I have ever thought to gather all crazy people to be together. Importantly, those should be single like me too. Indeed, I prefer to gather around 100 people in the same place where I have ever gone before. Would that be possible? I would like to arrange the party for single people at Koh Kood.

I wake up early at 05.00 am and drive the car from Bangkok to Laem Sok pier. As it is too early, it makes me feel sleepy. Hence, I decide to stop driving and get some nap for 3 times. I arrive at the pier at 06.00 am. The reason that makes me come quite earl because I am an organizer, thus it is necessary to check the location and ensure everything is promptly prepared. Then, I go to contact with staff at the pier in order to buy the ticket for speed boat to Koh Kood, it costs THB 600 per person per one way. The earliest schedule is at 10.00 am.

There are various agencies that execute speed boat service, you are able to compare the price and decide which agencies suite you the most. I have used Express for this tip. For the big group of passenger like 100 people, it would be better to use Princess. Once I arrive Koh Kood pier, I get off from the boat and continue my trip.

If we take speed boat, it will take around 45 minutes and it takes around 1 hour for ferry and big boat. But the price is different. On the way to Koh Kood,the stunning view of Koh Kood still impress me as usual.

Koh Kood seems like a private island, that is what my perception is because most of the people who come for relaxing not for doing such activities. There is no doubt why it is so calm on this island. Finally, we are now in front of the resort, the speed boat has escorted us to the front of the resort. The sea is much clear comparing with my previous trip.

I have used I-mobile model IQZ-Bright to take all the photos for this trip. I guess you can also notice that I have not used a big camera to take photos, it does not mean a big camera is not good but it is not convenient to carry for the entire trip. Even though, I take the photos with my phone but the quality is also good. It can actually make me proud of myself, those photos will be kept in my memory.

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This place is like a paradise, it is so fresh and wide, it is totally different from my desk in the office. I really love this place, I always fall in love in this beautiful place once I escape from my hasty daily life . It is real pleasure which I can feel that my body is recharged. However, I am not careless because my battery might be run out tonight 555.

I have chosen Koh Kood to arrange the event for this trip because of impressive location and service. Importantly, it is not too expensive. Let's have a look for our accommodation tonight.

What do you think about our accommodation, it costs around THB 1000 per room per night. Please feel free to search for some details of the resort via Google. So, it s time to start preparing the event. Later, I have seen that the big boat has arrived, it carries around 100 passengers. The passengers carry their luggage and get off from the boat, it seems like we are having a competition. Unfortunately, I have not taken photos of this moment because I am busy for controlling drone.

Once everyone already take their luggage to their rooms, some of them come the to the event area. At this moment, the event has unofficially started. How it could be the official event because I do not even hang up the ban. I ask for the favor from 10 staffs to write the ban and it. Once ban is ready, so it is time to open this event officially hahahha.

There are various activities such chill out, drink beer and etc.

The theme of this party is EDM, once the sky becomes darker. I will let DJ to entertain all joiners especially this evening, the atmosphere is so nice. Seafood and beer are for self service because it is buffet. Apart from filling up your stomach, it is also good chance to know new friends.

While many people are enjoying a party, I prefer to phase out from the group and watch the beautiful sunset.

Let's enjoy the party.

Above photo is the last photo of this trip which is taken with my phone. I am persuaded by atmosphere, music and beer, it is hard to reject hanging out with people whom I have never known tonight, it is such a long night. Thank you for everybody who join this event. See you again next trip :)

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Mi Palapilii

 Monday, November 30, 2015 9:55 AM