Please!! allow me to apologize if my review includes some error spellings or even some confusing body text as it is my first review, this makes me very onerous and somewhat panic.... So please except my apologies

If you are asking me about a place to go with family, the answer is NO, this is not for that!!


You will find a lot of sharing eating experiences!

I have never counted myself how many times I have been to Hua Hin, but it is very often and I think it's my second home.

For this trip, it has changed. What is changing?

It is still Hua Hin but this time I come with my family...

I add my family in this trip!!!

This is my first time of my officer life that I travel with my parents, a lovely trip which we mostly eat!!!

Look in the map! there are so many places to drop by along the drive way from Bangkok to Hua Hin, If we stop every where it might takes an age to finish the trip. So that we will our concentration is being relax and exploring eating, plus experience different hotels... are you ready?? Let's start!!!


We have set overnight budget between 1000 to 1500 and we get hit on with a brand new hotel

..Electric Mango Bungalow.. with the price offers around 1,200 Bath excluded breakfast!

Electric Mango Bungalow locates on Hua Hin Soi 112

I am very excited for this brand new hotel and very proud to present to my family...

On the way from Bangkok is on your left... It is opened not longer than three months...

It is separated each part individually such as zone bungalow, restaurant, pool and kid zone..

Let's see one by one..



The guest rooms in on very far left, there are individually bungalow

We are staying in Garden Bungalow with a queen size bed for two people

There are some bigger size bungalow for three people is in the front part.

From what I heard is they are expending some parts of the area.

Ok.. Let's go and see around...

In the guest room

Kid playground zone

It is a separation of bungalows and restaurant, equipped with kid playing tools, those who came with kids must be very joyful. This zone is very relaxing and eye-rest with green grass and trees, much more shade is added to the area..


We did not try the food here. The restaurant is next to swimming pool, the restaurant is well decorated and again from what I have heard the steak here is top, if you guys would have chance to try, please let me know the true...!!

Swimming Pool

I have decided to book this hotel because I have seen the picture from this area and that made me want to try..

And I can prove with my eyes, it is as what I have seen in the pictures. But what a shame I did not deep myself into the pool....

The pool is fit to the ground equipped with sun-bathing chairs and cabana where allow the guests to eat and drink around the pool

I personally like the idea of having an event or a party here, it may be answers some of your questions!!

For those who love music and partying, in the evening is begin with market music then will change in the night to Electro and House music

The music noise disturbs some of the guests but I'm good with it, I' m ok, I like to listen to music

I just worry about my parents, but from what I ask, my mom said she had a good night sleep

because the night before leaving home they could not sleep from excitement to be in this trip, that's why last night they were passing out....Hahaha

The only thing which is not OK here is the certain...


When it 's dark, my mom called me to be aware of being seen by out-side and I should shower and get dress in the toilet because people from outside can see inside clearly. Just to prove, I turn on the light and walk out to look back to the bungalow, Oh My God !! I can see every things in the bungalow, even I turn off all lights let on only the TV, it's still very clear from looking from outside. But during the day light is fine,

people can't see in...hahaha

I have informed the staff and they said they will fix it. I think some people have complained before as well.

That is how a brand new hotel has to do, listen to the customers, as it's new the organization is still finding a balance of management. I personally give 3.5 stars from 5 and for the surrounding and atmosphere I give a full point...

Let's talk about food which in the most important for this trip

We eat every two hours, I think we can't pronounce the word "Hungry" for a while

The first dinner we went to Uncle Jha which is close to All Night Market.

After Uncle Jha, we continued with ice cream "Mama Ni"

My recommend flavor is seasonal fruit, I had mango which is so delicious...

No No ! not done yet!! We have continued to Goo Roti and Southern Thai Tea on Hua Hin Soi 51

Our recommending menus are Raw Ovantine, Milk Roti, Roti with egg and Meggi sauce, added grounded pepper..... Uhmmm So Good!

With my mom peak of eating excitement, she had grilled corn and green mango with shrimp paste to take home....from a well known shop of Hua Hin Market...

The next day- Because our room excluded breakfast so then we are here for our breakfast "Jek-Phear coffee shop" Many choices for all preferences, so many I even don't know what should I order!!

Well we ended up with our regular dishes, fried pork with garlic, entrails soup and red pork with steamed rice.

Other than that we had two boxes of grilled scallop from a stall in front of the coffee shop to take away too, with a lovely price and tasty deep sauce...


After breakfast may be a few hours we are here "Pen Prik Phet" a famous noodle soup of Phetchaburi province, it's opposite Wat Yai Suwannaram. Its special is but only the good taste but also handy forbidden while eating. I think it's the best idea for today world trend that we should focus what is in front of us not what is up in the air....

Eating without dessert is an incomplete meal, it's our slogan..

SO we drive back to find a well known rice noodle with coconut milk (Lod Chong) "Ohw-Theung" , Ice cream Lod Chong with creamy palm sugar...

Before closing up our trip we are here Teacher Mhoo Kitchen, Meaglong

Our regular restaurant, we are full with no word to describe, this restaurant is the best I don't have to tell just come and try...

Last but not least

say good bye with a sweet scene of this couple, we are young must be calm....!!

I am very happy to see this scene, and this is the last picture of the week-end trip to wish my family a happiness.... and our strong relationship for being my power to fight my way in the next day of work

The same is Hua Hin, the adding is Love for mom and dad :)

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