If you live in the city, you may already know what kind of daily problems there are. You may look forward to holidays and try to find bare place, unlike crowded city, to relax. I personally like to find places to go during holidays. So, I am now looking for a site that I can enjoy extreme activities and shout out loud. I search for places near Bangkok where is convenient to go. I find "Flight Of The Gibbon" at Chonburi.

Flight Of The Gibbon is located at Khao Kheow Open Safari. As it is nearby and interesting, I search for more details from https://www.treetopasia.com/th/about-us and other reviews. "Toey Tiew Thai" TV program has visited this place once. After watching, I think it's fun and worthwhile to go. So, I invite friends and look for any websites joining with Flight of the Gibbon. I think I will get good deal for sure. Then I find "www.sayyep.com" which consists of travel, eat and accommodation deals. For Flight of the Gibbon deal, we book from http://bit.ly/1RHvILP. It turns out very cheap, from 3,590THB to only 2,300THB. This rate includes zipline adventure at Flight of the Gibbon Chonburi, plus round trip from Bangkok to Chonburi. Don't hesitate. Let's buy and go.

A journey with Flight Of The Gibbon, after buying the package. We decide to travel on Saturday and depart little late in order to try activities in the afternoon. There is a van pick us up at Sukhumvit Soi 1. Meeting time is not later than 9.30 AM. For activities at Flight Of The Gibbon, in the afternoon, the first thing to be concerned is safety. Upon arriving at destination, a staff is waiting for us. They provide all needed equipment for zipline canopy, for example, cloth and helmet. For unnecessary belongings, you can keep in locker with safety lock.

After watching a demonstration of how to use zipline, we move to next station. A journey to second station requires kind of strength to walk into forest. It seems to be steep way, not too far. Takes around 5 minutes but get little sweaty. It is considered to be a good start.

When arrive at second station, we get slightly excited since we have never tried activities like this before. As you can see from the photo, equipment on our bodies are quite safety. We feel pretty safe. The sling between each tree is moderately big. The beginning part already makes us scream out loud.

Here is the highest point to go. The wind blows nicely. We can see the whole jungle, very good ambiance. It's like we are on the top of tree but slightly feel a thrill of fear. However, don't need to be worried. Staff will hook us with a sling that is tight with a tree to protect us from falling.

I remember that it is the most exciting station as I have watch from Toey Tiew Thai show before. It is a very long station. Staff says the zipline is 400 metres long. I didn't ask for the height because I didn't want to know, haha. Actually we don't know how high it is because the trees below obscure the ground. So, we are not fear that much.

If I have to give score for zipline canopy tour with Flight Of The Gibbon, I give 8 out of 10 for reasonable price. Staffs are polite and pay attention in helping us all the time. Safety equipment are reliable. It could be because this place is constructed based on world class standard. To compare with 2,000THB that we paid, it is very worthy.
After activities, the van picks up at starting point and bring us to have a meal before going back. Then Flight Of The Gibbon provides trams for traveling around Khao Kheow Open Safari. There are nice activities that I would love to share and tell you guys. If you are interested to try zipline at Flight Of The Gibbon Chonburi, you can find more information from given link. All memories of this journey have been explained. If you like it, please feel free to share with friends. Goodbye. :)

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 Wednesday, December 23, 2015 11:00 AM