:: A: Hello, are you Mr. Mi?

B: Yes, I am.

A: We are calling from Qatar Airlines, we would like to invite you to travel to Hanoi and check out the attractions there, would you like to participate in our project?

B: (Pretend to think and check at my schedule, am I available in that time?) Oh, Well, I think I could do that as I have some free time during that time and would be my pleasure to participate.

A: Alright, so you are ok to join us on this trip?

B: Yesssssssssssss. > <


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:: As I have mentioned earlier from above conversation that this trip would be supported by Qatar Airways to visit our neighbor country, "Vietnam". For this review, I will try to tell the story just a little bit but I will emphasize and focus on “How to" details only to the tips, price and the character of people here. From what we have always heard from everyone who have been visiting Vietnam must got cheated somehow. LoL.

:: I will have 5 days 4 nights in Vietnam and right now I still don't have any idea where should I go or what will I do. However, I think it is not too difficult for me to figure something out. I reserve the departure ticket at 3pm in the afternoon and will arrive there around 5pm in the evening. The time zone there is equally to Thai zone. Actually, it should be slower than us around 5 minutes, but it doesn't a big deal for me. This is my first time flying with the world class airlines, Qatar Airways and it is totally like many people have said that it is very magnificent airline. For more information of the airlines and the reserve the ticket channel, please visit: http://www.qatarairways.com/

: After I stepped into the splendid cabin of the aircraft, I share a smile with the flight attendances. Inside the airplane looks really grand. Then I make a way to my seat and place my baggage in the compartment, stretch out my leg while receive a glass of red wine from the flight attendances. Hey! Wake up! That is for business class passenger, you are just economy class! Hahaha, I am just day dreaming. However, the economy class is quiet good with comfortable seating, the space to stretch the leg, adjustable head pillow and the great service. During waiting for the aircraft to take off, I explore IFE (In Flight Entertainment) and found that it is quite impressive, there are many Apps and functions, one thing that I really like is that you could send the e-mail and make a call during flying, love it LoL.

After the aircraft take off for 20 minutes, I have a meal which is served by the airlines, play the game, and watch the movie for killing the time. Finally, I take a nap and then wake up when the aircraft has landed at Hanoi.

:: The city center area or the area for most of the Backpacker in Hanoi city is at the Old Quarter where everything is provided whether it is the bus ticket or tour package to all the places. As for this time, I will travel according to the review topic and that will be Sapa-Hanoi-Halong Bay for 5 days 4 nights with 4000 baht budget and I could make them happen. My roughly plan is as following details:

Day 1 (8 August 2015)

- Arrive Hanoi at 5pm.

- Get a car to downtown area and plan the trip right away at that time and the plan is:

Day 2 (9 August 2015)

- Travel from Hanoi to Sapa in the first night, the bus leaves 10pm and arrives at Sapa around 5am of the second day.

- Trekking at Sapa 2 days 1 night (stay a night at Hmong village)

Day 3 (10 August 2015)

- Trekking from Hmong village and back to Sapa city in the afternoon.

- Rent a bike and ride to visit important attractions in Sapa such as Silver Waterfalls, Cat Cat Village, Tra Trom Pass Viewpoint etc.

- 10pm, take a bus back to Hanoi.

Day 4 (11 August 2015)

- Arrive at Hanoi around 4am, get ready to travel to Halong Bay.

- There will be a car picking up to Halong Bay around 8am.

- Spend whole day at Halong Bay and then back to Hanoi around half past 7 at night.

- Take a shower and change clothes, then chill out at the nightlife in Old Quarter area.

Day 5 (12 August 2015)

- Wake up early and go sightseeing around Hanoi city such as Museum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, find traditional food etc.

- Flying back at 4pm and arrive at Thailand 6pm in the evening.

:: How was my trip plan? Does it look too tough and tight? And the details will be explained continuously below. > <


:: From the airport, I need to travel to the city area. From the information I have had in my hand plus the real situation I have experienced, there will be bus no.17 from airport to Old Quarter and private car costs 20$. However, I would recommend you guys to take the van to the city, it costs only 3$ and it takes just 45-60 minutes to the city area. After walking out from the terminal, looking to the left side, there will be the van resembles to the van at Victory Monument parked there, you guys can get in the van and tell that you will go to Old Quarter area, they will tell the start price at 5$, but actually it is just 3$. Anyway, you guys can bargain the price with the driver but it shouldn't more than 5$.

:: The atmosphere is just like the van from Victory Monument to Pattaya, it is completely packed. There are many people from many nationalities, it's a great opportunity for you guys to make friends there so that you can have the support when you bargain the price with the driver, and I am doing so. I talk and agree with the passenger in the van earlier that the price must not more than 5$.

Let's talk about Old Quarter, where do we get off? I would recommend you guys to get off at Backpacker Hostel as it is quite near to many attractions as well as the transportation center. I think that area is perfectly suitable, the accommodation costs 10-15$ per night and it shouldn't more than that, otherwise you are being cheated. However, for the first night, I will not stay here as I have to travel to Sapa tonight.

:: Spending the money here is pretty confusing. When the time I spend the money, I have to think a lot as the digits of the money is ranged to million. It takes me really a while to convert the rate to Thai baht; I am kind of scared that I will be cheated, thus, I need to think carefully. However, I have a simple tip for calculate the rate, how to compare the rate when spending the money. During the time that I was there, the exchange rate is as follow:

1$ = 35baht

20,000don = 30baht

:: Something like that or maybe calculate more or less a little bit. Nevertheless, for easy to understand, you can remember like this method. After the van parked at Backpacker hostel, you guys can find the tour agency to see the tour packages and the price. I look for many tour agencies as well. According to the plan, I will travel to Sapa 3days 2nights and back to take a day trip in Halong Bay for 1night and after that I will get back to stay a night at Hanoi and finally go back to Thailand. The estimate tour price that I get are:

- Package Sapa 3nights 2days costs not more than 45-55$ (this price is for sleeping bus, please search for more information if you guys would like to travel by train)

- Package day trip Halong Bay costs not more than 20-25$.

- One night accommodation at Backpacker hostel costs not more than 10-15$.

:: I told the agencies about my trip plan and discuss the price with them, then they offer the price for me at 130$. I think it is kind of expensive for me, however at last, we agree the price at 120$. The price includes Package Sapa 3days 2nights+ Package day trip in Halong Bay + one night accommodation at Hanoi, all the meal is inclusive, exclude the last night at Hanoi. I feel satisfied with the price, as a result, I agree at the price. In conclusion, the whole trip costs just 120$, really reasonable price. LoL.

:: After finished arranging the trip plan, I will have time to promenade in Downtown for about 2-3hours. This city is quite awesome, almost everywhere will provide Free wifi, therefore, I didn't buy a Sim card, it is not necessary as it really has wifi everywhere or if the wifi password is required, you guys can try to input these 4 digits sets:

– 88888888

– 68686868

– 66886868

– 123456789

:: It works for me here, I feel kind of awesome as I can cut some of the expense for 300baht. Actually, I don't know who I would call, I think if we prepare well enough, the journey should not be that difficult. Another thing that I would suggest for the journey is Applications such as Currency uses for calculating the exchange rate; you can know the price right away. On the other hand, the bad thing is that it works only with the internet. Another great App is maps.me, I use this app everywhere. It is an offline map app that is able to tell the position or find the direction route to the place that we want to go. It is quite useful and you have to download the map before. You guys can try to use it, it really works for me.

:: I spend my time walking in the nearby area to find for some food. Of course, I don't know what the food are call so I just point at the table beside me, LoL, it is quite funny. Not that everyone in Vietnam could speak English. Someone says that if you come to Vietnam, you should not miss out to drink the big glass of beer. LoL. I will try in the last night when I back to Hanoi. After the meal, I get back to the hostel, waiting for the car to pick up.

:: At half past 9 at night, there will be a mini bus pick up the passenger at the hostel. You guys can drop unnecessary things at the hostel and select only the necessary things to carry with you, as we will come back at the hostel anyway (there is no extra cost for dropping baggage). I then ride on the mini bus till I reach at the bus station, it is the affiliated bus, this time I travel with Quenn buss and it is the sleeping bus as everyone could see in the picture.

:: Well…..when you guys would like to buy something, you must make them write down the detail in the bill that what are included in the price. Do not just only pay out the money, you might have been cheated if not beware.

Let's continue with our story, inside the bus is comfortable and most of the sleeping bus will provide free wifi. Told ya!! The sim card is really not necessary. We can take a sleep for a quite long time as it takes 6hours to Sapa.


:: I wake up by the noisy sound of the crowd. When I look outside, I know at once that the weather is really cold. Hmong children get ready to welcome us as well as the taxi drivers who not to be trusted, LoL. As the rumor of this country is rather famous for that cheated stuff so how can I think otherwise?

Well, I get off from the bus, carry the baggage and cross check my name with the agency here, make sure that my name is there, if not I can show the bill to them (There will be the officer holding the paper and wait at the bus, thus, we can walk to check the name with him) After checking the name, they will get the taxi for us to the hostel or to their office for having breakfast and the cost of taxi is also included in the package already, no extra cost for that. If they ask for extra cost, you guys could argue with them. Six passengers will be forced to sit in one taxi, it is tightly packed like canned fish, you will see when you travel there; I didn't exaggerate. LoL.

:: Finally, I have reached the destination. They drop me at Grand View Sapa Hotel and there will be a lot of tourists follow us here. After arrived, I go to check my name once again that the package is the same one that I selected in Hanoi. After that, I get ready to continue travelling again; they will let us drop the unnecessary things here as we will have to spend quite sometimes for trekking and the route is also steep, therefore, for the comfortable travelling, you guys should select only the useful things to carry with you. The breakfast is served at 7am and we will start trekking at half past 8. Let's see the necessary things that you guys should have with you.


– Mosquito repellent

One sleeping suit and one trekking dress

Sunscreen and sunglasses (very useful)

Hat (very useful)

Towel, shower set, personnel medicine

– Sneakers

:: The main necessary things are like above. As for the photographer, you could also take the tripod with you; you will use it for sure LoL. I take it with me as well. After finished packing the stuff, I then have breakfast before travelling on the long distance journey in today's morning.

:: And we start trekking when Hmong people pick us up at the hotel. Every tourist will be accompanied by Hmong people to take care while travelling. They somehow expect the tip or help buying the souvenir. It looks interested, if you travel alone, you won't feel lonely. For this journey, they will set us into the groups, as I travel alone so I need to join in other group. My group has around 10 people, everyone came from different places. Well, let's see what is included in the trekking plan 2days 1night that they have planned for us.

Day 1

Walking along the village around 10km; mostly is the walking up route and then change to the way down in the end to have a meal in the village area before reaching at the accommodation. The scenery there is the river bank with the bridge for jumping into the river, it is great, and they will give us time for half an hour to play in the water after having lunch. And then continue travelling to the accommodation in Hmong village.

Day 2

Travel to watch the scenery of terraced rice fields. It is quite popular during this time; you guys could watch the authentic terraced rice fields, even walk on the fields. After that, you will witness the bamboo forest and fern forest. Then around noon, we will reach the waterfall and they will let us play in the water for a while. However I think the waterfall is quite dangerous; you might get hurt or even die if you fall in there, I will show you guys the picture below. After the waterfall, we continue walking down and then we will reach the plain area. The trekking distance in day 2 is around 2km. After having lunch, there will be the mini bus taking us back to the accommodation.

:: These are the activities that include in the package; all the meal and the dinner in the last day are inclusive as well, no any extra pay, unless you would like to try some interested things that are sold along the way. LoL.

::Along the way, we walk through the forest, mountain and village. We continue walking and take some rest, sometimes we get tired but it is quite enjoyable. It's like someone had said before that on the way of the journey, there are always some hidden scenery that always come out to surprise you. The picture somehow can tell much more stories than words.

:: We arrive at the lunch point in the afternoon. How was it? Does the scenery look beautiful? I hope that you guys still don't feel bored. Most of the food in Vietnam will have vegetable in its ingredient. Moreover, we are at the local agriculture area, therefore, all of our food today is vegetables, it is not weird at all. I saw one review and I think the opinion in the review is awful. It said that when having the meal; you should choose to sit with the foreigner because they are not good at using chopsticks. I feel it is quite mean to think like that but I do it accordingly and I feel good somehow LoL. However, while we were having lunch, one of my new friend named Jessica, she is France but she came from China, therefore, her chopsticks ability is far better than me, I have to admit it LoL.

Overall, the food tastes delicious, the scenery looks perfect, Wow!! Look, how comfortable am I right now.

:: After lunch, they will give us time to play in the water but I would not like to be soaking right now, I just would like to back to the accommodation and leisurely lie down LoL. Anyway, I get in the water just for a little bit; only get my feet in there for a while.

:: Well, it is time to continue our trekking; this part is walking along the village route. I have found many interesting things and the scenery alongside is always terrific. I have to admit it, the scenery here is spectacular, I think it must be much more beautiful if we come during the end of raining season to the beginning of winter season or during the harvest season, the scenery will be extraordinary superb LoL.

:: And finally we make it to our accommodation; the place is located next to the terraced rice fields, if we walk a little bit further, there will be the river nearby. We leisurely sit and drink tea to celebrate the end of our trekking. For the first day here, I feel really terrific and enjoyable that I cannot use any word or picture to explain my overwhelmed happiness, therefore, you guys should travel there and feel it yourselves. We hurriedly keep our stuff into the room, so that we can go out again to watch the astonishing scenery of the surrounding.

And this is our bedroom for tonight.

:: It is two-story house. The area downstairs is used for doing activity and having meal etc; upstairs is for sleeping. For me, it looks really country style, it is like I turn back to live in the countryside once again. We walk to explore the scenery around our house and found that the scenery here is absolutely perfect.

:: We ask the owner of the house whether is it ok if we go to swim in the river below and he said yes. Therefore, we join in together with the bottle of beer in our hand and walk down to swim in the river. We do some chatting while we walk and sit by the river. With the superb atmosphere like this plus the beer in our hand, it makes me feel great and would like to come back here again. The feeling is like Vang Vieng mix with the atmosphere of Luang Prabang, it is absolutely great.

> <

:: I like to exchange the idea with other traveler during the journey. It makes me understand many interested viewpoints that differ from the Thai travelers. The viewpoint of Thai people and foreigner is quite different; I don't imply that Thai people is not good or smart. However, for foreigner in Europe zone, every condition permits for travelling. Most of the people go on travel at least one month duration; some countries permit them to take a leave for months or even one year, I really feel envy them. Moreover, the advantage point of their countries is the money value that makes the travelling in these countries zone much easier. My eye turns green by envy feeling, why our country doesn't have such a good welfare? It is interesting to think of it; I don't mean the money value that related to the economy but just only the welfare for travelling that will be great enough. Somehow, it can make people in the country have much more efficiency.

:: After finished the activity at the river, we go to take a shower and then I go to the kitchen to cook with Hmong people, I really enjoy to do things that I don't do much in my routine time; it makes me feel happy. Every dish has been served on the table in front of us; then we take the photo together for memento before start eating the food with hunger throughout the day.

:: While we are eating, the owner of the house has brought boiled alcohol (Hmong alcohol) for us. First time, we drink it all in one time and then we continue to drink, we are having fun, everyone sing a song and play games during dinner. The host continuously adds the alcohol for us; he sees that we are all happy, everyone laughs and smiles. As someone says whoever sees the smile or laugh of other people, the happiness will always happen naturally. We eat up all the food but the alcohol is still there, the host continues adding it for us, there is one game that I feel impressed, it is the game that we have to take turn to sing the national song of each person. (I just forget to tell you guys that our group has 4 Thai people including me that time, LoL. Everyone is nice to me, if I didn't meet them, I didn't know who I will speak joke with during the journey. If happens that you guys see this review, I would like to press my thankful to 3 of you here and would like to say that I “miss you". : ))

:: After everyone gets drunk, we go out to sit at the bar outside. Has anyone ever played “have ever/never" game? The game rule is to ask friends in the group that you have ever or never done something. That night we played this game in the bar near the home stay. Let's see our questions in the game:

– have you been Africa?

– have you ever eaten snake?

– Have sex on shower?

– have sex in a car?

– have ever kissed 3 people in the same day?

– have ever cheated your couple?

– have ever suck a penis?

– have sex in public place?

– sky dive?

– hiking?

– say to your girl/boy friend?

– have sex with 2 people in the same day?

:: and many more, everyone is pretty tough LoL. They all used to travel alone before. In the picture, the guy in the most front is from Germany, the first lady from the left side is from England, the second lady is from France and the lady who sits beside me is from Portugal, it is one of the good things when you travel alone, before we say goodbye, the ladies came to greet me by taking their cheeks to touch with mine, and I am enraptured! >///<


:: Good morning to the new day, today we have to continue trekking on 12km route. After wake up, I carry my camera and walk around home stay to take photos during the morning scenery. Ho! The weather is very pure.

:: After we walk across this bridge, they will let us to have lunch before the mini bus come to pick us up to the city area. If you guys ask me whether I am interested in trekking here again or not, my answer is yes but not here, I would prefer trekking in Fansipan, the highest mountain of Vietnam. I will surely come back again. It takes approximately half an hour from the exit way to Sapa city. The scenery along the way is stunningly spectacular; it is more beautiful than the trekking route. Like one idiom “To get something, one must sacrifice something" and that's fine for me, let's continue our journey.

:: After reaching hostel and keeping the baggage, then I do check the bus schedule for tonight, the bus will leave the place at 10pm. However, they tell us to meet up at 9pm and there will be the dinner around 7pm. Therefore, I have time left at this place around 3-4hours and that will be enough for sightseeing around Sapa city for me. I plan to travel to many important attractions as I can; the main attractions are Cat Cat Village, Silver Waterfalls, Trad Trom Pass View Point. Before I set out, I knew that my friend from Portugal, she will take the same bus with me tonight, therefore, I invite her to travel with me by showing my travel plan to her and she also agrees to go with me.

:: I take a ride on a bike for a while and then we fall off the bike as I am occupied with take a selfie. Damn it! She asks me that I feel okay or not? I say that I'm okay, but I feel worried her more. I carry the camera in one hand while another hand holds the handlebar and it happens to be the way down, therefore, when the bike is brake, the front wheel gets stuck and the bike turns over. It is lucky that no one gets hurt. After that I slow down and ride 40km/hour LoL, I am scared that I will fall off the bike again.

:: And this place is called Cat Cat Village; the place is pretty popular among the tourists. I understand now why many people talk about this place because it is quite easy to travel here, it is just 2 kilometers away from the city. The entrance fee costs 40000don, I don't like this place, I think you guys can skip it if possible. Moreover, if you guys do the trekking first and come here, you will feel regret. There is the waterfall inside and the nature scenery to watch, we have to walk in circle but if you guys don't want to walk around, after you reach the waterfall, you can walk back to the same way. It is the steep way and you will get tired, I would say.

:: Oh! I forget to tell about the bike, it costs around 5$ excluding the gas, the gas price is around 20000don per litre. Trust me, only one litre is enough to travel to all the attraction. After that, we go straight to the scenic point that it is claimed that we shouldn't miss out. It is away from the city 14km. There are fruits, many species of trees, lofty mountains to watch along the way, the scenery is nice. We will pass Silver Waterfall and in further 2km will be Love Waterfall and then continue riding 2km, we will reach the scenic point, I guarantee that everyone will love this place.

:: During the time we travel there, the sky does not open. Therefore, the picture is not quite clear. Anyway, the scenery is exceptionally beautiful. There are the stalls selling roasted food in the cold weather, I feel great, sipping tea, ordering hot food and enjoy chatting.

:: I take quite sometimes here, I feel really enjoyable that I forget I still don't go to Silver Waterfall. However, during I spend time here, I make a lot of new friend as this place is the pass way of many people; we chat and share our thought of this country, most of the people like Sapa, Hoi An and Hanoi, everyone loves this country. : )

:: After that, we go to Silver Waterfall before the sunset. I cannot believe my eyes; the waterfall is really stunning and spectacular. The waterfall that I see from the picture looks very simple and common. However, when I stand there, the waterfall looks huge and towering. During I ride along the way, I could see the water that falls from the high mountain from far distance and that is Silver Waterfall, the place is great and you will be crazy if you do not visit this place > <. Oh! The entrance fee costs 15000don, however, it is free after 5pm. : )

:: After the waterfall we ride speedily to the city as we are afraid that it will be dangerous if we ride in the dark. Since the fruits that selling along the way attracts me, therefore, I stop by to try them. The fruits seem like those in our country, but they are not, I don't know their names, I just choose and put them into the basket and share the price with my friend, the fruits cost 50000don. We have them peel the fruits for us and then we eat it right away, it is delicious! > <

:: We are back in the city, having dinner and chatting with foreigner friends who wait for the same bus. The food is as usual, there are meat, and most of them are vegetable. After dinner, we pack the baggage to get ready for the journey. During I wait for the bus, I take a walk in the city, the weather is fine, it gives me the feeling like I am walking in Pokhara, Nepal, I really love this city and I will definitely come back here.

Finally, it is time for the journey once again, I say goodbye to friends who travel together throughout this 2days 1night time. Taxi picks me up at the hotel and takes me to the place where I will get on the bus. I feel sad, although I stay here for a short time, but I feel in love with this place already. Anyway, my journey is about to start again.

:: The bus stopped, I get off from the bus, I don't know where it is. I only know that it is around 4am in the morning and I cannot find the accommodation, therefore, I open the application “maps.me" which I have mentioned earlier. I usually marked the important places or the place that I have been before in the map and it is quite useful. At first I lost the way, therefore, I have to use the map to find the direction to the hotel.

:: Actually, I used to summarize the applications that traveler should load to prepare for the journey. And these are 8 applications that backpacker shouldn't miss out, I didn't update the information anymore but I believe that these applications are well enough for the journey: http://www.palapilii-thailand.com/archives/118

:: After I get back to the hotel for waiting the bus to pick me up to Halong Bay. As a matter of courtesy, they will invite us to have a rest for free in that night and it is true, they invite me to stay in the private room around 3 hours, I sleep for a while, take shower and put unnecessary things out of my bag, then I hurried to go out to explore Hanoi city in the morning.


:: And this is my breakfast that is included in the package. Like I have said earlier, there are no extra charge unless I would like to eat other things. I don't like my breakfast that much and after I finish it, the mini bus comes to pick me up to take me to Halong Bay.

The journey to Halong Bay takes me around 4-5hours depending on the traffic condition. I think this travelling choice is not appropriate for the people who don't have strong body as you have to take some times in the bus and you have a little time left to stay in Halong Bay. If you ask me whether it is worth or not, I would say it is not. However, If you ask me whether I will go or not, the answer is yes, I surely go because I am here already Ha ha ha.

:: I sit and take a sleep as the car was still stuck in the traffic. Law enforcement in this country require not to drive more than 90 km /hrs and no one really drive more than that speed, this is very standard of Vietnam that is very impressive. But crossing another lens in the red light traffic. Wow, that is quite phenomenon and also made me laugh.

:: My ass just broke down. I then finally reach the destination. After that there will be another officer comes to pick me up. Vietnam people is good at team work for example they do the cheating and they cheat in a very harmonious way. Cheating step by step, even one or two baht they are willing to cheat LoL. Anyway, it is time to register and get the ship tickets and head to the next stop.

:: As soon as the boat left the port, the trading boats sailed on each side of our boat LoL. It is quite funny as they completely know what they are doing. Anyway, people seldom buy anything from them as the boat has the food provided for free. The package tour does not include the boat ticket. Everyone must buy the boat bamboo tickets by themselves. The ticket supposes to cost only 60,000don as the price is indicated in the signboard but they charge us 100,000 don. What the hell!!! I am very piss off. > <

:: The boat ride takes around 45 minutes to the destination. I think the place is pretty beautiful but still could not compare to our Ratchaprapa Dam, Guilin of Thailand. We get on board, paid for the ticket and prepare for a bamboo boat tours at Halong bay, the world heritage place. They say that everyone has to travel here but seriously I don't think so. LoL

:: After we get into the boat, it takes about half an hour for the visit of the beautiful places around here. Let's watch the beautiful view and atmosphere here and tell me is it beautiful like I said or not. Ha ha ha.

:: Then, we take a boat to another side of the mountain . On the way, there are a rock which shaped into two cocks. As we reached the front entrance of the cave, the guide will inform us that the entrance way and the exit way will be in different direction. There will be a stalagmite in the cave. This is pretty normal to me. However, for someone who rarely go on travelling, they may be excited about this place.You could see from the picture. : )

:: After we reach an end, then we will head back. It takes so much energy that I sleep all the way in the bus. Well, between this trip in Halong Bay, I have accidentally meet some old senior friends that we used to study at the same university. Therefore, we will meet to hang out in the Old Quarter tonight.

:: Alright, come here to see the map above. There are 10 main attractions that I would like to recommend and all of the places will be planned to go sightseeing tomorrow. And there will be included the night life that everyone should visit to drink up a fresh beer from the tank. Let's see the lists.

1. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

2. Ho Chi Minh Museum

3. Bac Son Monument

4. The Back Pavilion of Hanoi Citadel (I would recommend you guys not to miss this place. Although I am not a fan of the history things but I feel stunned and really like the place)

5. Defence Ministry

6. Fresh market (Anyone who like to shop or watch the interesting things, you can come to visit)

7. Ta Hien Road (This place is awesome as there are many alcohol shops here) We will take a walk here in this evening.

8. Pho Cuong (The restaurant serves the most delicious Pho in Hanoi) I guarantee that as I also ate two bowls of them)

9. Ngoc Son Temple

10. Hoan Kiem Lake

:: Actually, there are much more than these but only this make me a little bored already. I only visit few of the places as personally I do not like to walk around and concentrate on the history. I would focus on eating and doing more than any other stuff. However, you still should go to “The back pavilion of Hanoi Citadel", I would say that it is pretty awesome. For the people like me who do not like history at all but I was stunned by the story of the place, moreover, there is the story that related with Thailand as well. I take about two hours there. Anyway, we have to meet up my friend for a night life soon. > <

:: It is located not so far from the accommodation. And when we reach the place, I was stunned by the place as the atmosphere is like Khaosan road in our country but it looks much more in country style. I like the place very much; we sit on small chairs and hold a bottle of beer. We do some drinks, small chat. They even have the baraku here; it is like if you have the house around here, you just only could sell the alcohol at night, LoL. All the liquor stores are closed on midnight. The law enforcement is very strict here but still there is one more pub that opens after midnight; it is called Funky Bhudda. So not to waste anymore time, I will just take a drink and listen to the music LoL.


:: Good morning to the new day. Today, I will visit the attractions that I have shown in the map; I will try to visit most of the places as I can. Actually, I will mainly focus on the place that I really want to go only as the weather is really hot and I just did not like travelling in the historic sites. Anyway, I will try my best to take photos for everyone to watch. I rent a bike for 100000don per day; you can contact the hostel for the rent. There will be the staff to pick me up. After hand out the passport and sign the name to accept the condition. Then the staff will take me to fuel the gas and leave the bike to me.

:: After finished fueling the gas, I will need to drive by myself on Hanoi Street. Everyone may know already that how the traffic condition in Hanoi was. Anyway, I think if come to Hanoi, you should rent the bike to ride on the road; I really enjoy it. I love biking here as I can ride speedily, blow the horn loudly and even if I crash into other bikes, I just only turn back and continue riding, except that my body will get hurt if I get a crash. I really enjoy the ride here and would like to recommend you guys to rent the bike and have a ride here. Is it dangerous? I don't think so, if you can ride the bike. No one can easily fall off from the bike or easily crash other car. Trust me! You should try that.

:: All right, let's see that where did I visit before my flight back home. I have a half-day left in this city and I think the time is quiet enough for me. It depends on that when I will get bored and ride back to hotel.

:: The first attraction that I visited is Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Camera is not allowed to carry inside; there will be the deposit service and you can get the camera back when you go out. I feel honored that I could take a visit inside; I cannot explain my feeling into words. However, if you guys know the history about Ho Chi Minh, you should clearly understand that why people here really love and respect him. I will not explain further in details but if you come to Vietnam or Hanoi, you should visit this mausoleum once before you die. With all my respect, I would really recommend the place.

:: After that, I continue riding to eat the renowned Pho according to the map that I mentioned earlier above. Then I feel bored of riding so I get back early. However, I would like to repeat once again that you guys shouldn't miss out to visit the Back Pavilion of Hanoi Citadel which is marked No.4 in the map. The place is related to the Vietnam War, it might not look interesting, just the ancient building from the outside but when you visit inside, you can understand how important the history is. One thing that I feel impressed, there is a basement inside for holding the meeting and there is the flight map from U-Tapao airport to Hanoi showing on the wall. I take the photo as I would like to know the details and the history. Moreover, I would like to understand each plan that is shown on the wall. However, I will just keep the picture with myself and will not post in the review as I think you guys should go and witness by yourselves.

:: Alright, it is the end of my five days and four nights story, I hope my review will help your journey in someway. Oh! Don't forget to try out the renowned Pho restaurant that marked No.8 in the map. As I am very hungry, therefore, I didn't take the photo of it, however it tastes really delicious and you should not miss out. I would like to thank you everyone for reading my review and hope that you guys could get some useful information from my travelling experience. Thank you everyone.


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