During school holidays periods, children are not attending school and all the families usually find some places or some attractions to stay and relax as the children have been working pretty hard at school for months. For me, I also have nephews, two little monkeys who are very naughty. They are almost on their holidays as well; therefore, I ask my brother where would we go for this holiday, maybe somewhere nearby Bangkok will be great.

Luckily, I have 4 tickets of Cartoon Network Water Park, hence, we decide on taking vacation at Pattaya.

This time we choose our accommodation at the Dusit Thani Pattaya. At first, I will review about a hotel and then the Cartoon Network Water Park will review later in my next one.

Driving to Pattaya, and then follow the map to the hotel.

Thank you the map picture from Burapha University Website >>>>> มหาวิทยาลัยบูรพา

It takes approximately 2 hours drive from Bangkok to our destination. we drive in average speed to the hotel and upon arriving we firstly do the check-in.

I will take you guys to explore Dusit Thani Pattaya in each zone. Moreover, I will post the picture during day time, twilight time and night time in each zone. I hope that you guys won't get bored as I would like to show the entire atmosphere of the hotel to everyone.

This is the lobby zone at night time with all the lights on. Isn't it beautiful?

You could contact the check-in desk at the lobby. We have the "Club Grand" room, which has to go up to eight floors to check-in. I know that you are wondering why we have to check-in at eighth floor right?

Let's wait and see. I will tell you all about it in a little bit.

The reception is at 24 hours service; therefore, you do not have to worry if you come at night for check-in. The hotel staff will be available at your service all the time.

There are sofas in many area provided in the lobby area.

At the lobby, there will be a welcome guest area which you can order afternoon tea here.

Afternoon Tea is available from 3.00pm. - 6.00pm. At 299 +++ baht per person.

For the tea is original by Dusit Thani themselves.

There is the model of Afternoon Tea for show.

If it is the real cake, its taste would be delicious. And I also do love eating cake.

Wines are also available for people who love wine.

Afternoon Tea can also go with the sparkling wine as well.

They also have Macaroon here.

The dessert selection is at this corner.

"Dusit Gourmet"

The dessert shop at 7:00 pm. - 10:00 pm is 50% discount. My sister in law buys many things from the place. And let me tell you something, the cake at Dusit Thani is very delicious.

Let's see the cake at Dusit Thani dessert place. Do you think that I will know the name of each pieces of cake? I would tell you No. Sorry, but I am enjoy watching all the cake. I am thinking which one should I buy.

Walking around the lobby, I then come right up to the 8th floor to check-in.

As we have mentioned that we have got "Club Grand" room, the special privileges for "Club Grand" room are:

· Private check-in and check-out in guest room or Club Lounge

· Personal Butler service

· Breakfast at The Peak during 06.00am. - 10.00am.

· Refreshments are available throughout the day at the Dusit Club Lounge from 10:30 am. - 8 :00 pm.

· Evening cocktails and hors d'oeuvres from 5.00pm. - 7.30pm.

· Late check-out until 8.00pm. (Depend on the availability of rooms).

· Luxury high thread count linens and the amenities from the leading brands.

· All-day refreshments, evening cocktails and canapes served at the Club Lounge.

· Daily in-room fresh fruit.

· Laundry and ironing up to three pieces per day.

· Complimentary local landline calls within Chonburi province.

· Daily Newspaper And various of magazines, both local and international

· Computer service area and high-speed internet

· Several options of pillows.

Wow, I am still astonished with how awesome the services are. This is really executive.

You could check all the prices and promotions on website >>>>> Dusit Thani Pattaya

I have a glass of orange juice as a welcome drink.

Let's walk into the room and see how great the "Club Grand" room is.

The room size is 80 sq.m.

We could see Pattaya Bay from our balcony,

The room décor harmoniously combines modern Thai style with luxurious design.

During the evening housekeeper will come into the room and arrange the bed and bedroom slippers preparing us to bed at night.

Cloth bag for putting clothes for free laundry up to three pieces per day.

These remarkable services will send me to my sweet dream at night.

The room is very spacious.

My two nephews just quickly rush into their room and tell me about how they like the room and the big soft bed so much. That little thing just makes me kind of happy.

There are working desk and free wifi available for 4 users per room.

I know now why they called it soul-sucking bed, when your head hit the pillow and the bed you do not want to get out of it. Too comfy.

There are sofa cushions and vibrant colors of pillows all around. Why so many pillows? I have no idea but I love how colorful they are.

The fruit is served daily.

They will provide seasonal fresh fruits and cookies for us. My nephews secretly tell me that the cookies are delicious and they have taken more from my room. Therefore, I do not have a chance to taste it. My lovely nephew eat them all.

You can order food to eat in the room. The menu is provided at the room.

There is bedside control panel. You could try to turn on – off for experiment, and I do try it already

On the work desk, there are note pads and pen for you. The great thing is that the wifi router is installed inside the room, thus, the internet signal strength is good.

Oops !!! What's in the mirror? It's me, and this is a corner for a minibar.

There will be two bottles of water and coffee maker provided free of charge.

You will find coffee, tea, sugar, creamer and cups in this drawer

Next drawer, there are snack and alcohol provided which are not free. You will have to pay when check-out; so do not blame me that I didn't warn you.

Next to that, will be glasses for fruit juice, wine, and brandy.

There are ice bucket and kettle in the last drawer.

Let's open the refrigerator, there are some beverages which are not free!!!

After we look throughout the bedroom, let's go see the bathroom this time. The bathroom is quite spacious. What do we have here, first the bathrobe.

The bathroom is a mix design between luxury and ancient Thai style. What an appealing bathroom they have.

At the wash basin, there are large mirror and a small mirror provided. T here are two wash basins with hot and cold water.

In the bathroom, they offer two bottles of drinking water and soap gel as well.

Normally, we are familiar with toiletry set placed at the wash basin area; however, here they provide in the separate area. They also have a weight scale available which I did not dare to use it as I put on some weight right now and a lot of fat on my belly.

They provide liquid soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, lotion and their packaging are colorful. I would like to take them home and I am sure that everyone might think like me. I will keep that to myself right now.

This is not all of it yet as they still have a lot more to explore. For those who forget the toothbrush, Don't be worry as they also offer for you here. And many more stuffs but I won't tell it all, don't hate me.

You don't have to worry as there is the bidet provided in the toilet as well. As Thai people, we are used to use the bidet for cleaning. I also like that too and would like to have it installed in every place.

The shower area is separated, thus, the entire area will not get wet when showering.

When I wash my hair I'll use the big ceiling shower, however if I don't wash my hair, I will use the regular shower instead. Moreover, when you want to get in the shower, please try to check the temperature of the water first by turning the faucet to left and right way as I have burnt myself for several times.

Within the shower area, you could find the soap, shower gel and shampoo. However, as I have mentioned above that the hair conditioner is provided in the outside area, thus, you have to pick up from there.

There is a Jacuzzi tub as well, I do not have an opportunity to use it. On the other hand, my nephews love it. When shower time, they will always use it. Too bad, I don't have a picture taken as one of my two nephews don't like to be in the frame, he feels shy while the other one loves to be in the frame but he is very naughty, it just depends on his mood for taking picture, and that makes me so confuse sometimes.

No .. no ..no. This is not over yet for the bathroom. We still have the wardrobe, or the hanker I mean.

Ah, they also have an iron and ironing board provided. Now you will not have to wear a crumpled shirt, only a pretty one right now.

A safe box is available, therefore the guest doesn't need to worry about the valuable things when placing in the room.

Let's take a look at the balcony; there are seats to enjoy the view from the balcony. The guest could watch the Pattaya Bay from here.

The terrace has outdoor rain shower, so for those who would like to watch the scenery of Pattaya Bay while bathing, this is perfect.

The scenery from balcony could watch the sea and Pattaya Bay.

What are the white bushes downstairs?? I would not tell right now, will go down and see together.

The scenery from the balcony on the right seems like the cape that stretch out to the sea. I will certainly go and explore it, let's wait a moment.

Let's watch the sea scenery during twilight time, I do not wait until the sunset because my nephews are bossy and complain that they are hungry, so I have to keep the camera and take them to have dinner.

The newspapers will be hung in front of our room in every morning.

As I have mentioned above that we have "Club Grand" room, therefore, we have the exclusive access to the Dusit Club Lounge.

The view from the Dusit Club Lounge could see Pattaya Bay. And it is splendid.

Computers are available at Dusit Club Lounge area as well.

Let's see the atmosphere in the evening. Coming in couple or with friends, the atmosphere is remarkable.

Traveling with family like me is also great. Do not ask about my two little monkeys as they say that they love staying at the Dusit Thani Pattaya so much.

The alcoholic beverage will be served from 5.30pm. - 7.30pm.

The appetizer will be available from 10.30 am. - 8:00 pm.

There are books available as well. I still haven't brought you guys to see all over the Dusit Thani Pattaya yet. There are many more things here, I guess we do not have to go out as it is perfect to live a slow life style here.

Now, let's explore the appetizer that Dusit Club Lounge provides for us.

Not only the snack they have, there are also some fresh seasonal fruit provide.

Who likes to eat cheese? Put your hands up.

Fresh vegetables are available as well.

Tomatoes salad is good for your skin treatment. I also like to eat, but why don't I have smooth and shiny skin?

Not only desserts and fruits served here, there are sushi menus too. My little nephews love it.

Chicken Satay, the meat is tender and tastes good but not that awesome.

My nephews prefer the Crispy Shrimp Spring Rolls too.

Orange Juice and Roselle Juice.

I choose Roselle Juice.

It's time for a red wine with the wonderful atmosphere at the Dusit Club Lounge.

Looking out to the sea makes you feel calm. Along with a glass of wine and a fine diner make me really happy, if I come with my lover will be great. Let me find a date first.

The zone for our next meal will be situated in the lobby floor. Although, my little nephews are already full by the food from Dusit Club Lounge, however,I still force them to go downstairs with me anyway.

“Cascade Restaurant"

The restaurant serves breakfast and food throughout the day. There are 2 zones you could choose for seating, the outside zone which next to the garden and the inner zone.

This zone is situated next to the garden and the tables are limited.

The inner zone has Promotion Set for Dining offers at 379+++ baht and 489+++baht, the price could be changed depend on the situation, therefore, please check the information with the hotel in advance as well.

Cascade Restaurant starts taking orders from 11.30am – 12.00pm

Breakfast will be served from 06.00am-10.00am in the morning.

On my first day here, I choose to have dinner at Cascade Restaurant.

We order menu set that combines with 3 menus: Appetizer, Soup, Main Course and Dessert.

Easily to understand, our first menu is appetizer, the second menu is soup, the third menu is the main dish and end the meal with the dessert.

While waiting for the food, the staff serves us the bread first.

I will introduce the food by categories.

First, Appetizer.

We order Som Tom Thai.(Thai Papaya Salad)

It is very tasty; you could feel the sour, sweet, salty and spicy from the dish. My sister-in-law loves eating Som Tom, thus, she kinds of like this menu very much.

Larb Moo (Thai Spicy Minced Pork Salad)

Caesar Salad

Soup Menu.

Wild Mushroom Soup

Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken Coconut Soup)

Main Course Menu.

Roasted Seabass

Seared Norwegian Salmon

Pad See – Aiew (Thai Stir Fried Noodles)

You can select from pork, chicken, beef or seafood to add in the menu.

Kuay Tiaw Pad Rad Na (Thai Stir Fried Rice Noodles in Gravy Sauce)

You can select from pork, chicken, beef or seafood to add in the menu.

Khow Pad Moo (Pork Fried Rice)

The dish is served with Fried Egg. I order this menu for my nephews.

Dessert Menu.

Seasonal Fruits

Overall, every menu taste delicious and everyone agrees on that. We all rate this meal at 5 stars.

After we are full, now I will take everyone to explore the garden which located at the lobby area in the middle zone of Dusit Thani Pattaya.

There is Spa available located near the garden.

I will take you guys to explore and enjoy the atmosphere of the garden. Let's take some walk together. Follow me!!!

There is the waterfall inside the garden. I guess that this hotel was certainly built according to the Feng Shui principles as you could see the atmosphere is all combined with mountain, waterfall and sea.

The lotus pond with a lot of lotus flowers in it, I take some picture for you guys, hence, you guys will feel like having a trip here with me.

There is also the orchid's zone. But don't ask me about the species of them as I really have no idea.

It seems that I need to learn about the species of the flower, therefore, I could properly tell the correct name. Please give me sometimes as I will learn more about that. I am sorry for this time that I cannot get any information for your guys.

Taking a walk and enjoy the atmosphere in the garden for quite awhile. Now are you ready to continue exploring inside the Dusit Thani Pattaya?

There are 2 swimming pools provide in Dusit Thani Pattaya Hotel.

There is the swim training in that time; however, the trainer lets us take the picture around the area. I tell the trai ner that it's alright; I do not need and please keep teaching.

The second pool is divided in layers; this zone has the kid pool as well.

Pattaya Bay begin lively with the colorful light, we are enjoying the atmosphere so much.

Let's continue with the pool in the second zone; there is no kid pool in this zone.

Both zones have some beds provided for sunbathing.

From here, we could get the whole view of the Dusit Thani Pattaya Hotel.

When getting dark, the area at Pattaya Bay side will open the vivid light and this is why they called Pattaya, “the sleepless town".

We will have the breakfast at “The Peak Restaurant" as I stay in the “Club Grand" room; the entrance to The Peak Chinese Restaurant is located in Dusit Club Lounge area or the 8 th floor lobby area.

We walk up to the Chinese restaurant “The Peak", the breakfast will be served from 06.00am – 10.00am in the morning.

This is the atmosphere inside The Peak Chinese Restaurant.

You do not need to present the breakfast coupon to the staff as the guest can tell the room number right away. The staff will be in service and ask what the guest would like to have. If you don't know how to order, you could ask the staff straight away, no need to worry.

Let's see what kind of breakfast buffet they provide for us this morning.

Fruit corner with seasonal fruits.

Bread corner.

Fruit salad and yoghurt corner.

Beverage corner provided with many kinds of juice to choose from such as orange juice, guava juice, pineapple juice and apple juice.

For healthy purpose, I would choose to have an orange juice this time.

This is the favorite menu of my nephews and me “Coco Crunch" cereal.

I plead and beg my nephew to be a model for me; I have to trick him in every ways until he agrees to be in the frame at last.

Putting the cornflakes inside the bowl and then pouring the milk, my nephew would automatically know what to do.

Am I awesome? This is my favorite one.

My dish is served; I order 2 Sunny-Up Fried Eggs, Sausage and Bacon.

And Pork Congee.

After breakfast, let's continue touring inside the hotel.

“Kids Corner" is located in zone 1 pool area and opens from 10.00am-06.00pm.

Where are my two monkeys? Oh!! They are preparing to change their suits getting ready for swimming.

There are many playthings provided such as slide, seesaw and swing.

There are a lot of playthings provide in Kids Corner room. I bet that the kids will definitely love this room. My nephews haven't seen the place just yet and I think that they would love playing here as well, however, we don't have enough time for them to spend here.

“DFit", the fitness is located next to Kids Corner in the pool zone as well.

The staff is there to welcome the guest and willing to be on service.

There are various facilities in the fitness to choose from.

From the fitness, we walk out from the hotel building to the outside; there is the small garden in the outside area near the second pool zone.

From the zone 1 pool, the guest could easily walk down to the beach.

You could also take a walk on the beach.

Let's promenade around zone 1 pool, this zone is called “Chaba Pool"

There are both kid and adult pools available here; this area is the kid's pool.

The pool in zone 2 is called “Lagoon Pool"

There are both kid and adult pools as well.

Zone 2 pool is divided into 2 sides.

This side is the adult pool and you could watch Pattaya Bay scenery from here.

You could do the sunbathing or just lie down and watch the scenery of the sea here. I like this zone so much, sipping the cocktail while admiring the scenery of the sea and listening to the sound of the sea wave together with the wind that flows by, it's awesome.

Pattaya Bay now is much different from its night time view.

However, there are lots of water activities to choose from at the daytime.

And here they are! My two nephews, they changed to their swimming suit already and jump into the pool with swim rings. As they still cannot swim, therefore, my brother need to look after them.

Although they cannot swim, it doesn't scare them a bit to swim in the water as they jump and swim in the pool happily.

I would like to introduce my two monkeys to everyone.

The older brother name is “Auto".

The younger brother name is “Tigger"

The younger brother is closer to me as 99% of everyone says that his face looks just like me.

We have the dinner at Chinese Restaurant “The Peak", the same place that we had our breakfast.

Begin with hot tea, while waiting for the dinner to be served.

Start the menu with the hors'oeuvre

Mixed DimSum.

Siu Mai, Ha Gow,Stuffed Shrimp with Seaweed , Red Pork Bun, Cream Bun and Fried Crab Legs.

Braised Fish Maw Soup in Szechuan style.

Stir Fry Soft Shelled Crab with XO sauce.

Stir Fry Tofu with Black Pepper (vegetarian)

Stir Fry Spinach with Sesame Oil (vegetarian)

Fried Sablefish with Noodles in Szechuan style.

Hokkien Stir Fry Noodles.

And the last menu, the dessert, Mango Pudding (vegetarian)

Thank you chef for preparing the fabulous food for our dinner, every menu tastes considerably delicious, I would absolutely give 5 stars for this meal.

My two little monkeys, Auto and Tigger would like to thank you Dusit Thani Hotel Pattaya for offering us the room to spend our awesome vacation at this holiday time.

We all are happy and enjoy the time here in Pattaya with the comfortable stay at the 5 stars hotel. For those who like to see me and my two monkeys in the next review, please give us like and share the review as well. Therefore, I will have an opportunity to take them on the journey once again.

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