Hi there! Today I would like to invite everyone to travel at Ao Thai (Gulf of Thailand).

It can't be anywhere else except Koh Samui.

I have to say it is my first time at Koh Samui.

However, there must be multiple times from now on since I already fall for this place.

I have too short time to travel this trip.

Today I bring you guys a review of accommodation on Koh Samui. It is extremely superb and I super like it.

It is ...

The Sea Koh Samui Boutique Resort and Residences

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Before talking about accommodation, let's start with the journey to Koh Samui.

There are many ways which I will explain only 3 of them;

  1. By plane: There is direct flight from Bangkok to Samui and Phuket.
  2. By boat: You can get on boat at Baan Don pier, Surat Thani.
  3. By ferry: It is the selected option for this trip. The fare for four-wheel-vehicle, including driver, is 400THB. Passengers in the car are charged 120THB each. I recommend to book in advance, so that you don't have to wait in the queue.

Now I'm ready. Let's get on ferry.

It takes around an hour to the island.

Appreciate the nature shortly and here I am at Koh Samui. From pier to The Sea, turn left and go further for 15 minutes. The resort is right on roadside.

After parking, let's move inside. Lobby is open-air.

Would you like to have a glass of welcome drink to refresh?

I really like when the sky is clear. I'm so happy but ……………………….

It turns to be like this in short time. I haven't fully enjoyed yet. So, what else I can do. Have to take photos inside the room, no place to go.

The room I stay today is One Bedroom Suite, Sea View.

It has generous space which divided into 2 main areas.

First zone is bedroom and living room.

The rest is kitchen and bathroom.

Let's check on the first part; bedroom and living room.

It is obviously seen that the room is wide, like extremely. For the bed, I have to say it is a double king size as it is super large. Enough for 4 people to sleep comfortably.

Though bedroom and living room is in the same area, there is glass door to separate.

Another view towards outside. There is small working table for little business.

To be honest, raining is also nice because I have more time to stay in the room. This place is fully equipped with what I need. I can stay all day and all night. This comfy sofa is just perfect for watching movie.

Moving to another zone, bathroom and kitchen. Start with bathroom.

It is large, clean and fully furnished. There are rain shower and Jacuzzi too.

What I mostly like is kitchen. I have never found any full furnished kitchen like this before. Microwave is huge.

Plate, bowl, cutlery (in various size), sink, dishwashing liquid, variety of glasses, caddy, coffee machine and gas stove. It's like real kitchen at home. Cuisine lovers must like it. It would be fun to come as a group. Easy to arrange party.

Though it rains, I still need food to refill energy.

It was windy while raining which you can see leaves on the ground.

Restaurant is open-air. I mean real open which I really like it, just beside the beach. It must be superb to come in the evening. Unfortunately, due to the rain, I miss a chance to see charming sunset.

If you are not satisfied with that ... Beach at the front and swimming pool on the other side. Beautiful and romantic.

For dinner, I don't eat much.

My friend extremely like this steak.

Last photo for saying goodbye to the first night.

Have a sweet dream among nature and wave sound. This morning is brighter than yesterday. Like they said, sky after rain is always beautiful.

We have breakfast at the same eating-room but it gives different feelings.

Morning beside the beach makes me feel fresh and active for starting the new day.

Breakfast at The Sea is a la carte style. You can order from menu which there are variety of choices.

As I mentioned earlier that they provide many options, look at what I order (I think to myself will I eat all of them). Since we didn't eat much from dinner, we can finish them all.

After breakfast, I didn't go anywhere. Since I come here to take a rest, I want to relax and fully spend time at the resort.

And I take this opportunity to take photos of each room for you guys.

Let's start with the first type which is the largest one. If anyone is not surprised, there's something wrong. I have to say I am dumbly stunned.

It is Three Bedroom Beachfront Presidential Pool Villa.

To be easy, this room type is exactly like the name. It is a villa with 3 bedrooms or I should say 3 villas in same area, plus beach front swimming pool. How superb it is. I plan to bring my family here during summer. Gotta be fun.

What you see is the villa's area, not public area. Super wide space

Table, chair and bower are provided. You can arrange any kind of party you like. This place is ready.

The first villa is the biggest one equipped with one large bedroom. However, common area and living room of this villa are shared, so everyone can enjoy activities together. No matter chatting or cooking.

Wide space with dinner table, sofa and bar.

Isn't it cool? My feeling now is must bring my parents, relatives and grandchildren here. It has to be fun.

Move to bedroom.

Start with the first bedroom which is in biggest villa. It is a large room look alike attic but actually not. I really like the bed because it is double size.

Bathroom is as large as bedroom which furnished with sweet Jacuzzi.

Continue with next villa in the same type. It is two-floor-villa with 1 bedroom on each floor. I stop by large kitchen on the ground floor before surveying the bedroom. The kitchen has more space than one at my home. So, how can I stop thinking to bring my family here? You can see how perfect it is. Oh, I almost forget. Big washing machine is also provided. After swimming, you can wash the clothes and can be packed for going home.

Following by downstairs bedroom. It is double bed.

Clear glass door can be opened for going outside. The room has generous space. Though the room is not master bedroom, it is fully furnished.

Bathroom is right behind wooden sliding door.

Another bedroom is on upper level.

The room is quite wide with single bed.

There is sofa, living room and outdoor balcony.

Bathroom is bright giving soft feelings. There is Jacuzzi as well.

Amenities are provided, same as master bedroom.

Although common area is equipped with all facilities, small bedroom also has them.

End first room type with this photo. Isn't it magnificent? I have to say it is extremely worthwhile.

For Three Bedroom Beachfront Presidential Pool Villa.

Continue with lunch at the same place. The Sea has only one restaurant.

For today's lunch, my friend decides to have giant beef burger. More than enough.

But I prefer to have this dish. It is a must menu when comes to The Sea. I like it.

It's delicious and little spicy. It is a perfect combination, Spicy Spaghetti with Thai Style Sausage.

Let's check on another room type. It is Two Bedroom Suite, Sea View.

So, start with the first room.

It is very large. Beautifully decorated with chic doors.

And the highlight is here.

As I mentioned earlier, this place is fully furnished with all facilities. How can I not falling in love with it?

Relaxing day, sitting leisurely and watching movie on comfy sofa must be so happy.

Nearby area is big Jacuzzi, enough for 2 persons (Don't overthinking).

Move to small bedroom which is not small like you think.

Every room has Jacuzzi for guests to fully relax.

There are lots of pillows in each room which patterns are different. Very creative.

I like color tone of this room. It excellently makes me feel relieved and relaxed.

How's the room? Is it cool like I said? I walk pass gym, nice view.

Continue with spa called Vara Spa.

Let's see inside. It is decorated in brown with Thai textile.

There is single and double bed.

Including foot spa.

Time flies. It's dinner time. It doesn't rain this evening. Weather is super nice.

Here's my dining corner for tonight.

There are only two of us on the beach.

First dish is very delicious but I can't remember the name.

My favorite menu, Creme Brulee with young coconut.

End this evening with a nice drink.

Weather in the morning is still nice as usual. I really like to see weather like this when I travel. No matter how hot it is, clear blue sky is enough.

What kind of coffee would you like to have? Just choose your favorite one. For sweet chubby girl, it has to be Latte.

Served with heart shape waffle.

Today's breakfast is a big one, same as the other day. Fried rice with shrimp is very delicious. This menu is superb. You can try.

If you prefer to have light meal, please follow my friend; fried egg and sausage. Easy but full.

After meal, it's time to walk along the beach.

The sand is smooth and fine. There is an actress performing music video. If look closely, she must be very pretty, haha.

Do want to play volleyball on the beach? Clear sky is perfect.

There is kayaking too. If you like extreme activities, there are many of them. You won't be bored.

So, this is the end of review: The Sea Koh Samui Boutique Resort and Residences

How is it? I believe you guys like it because I really like it. In terms of location, it is located next to the road, easy to find and convenient. In the meantime, it is also connected to the sea. We can fully have fun and relax.

I give 10 points to the rooms. They are super beautiful and large. The beds are huge and very comfy. Facilities are more than enough. This place is considered to be the first resort that provide so many facilities.

If you are going to Samui, don't forget to take The Sea into your consideration. You will love it, like I do.

Resort Information

The Sea Koh Samui Boutique Resort & Residences

7/64 Moo 5, Bang Por, Mae Nam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84330, Thailand

website : http://theseasamui.com/

Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/TheSeaSamui


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