Hi, I will take you to chill out at the largest hotel in Phuket.

It offers 665 guest rooms in the area of 180 hectares at Karon Beach.

There is no need to worry of its quality, as it is Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa.

Why don't we go now to experience the beauty and the splendour of this hotel?


If you are ready, let's go and check in. The lobby is roomy and airy.


While waiting to check-in, welcome drink is made of Lychee, sweet colour and so refreshing.


Internet facilities are available at the lobby. This is really convenient.

After checking in, let's have a look the hotel rooms.

There are totally 7 room types.

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Plus Room

Junior Suite

Hilton Suite

Hilton Deluxe Suite

Hilton Superior Deluxe Suite

Royal Suite


And I stay in the Hilton Deluxe Suite.

As soon as I walked into my room, I am pretty surprise by the uniqueness of the welcome amenity. There are selections of Thai desserts and fruits. I'm pretty impressed because I do love Thai desserts.

I must say that I am really overwhelmed with the room.

Trust me, I did not expect this at all. I always think that the hotel must be really aged because of its long service and exterior.

In fact, it is way beautiful after I have seen it in real especially this room type.


The bedroom is clearly separated from living area.

And the balcony is very long and wide.


A very soft couch to sit outside, take the cool breeze and enjoy beautiful views.


And here is the view from the room, which is really superb and out of sight.

Let's take a look the in-room amenities.

It is very large bathroom which equipped with bidet and bathtub. The wet and dry areas are separated.

And I am super delighted with these bathroom amenities because of their scents.

I must say that in-room amenities are fully equipped. I really like the iron and ironing board because I travel very often. Sometimes, I just stuff my clothes directly into the luggage right after washing. Here, I don't have to send my clothes for ironing.

I also like a mini bar. There are plenty stuffs especially lots of drinking water. I drink lots of water during the day.

At my balcony overlooking the swimming pool, I feel like jumping into it immediately.

The hotel has totally 5 pools. I have not seen any hotel has that many pools like this.

As I said, it's the largest hotel in Phuket.

This pool is the main pool and I think it's most beautiful one. It's close to Karon beach with just a few steps across the road.

It's super beautiful, grab bikini and let's go....

And it's time to sneak to the poolside.

Although the sun is strong, don't be afraid. When being on the beach, don't be afraid of it. Well, the reason I'm not because there are plenty of chairs and poolside umbrellas.

I look really pale but dark after soaking quite long in the water. In the evening, let's take a stroll around the hotel to explore its lawn, garden and lagoon.

It is a great place for relaxing because the sea is just in front while having Phuket stands in the back and lagoon is in the middle. It's hard to find a hotel like this thus I'm so in love with it.

I see another pool when I reach here. Let's take a small look.

Every pool in the hotel is beautiful and large.

Each of them gives a unique feeling. The first pool is close to the seafront while this one is next to lagoon and hotel guest rooms.

And the first meal at this hotel is the dinner at OBC or OCEAN BEACH CLUB.

This restaurant is located next to the poolside and close to the seafront. The OBC is open from 9 am to 9pm.

Watching the sunset is super romantic.

Let's order a drink while waiting for the food.

My first menu is

Pan Seared Salmon Steak.

The second one is Spicy Seafood Soup.

The third one is Spaghetti Bolognese

And the last one is Salad Nicoise

After the sun sets over the water, it is still romantic because of the cool sea breeze.

My first night hasn't ended yet. I have seen something upon checking in, thus I walk to the lobby again.

And 'Andaman Lounge' is what I have seen. It's open from 9am to 1am.

I'm here to relax so I don't need to go to bed that early. I like to take some drinks and listen to the music here.

And as usual, I can't be without any snacks thus here there are something heavy for me.

It's indescribable to eat, drink and listen to music at the same time. The singer looks like Thai but she is actually Filipino. She can sing Thai songs pretty well. It's getting late, let's head to bed and get some sleep.

The lighting in my bedroom is so beautiful. I can't help not to shoot. This zone is a spacious living area. The couch is huge and super soft. I am very fond of it.

The sliding door is separated between living area and bedroom.

And 2 televisions are inside the room.

My sleep and my stomach were tight all night long. After waking up, it's time to eat again.

There are 2 breakfast rooms at Hilton Phuket. SAILS RESTAURANT is the main dining room nearby the lobby. You can sit in an air-conditioned room or at poolside.

Another one is BUON APPETITO is pretty far from the main dining room. It offers natural atmosphere of lagoon and Mountain View.

You can choose any according to your preference.

I choose the SAILS RESTAURANT today. Let's take a look how outstanding the breakfast buffet is. I can tell that it is just superb.

Let's see how the food looks. This one is pretty simple like other hotels.

There are different choices of cereals and corn flakes. You can choose your favourite one here.

Delicious noodles that you can mix by yourself either to add more fish balls which are really good quality.

And here is the duck, it's so tender and no smell at all.

And there are many more foods that you can have with rice.

I really like the duck meat.

You can also have Siopao and Dim Sum. There are too many that I can't post them all.

Also many types of fruits even Salacca is available here.

After having such a delicious meal, let's take a walk. Here is another pool.

A water slide is available for children. I would love to play as well. I'm sure it's super fun.

I come across this beautiful peacock. It walks around the hotel without being afraid of human. Also, it seems to know how to be photographed.

Now, let's explore another room types.

Starting with this type. It has a beautiful view.

This is a standard room type called Deluxe Plus

Room size is not big but not small. It's has enough living space.

There is a small working desk in another corner of the room.

Despite being the standard room type, but it is already pleasant to me.

And the second type is Junior Suite, which again has beautiful views.

The room is pretty spacious.

A sliding window separated between bathroom and living area. It looks pretty sexy.

A sofa beside the bed is a good corner to chill and read a favourite book.

Let's have a small look inside the bathroom.

I totally forget the time since I really enjoy seeing all the rooms. It's almost lunchtime and my stomach gives a sign of hunger. Let's go for lunch!

I happened to pass by the meeting rooms, ballroom which is nicely set up for the function in the evening. Here are some snapshots for you. It's such a huge room, which fits more than a thousand people and importantly it's really beautiful.

I can't imagine how beautiful it is having the wedding here. The hotel is such a beautiful place; I therefore add my photo to projector screen in this picture hoping I can have my wedding arranged here.

I arrive at CAFFÉ CINO, which mainly serves bakeries, coffee and snacks.

Also, some of the heavy stuffs

CAFFÉ CINO opens from 7am to 9pm.

It's quite comfortable to sit inside.

There are many corners that you can choose to sit.

Alright, the moment of happiness arrives. Let's go!

First desserts and salty stuffs can be later. Every dessert is delicious; it is a must to try when staying here.

I can't stop smiling when seeing these desserts. They look so yummy.

And now salty stuffs come.

Finally, I end my lunch with a cup of tea to break up the fat. lol

It's just a perfect match to have tea with macaroons. There are different flavours of macaroons for you to choose and importantly they are so yummy and not too sweet.

And something really special is 50% discount on all desserts at CAFFÉ CINO after 7pm.

After I filled my stomach with loads of desserts, it's time to digest. Let's go for a walk and get some sweat.

There is a tennis court in the hotel. Isn't it cool?

And not to be missed for the children is Kid's Club.

Large room with lots of toys. It reminds me of my childhood.

Let's continue with fitness centre, beautiful greenery view.

There is also a squash court.

And it's time to rest, relax and swim.

In the evening, there is a privilege given to HHonors guests and those who stay in Suites, It's evening cocktail where you can sip some wines and watch the sunset at Panorama Lounge on the 12th floor, which is the top floor of the building where you can see 180 degree view.

And here also serves breakfast so that you don't have to walk that far.

However, the highlight of the evening is happy hour. The guests who stay in Hilton Suite can enjoy every drink for free during this time.

There are many snacks that you might not even need a proper meal afterwards.

A light sandwich

Thai style steamed tapioca dumplings with pork.

And desserts either Thai or Western.

It's really a pleasant evening to have a glass of wine, listen to the music and wait for the sun to set over the water.

How do you like the review of the Hilton Phuket? The review gives lots of details. I hope everyone will fall in love and want to come and stay here. I really fall in love with it because of a beautiful room, many pools nearby the seafront, outstanding breakfast buffet and many activities.

You can also read another review of the spa at Hilton Phuket here at


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