I am Devil has a chance to visit Traditional Buffalo Race in Chonburi, this year is the 144th at the yard of Mueang Chonburi District Office and Chonburi City Hall.

Nice to know "The history of Tradition Buffalo Race"

Traditional Buffalo race is a traditional unique of Chonburi. There is the only one in Thailand and the world. The event has been organized for more than hundred years on the day before End of Buddhist Lent Day. People believe that if they do not arrange Buffalo Race that year will have epidemic and a lot of buffalo will die. So the owner will pray to GOD and will bring their buffalo to join the traditional racing. Thai people appreciate buffalo's help on making rice field and working very hard in the field for many months. So the farmers will dress up their buffalo to compensate and stop working during this period, come to meet each other in the city. Then they arrange activities such as buffalo contest for all dress up buffalo and buffalo race until it become a traditional of today. Thank you for the information from >>>>> Chonburi Cultural Office

Buffalo Racing Process

- Register

- Separate into group

- The winner from each group will come to compete again to find the winner

There are 3 sizes of racing; S, M, L.

Before the real racing, the farmer will test the race field with their buffalo first to make them use to with the race field and find the right spot to control their buffalo.

This is the buffalo size S…look at the owner still very young. (Buffalo owner = Joggy)

The winner will be worth 500,000 THB for buffalo size L. You see…buffalo is worthy more than just working in the rice yard.

Caution for photographers: - Do not go into the race field because you might make buffalo shock and stop running.

- Photographers should stay away at least 100 meters from finish line because buffalo cannot stop right the way when they arrive to the finish line. This is for your own safety.

Moreover from Buffalo Racing, there are also other activities

such as:

- Beautiful buffalo contest

- Buffalo dressed contest

- Parade

- Thai boxing show

- OTOP products sell

- Thai games

- Nong Nang Ban Na contest

- Sao Leur Noi contest

- Singing contest

- Free concert

I regret that I cannot take photos of all activities because I have limited of time

The rule is the joggy must be on the back of buffalo when arrive to the finish line.

Before start, they will open

the race field for sightseeing first then try to put buffalos to each track

which is not easy at all. Also we cannot force buffalos to start running at the

same time from the starting point. And for sure, they will not be on their


This photo is Size S buffalo

racing round 1. As you can see they will not be on their track but joggy have

to control them to run faster to reach the finish line.

Joggy will have a stick in their hand for controlling their buffalo. Joggy will have a stick in their hand for controlling their buffalo.

This is the first time that I am Devil visits Traditional Buffalo Race, Chonburi and have a

limited of time. So I only get few photos. If I have a chance, next year I will

take more photos and bring it on the review.

Many thanks to Tourism Authority

of Thailand for inviting me here.

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