this trip actually. And the goodbye dinner is not ordinary as it is organized by NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST. Our dinner is at a complete traditional French restaurant named AU MOULIN A VENT.

For more information about Au Moulin A Vent please go to

"This dinner is pretty chill, talking to each other, sharing the moment along the trip, no hurry at all.
Khun Fluke also tells us that he didn't expect much on this trip before he is coming. He doesn't like to travel in a tour group at all. However, his view about it has changed. He states that this is totally convenient. He has never thought the convenience can be gained through the tour company like this. He compliments how good the company manage to reach clients' expectation. Moreover, he has asked NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST to organize his trip again for next time. He will also tell others that NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST is the very best "

We have so much fun taking photos throughout the whole trip.

We are back to the Eiffel Tower once again to get more photos especially the photo from right under the tower.

Good night to another beautiful dark hours in Paris.

I have come back to the hotel and started packing to be ready to go back to Thailand tomorrow.

The last day of this trip has come. We have left the hotel in the morning to the airport directly.

We all did a lot of shopping, therefore; getting tax refund takes quite a long time. We don't even have a minute to go to Thai Airways Lounge.

After the immigration process, we go to the gate straight away.

We have arrived in Bangkok safe and sound with Thai Airways.

Lastly, I would like to use this space to thank to NAPIRA TRAVEL STYLIST,

the very first tour company that is able to create such a perfect trip. It is just like a dream.


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Mobile 082-077-3397

Khun BOY, the professional photographer.

Khun PIYAPONG KARNCHANATANON, the wine master.

Nee Tiew Team by Khun Fluke Krirkpol Masayavanich

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One of the most important persons on this entire trip, Khun Bee NAPIRA TECHACHAN


I will see you again next time...

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Tuesday, December 15, 2015 8:51 PM