The winter season is coming, most of people choose to go to the high hill but I prefer to do it in contrast by going to the island. Furthermore, this island is the newly opened island but its beauty is at high end level. Please do not be too fast to blame us that we exaggerate about this island, I have told you the truth because I have never seen any island elsewhere is as beautiful as this island.

If you have further question, please fee free to talk with us at page:

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The details to plan for travel and expense on Nyuang Do Phee

I would like to refer to my plan of Ranong trip for your reference.

To arrange trip - In order to plan for 2 days and 3 nights trip you should choose to do diving right away after you get off from the bus. Likewise the trip to Ranong province, you are able to get some rest or travel in the city, this is so perfect. We have ever tried this before. You can simply follow our plan, you do not even need to submit for vacation leave because you are able to go on weekend.

To choose the place for getting off from the bus - It is highly recommended to get off at the bus office branch because most of the offices are located in the center market. Then, it is convenient to go to the accommodation.

To choose the bus company - I have ever used for 3 companies, the price is equivalent for all companies. I have chosen VIP 24 seat because my journey is quite long, so it is necessary that the seat needs to be comfortable.

1. Sombat Tour - This is the best company out of 3 companies, the bus is new but the bus driver of the bus which I have used, he drives so fast.

So, we will see for the next time whether he still drive fast. As I have previously mentioned that the bus is very new, the blanket is well packed in the plastic bag. There is a TV to watch during the journey. Furthermore, the massage system is also applied with the seat as well and it is workable.

2. Newmit Tour - The service is not as good as another2 companies, the bus is quite old, the bus driver does not drive so fast. This company has their own stopping zone (cafeteria zone) during the journey. There is no TV available on the bus.

3. Chokeanan Tour
- The service is good in general, the bus is new. TV and seat with massage system are available. My favorite point of this company is the blanket, it is quite thick. It is really suitable for me because I have less tolerance of cold weather.

To rent a motorbike - I have seen only 3 renting motorbike shops in Ranong and they do not have enough renting motorbike to serve for customer's demand. I highly recommend you to call and make the reservation in advance. Otherwise, you will miss the chance to get the motorbike. The renting fee is at THB 200 per 1 day excluding fuel charge. The biggest shop is Phol Place but the number of motorbike is still less than the demand.

To rent the trailer for a whole day trip in Ranong - For our previous trip, I have used trailer service to Porn Rung Hot Spring - Ngao Waterfall - Yah Mountain - Raksawarin Hot Spring - Rattanarangsan Palace. You just inform the trailer service to pick you up at Sombat Tour (or depend on the bus company that you chose), it costs THB 500 per 2 people but I think the price @ THB 400 is already good for using this service. Please try to negotiated with the service provider again before you decide to buy it.

To choose for the accommodation - I have chosen Petch Ranong @ Town, The B, Farm House. All of these accommodation are close to complex center.

The expenses;

- The bus (round trip) charge 644 x 2 = THB 1288

- The transport charge from Newmit Tour office to Petch Ranong hotel @ THB 50 per person

(If it is not too hard for you, we recommend you to take a walk or do diving on the first day )

- Renting motorbike charge @ THB 200

(I actually can walk from Newmit Tour office to rent a car, so it is no need to pay for car renting charge to hotel)

- 1 day trip to Nyuang Do Phee @ THB 3500 including lunch

- The foo charge will be varied in according to your preference.

- The accommodation charge is also depended on your choice.

This island is "Nyuang Do Phee" where is not far from Cocks Comb island in our previous trip. It is not necessary to submit for the vacation leave for this trip as it spends only 2 days and 3 nights (we indicate this because it is during night time for beginning trip and ending trip). For this trip, we prefer to do diving on Sunday as we would like to know which option is good. But, we notice that doing diving on Saturday is better because you will have in your mind that which activity should be next after you get of from the bus. On the other hand, if you choose to do diving on Sunday like us this time, you will feel a bit blank because you need to wait for checking to the hotel and we could not do early check in due to fully occupied rooms. So where should we go?? We choose to rent for a motorbike but!!!

Ranong is the small city where have very few shops ( 3 shops) for renting a motorbike. All of them are rent on the day we go. So, we then decide to find something to eat. Before we go to find some places to eat, we have left our luggage at the hotel. Otherwise, we will be so tired. We go to our favorite restaurant which serve Roti canai as the signature dish. You should not miss to come t this restaurant once you come to Ranong.

It is so convenient to come to this restaurant because it is not far from the market. We are so full and want to goo back to the hotel. We prefer to wait for renting a motorbike, if it is too long we will then use the public transport. Fortunately, there is a customer return a motorbike, so we rent that motorbike right away.

After getting a motorbike, we ride it and discover the downtown because it is not far, we continue riding a bit to Ngao Waterfall - Yah Mountain - Porn Rang Hot Spring - Raksawarin Hot Spring.

Then, we go back to the hotel at noon. It is time for us to get some rest and charge our mobile phone.

We stay at Petch Ranong for this trip, the room is quite nice with reasonable price. There are not much interesting thing in the morning but we can chill out in some bars in the evening.

Once we get enough rest, we then search for some information on Google about one popular beach named " Chan Damri beach"

It is not the white sandy beach but it is the beach which is closed to the pier, it is the private beach where belongs to one resort which becomes an abandon resort. We do not recommend you to go there because it is quite dark.

Even though, this beach is not the good place for staying but it is somehow very nice place for seeing the beautiful sunset.

The bridge is quite old. Please be careful once you step on the bridge, it is quite dangerous.

After taking the photos, we are hurry to leave this place because the sky becomes darker and it creates scary atmosphere.

Once we look over at the far end of this beach, we also see the village of fisherman but we regret that we could not go to visit the village because it is quite dark already.

After leaving from Chan Damri beach, we are a bit hungry and be recommended for the closest restaurant.

We have followed the recommendation and found out that the recommended restaurant is quite good. Even though, we do not know how the food taste but we are indulged by the beautiful sunset.

We have asked for the menu and heard one interesting menu which is " Crispy Shrimp Salad"

The main ingredient of this menu is shrimp, it is the kind of shrimp which is used for making shrimp paste, it is mixed well with salad sauce before serve.

The restaurant staff informs that this menu is difficult to find because the shrimp is the ingredient that is difficult to preserve its quality and it is easy to be spoiled.

This restaurant is located near the bridge which is used for transporting seafood for the fishermen. Hence, the seafood here including shrimp used for the mentioned menu are fresh.

At the first, we would like to go back to the accommodation quickly because we are afraid it will be dangerous if we wait for a while. But, we decide to sit and chill out because the atmosphere is so nice.

We ride a motorbike directly to the hotel to get enough rest and be ready for the trip tomorrow at 7.00 - 7.30 hrs.

We have packed our luggage and be ready for checking out because we will go back to Bangkok right away after finish diving.

Once the staff has picked us up and continued the journey for 20 minutes, we are now at the pier. It is the same pier where we go to Cocks Comb

But we have used the different agent for arranging the trip. We do not need to hand in any documents for this trip, my agent has prepared for us.

We highly recommend to wake up early and have breakfast before doing diving, however there are still coffee, hot chocolate and deep- fried dough stick prepared for us as well.

It is necessary to have breakfast because it is quite a few hours to lunch.

The boat starts the journey and it visits Song island island around 10 minutes in order to get the documents to cross the border.

Our guide has informed us that we are able to wander around for 10 minutes.

We wander around the pier and find out that it is actually busy lol, we have heard the sound of horn from many cars on the road.

We have also thought that if we have got the chance to come to Ranong again, we will surely come to visit Song island but it will not be suitable for those tourists who come for shopping purpose.

Walking in Myanmar market in Ranong might be suitable for those tourists who like to walk and see the local life style without any special expectation.

So, it is time for us to go back to the boat and be ready to go to Nyuang Do Phee.

"Nyuang Do Phee" is quite the big island where is surrounded by many small islands.

Furthermore, there will be some accommodation built in the near future, it is really interesting place where you should visit.

For spending over night on this island is really worth for your money even the price is not that cheap. The photos can actually prove that how nice it is.

We sit on the boat on for a while, we finally reach our destination.

We could not do much diving due to the strong tide. But, we still have a chance to lower our face on the river and see the underwater world, it is so beautiful.

It is really a short period of time to enjoy seeing this because we need to continue the trip to our next destination

We have to overcome the strong wind to go to another beach in front of Nyuang Do Phee.

After the first step of being here, this place is so stunning due to crystal water. It reflects emerald color.

We can obviously see colorful corals under the water

The black shade in the water is actually the color of coral, it is perfectly against the green shade of forest up to the mountain.

After being excited of the sea and the beach, we are not reluctant to jump into the sea in order to discover how beautiful it is underwater.

And ... it is so nice and clear

We do not dive close to the corals because we are afraid that we will not be able to catch our group.

We have also seen Nemo fish welcoming us as well.

The water level is so shallow at the area we are at the moment, we can notice that it is plentiful area because there are a lot of corals and fish. We are so excited by keep taking photos till our battery is empty.

Then, we continue to our next destination, it is a small island just like a big rock emerge from the see. However, the underwater of this island is so amazing because it looks like the cliff under the water, we have seen many species of coral, fish etc.

We get on the boat and dive into the opposite far end of the island

We have seen various corals. It is enjoyable for doing diving here, we sometimes stick to the plan but we sometimes not.

If you choose to come to visit this place, please do not be too serious about the plan, you better indulge yourself in to the beautiful surrounding where is presented in front of you. We have ever forgot our lunch because the place is so beautiful.

We are still excited, this is my first time to see such a real beautiful thing.

We would like to post the underwater photos but we can not specify that all photos are taken from which part of the sea because we have taken many photos lol.

There are many plentiful corals in underwater, they have really solid and strong structure.

It is such a hugh stall of leaf coral and they are colorful as well.

Furthermore, we have also seen various types of fish, we really want to some more time on this to discover some more amazing part of underwater.

After enjoy diving, it is time to have lunch, our guide take us to have lunch on Nyuang Do Phee island. We have lunch and take some photos on the beach where there will be some accommodation on this area in the near future.
We will surely come back to this place but it is necessary that we need to save some money and come back here lol.

We have discovered the unique point of this beach which is the sand, it is so nice. It makes our feet be more stable on each step on the beach.

Furthermore, we feel like this is the private island because there are only our group (10 people) and 4 guides.

It is such an impressive trip.

Today lunch menu are stir fried basil, fried vegetable, young tea leaf salad (this menu is local dish), grilled seafood etc.

There are plenty food on the table which are not usually found in diving trip.

The cuisine and tables are now ready for us.

The atmosphere on the beach is so shady, we can even lay down on the beach.

We can actually dive on this island but no one prefer to do so because we have done that enough in the morning.

The builders who work nearby the beach, has shown us a crab. It is so big.

There are many crabs in this area, it will be so nice experience to stay here.

We think that one day trip is not enough to spend here because there are many interesting place for diving.

The beach is also a plus for chilling out, we will have a walk and have a look at the crabs a bit later.

It seems that our time on the beach is over, we need to do diving in front of the beach. This is the highlight of this trip.

We have also seen Moray eel while diving. It is such a nice trip.

It finally comes to the last point of doing diving. We actually pass so many beautiful points but this one is so amazing and outstanding. We better some battery to take more photos at this point (just to remind ourselves)

It is the big bunch of Sea Anemone, it can be somehow called as Sea Anemone mountain and there are plenty of fish and corals as well.

Unfortunately, there is some technical issue of my camera, so we do not have photos at this point. But, we have figure out this issue by asking for the favor from other trip joiners to provide the photos for us.

We would like to this opportunity to thank to their assistance

We do not want to go back because " Nyuang Do Phee" I so beautiful
We would like to revisit all the places of our previous trip sometimes in the future. But, we already want to back to Nyuang Do Phee right away.

Why it is so beautiful and its beauty has encouraged us to revisit without any doubt. We fall in love with underwater already.

We have also discovered other highlight while we are chatting in the boat on the way back.

Oh! is that a shark? It is quite scary and we do not want to be the prey yet.
But, it is actually a dolphin not a shark.

They come as a group. We decide to stop the engine and enjoy seeing the dolphin performance instead.

The audiences all say the same thing that this is the most enjoyable trip, we want to give 100 scores for this trip.

We have a peaceful trip back to Ranong.

After reaching the bank, we need to be ready to go back to Bangkok, we need to take a bus at Chokeanan Tour' s office. The bus will depart at 20.30 hrs.

It takes quite a few hours to reach the bank, we reach here around 17.00 hrs. but we can still have sometime to chill out by soaking our bodies at Raksawarin's spring.

We have known and got new friends from this trip.

After finishing the activity at Raksawarin's spring, we are escorted to Chokeanan Tour's office. We reach office around 19.00 hrs.

We have found a nice restaurant called " Kanok Super Rad Nah Restaurant " where is located close to Chokeanan Tour's office.

We have been recommended that the menu of this restaurant is made to order, there are also many menu of porridge available.

Once we are full, we just get on the bus right away. The bus is really on time.

We highly recommend to be aware about this point once you travel with the bus for both round trip if you do not want to spend some money to buy new ticket or miss the bus.

We take the bus of Mitr Tour for coming to Ranong and we take the bus Chokeanan Tour on the way back to Bangkok.

It has come to the end of this trip, the photos are left and lasted impressive moment for us.

Even though, our trip is ended but the relationship has never ended because our new friends add Lines and share the photos. We can notice that everyone are very happy for this trip.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Tum Thailandlism to take us to this wonderful place, we really want to go to this place again.

We promise to go back " Nyuang Do Phee"

Maysa Traveller

 Friday, December 25, 2015 2:57 PM