Chanthaboon Riverfront Community written by มะนาวก้าวเดิน

The Old Chanthaboon Waterfront Market Community (known in the past as Baan Loom) is an old Chinese and Vietnamese community that dates back to the early days of the Ratanakosin period when the Chinese and Vietnamese relocated to Thailand. It is also the center of Economy and Trade in Chantaburi.

Chanthaboon Riverfront Community

Chanthaboon Riverfront Community

 Wednesday, March 28, 2018 8:27 PM

 Travel date:  Monday, March 5, 2018

  • The Old Chanthaboon Waterfront Market Community (known in the past as Baan Loom) is an old Chinese and Vietnamese community that dates back to the early days of the Ratanakosin period when the Chinese and Vietnamese relocated to Thailand. It is also the center of Economy and Trade in Chantaburi.

  • Nowadays, it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Chanthaburi province. Most buildings in the community are houses and shops that are almost a hundred years old.

  • The buildings have the appearance of old tenement houses with beautiful and intricate patterns on doors,windows and corners.

  • Both recommended accommodations are located in the Taloung neighborhood.
  • The Talard Lang neighborhood is a lively place with both old and new restaurants and cafes that goes together very well.

  • "Baan Luang Ratchamaitri" is a 150-year-old historical house that collects the stories of Luang Ratchamitri who was a benefactor of Ratchaburi villagers. The house still preserves the old architecture and lifestyle of the villagers.

  • The first floor has a museum (free admission).

  • The architectural style of Baan Luang Ratchamaitri is a mix of Thai, Chinese and European styles (Chinese panels, Thai building style and European patterns on the door frames, window frames and metal decorations from Europe). There are convenient facilities available in all 10 rooms.

  • You can see the view of the river from the balcony floor.

  • I stayed on the second floor. My room name is "Tha Moe Tod"
  • At first, I didn't understand what Moe Tod was. But the employee that showed me the room told me that it was the name of a pier in the old days.

  • The bed is on top of the room so you can use the whole room conveniently without feeling claustrophobic as the ceiling is so high up.

  • You can still see the view of the river from the window and balcony in the back of the room

  • The room next to mine must have a better view. Unfortunately, I couldn't reserve it in time.

  • I came down from the room to take a sneak photo of the room on the lower floor with the best view. I am so jealous!

  • Large rooms have a private balcony next to the river (3,090-3,290 baht). The rooms on the second floor with a view of the road costs 1,550-1,800 baht.
  • Staying here is like staying in a house and not in a hotel. The opening and closing time of the house door is 05.30AM-22.00PM. If you come after the door is closed you will have to make a call for them to open the door for you.
  • Contact number: 08 8843 4516

  • The breakfast is good and delicious!

  • 5 star service!

  • I walked across the river to take a photo of the historical house "Baan Luang Ratchamaitri"!

  • I also took a photo of the Ratchaboon waterfront market. Don't forget to cross the bridge to take pictures!

  • It doesn't take long to walk from the house to this accommodation.

  • The windows are so charming and attractive it takes my breath away!

  • There are rooms with a unique style and art.
  • Both buildings have 24 rooms in total and the price depends on the size of the rooms (small and large). The facilities in the rooms include: air conditioning, television,refrigerator, minibar,water heater and free Wifi.

  • There is no view that you can see from the room but you can look from the door and window outside the room.

  • On the top floor, you can see the roofs of the 150-year-old houses.

  • Come to the first floor and take a cross.

  • The old record store is my favorite. The store turns on old music that goes very well with the vintage atmosphere.

  • In the evening to night time a band will play here. In the morning and lunch time, you can have breakfast and lunch here.

  • You can sit right next to the river!

  • I loved both accommodations! So I really recommend them! You can just visit them, but if you can stay there a night or two, I guarantee you an awesome experience!

  • Next, I would like to take you around the see the ambiance and lifestyle of the people in the community.
  • The shops and restaurants design their shops so that it goes well with the vintage area without feeling out of place.

  • Find the legendary light post! There is only one left!

  • Hipster graffiti

  • There are restaurants available 1 KM along the river. You can sit and take in the view!

  • Mae Pong is the name of Grandma Pong who has a house that sells sweets and items located at the pier. This house survived a big fire. It is a Chinese-styled house with 1 floor and built in the time of Rama IV so it is more than 200 years old. Next to the house is a Chinese pharmacy "Changgaungan"

  • Take a walk on the road in the Chantaboon waterfront community. Many tourists visit this place!

  • Sanae Chan sells souvenirs and local merchandise that have gone through careful selection. They are perfect for souvenirs and memorable gifts. Many items are this shop's specialties.

  • Baan Kanom Goh - Mae Gim Sia

  • Kanom Kai Chantaboon Shop Tel 081 940 7612
  • Their crispy egg snacks are soft inside and crispy on the outside. They are made fresh everyday.
  • Other than crispy egg snacks, there are crispy nut toffee snacks, Tong Pab Gled snacks and fried durian.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, there are grilled Jang Ron, Nong Bua pork meatballs.

  • The first ice cream factory operated with machines in Chanthaburi creates many kinds of ice cream: tiled ice cream, ice cream pops, coconut milk ice cream and rainbow ice cream. There are many flavors available: durian,black bean, ice tea, coffee,mixed, corn, lod shong etc.

  • The popular photo corner: an old wall with the painting with Marilyn Monroe. This location was shown in many films and advertisements.

  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
  • Most beautiful Catholic church in the East of Thailand.

  • Cool graffiti again.

  • You can reach the cathedral by crossing the Niramon bridge.
  • Take many photos!!

  • Chess and checkers tables for the people in Chantaboon riverfront community.

  • Wat Khetnaboonyaram, Chùa Phước Điền is a Vietnamese Mahayan (Anam school) temple that implements Chinese architecture as Chinese and Vietnamese culture is very close. You can see the Chinese influence from the five shrines on this road.

  • Wat Bot
  • สวยงามLocated on the hill behind the Chanthaboon riverfront community. It is one of the oldest temples built in 1787. The temple blends in very well with the town.

  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conceptionis more than a hundred years old and in perfect condition. If you visit Chanthaburi, you have to take a photo!

  • It's not over yet! I would like to say that there are so many cats here. For cat lovers, you can see cats in every corner!

  • Also a chicken!

  • Chantaboon's Historical Site Preservation and Restoration Project.
  • จากขนส่งเอกมัย มีรถออกตั้งแต่ ตี5 แทบทุกชั่วโมง ราคา 180บาท ใช้เวลาเดินทาง4ช.มกว่าๆ ก็ถึง จังหวัด จันทบุรี From the Ekamai station, it takes 4 hours to reach Chanthaburi province (departure from 5AM, 180 baht)
  • Take a motorcycle to the Chanthaboon riverfront(30 baht) or walk.
  • Popular days: Holidays, Friday - Sunday.
  • Cool hostels in Chanthaburi near the Chanthaboon waterfront.
  • Chearn Chan Hostel

  • This trip is mostly presented in photos. I stayed 2 nights here and there are more photos than these!
  • Finally, I would like to thank you for reading our review of our journey.
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  • See you on our next trip!
  • Thank you and good bye!

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