Time never waits for anyone, so let me travel alone in a slow life style.

Chiang Mai Province, Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son Province, Mae Sariang District

Let's go cycling in Chiang Mai, scooting in Pai and taking a Song Tiew (taxi) to Mae Hong Son.

This is so slow life , haha. Well, it really is going to be a very chill trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Pai, Mae Hong Son.

Yo Yo Yo! On the extraordinary day, the ordinary person just want to go to a super slow life place.

This 23-26 October is an extraordinary holiday.

Let's start our journey with Sombat Tour, best friend companion bus. Let's go now to Chiang Mai!

On the holiday occasion of the Chulalongkorn Day, where should I go for a slow life destination? I think Chiang Mai is a good choice, so let's go!

At 9.20 a.m., the passengers of Sombat Tour can gather for departure at the exit gate number 3.

The bus departs from Bangkok at 9.20 a.m.. It is a long ride to Chiang Mai, about 10 hours. This might cause you some pain in the ass. The fare is 587 THB and we will stop for lunch at Kampaeng Phet Province, haha. And I have a story even before we reach Chiang Mai....

Well, after the lunch, I got on the wrong bus, haha. Sorry! My bus then only waited for me, haha. But at the end, we could manage to keep on going.

At 19.20 p.m., the bus is going into Muang District, Chiang Mai Province. Sombat Tour now safely takes us to Chiang Mai, haha. Yay! Yay! We finally arrive, haha.

While getting off from the bus, I'm thinking...well, I book the hotel around night bazaar area, but how can I get there? Oh, we are at Chiang Mai, so we have to use red car service (red taxi in Song Tiew style). But be careful not to be fool to have to hire the whole car, it's very expensive. I go with other people. The car will move when people are full. To the hotel, it's only 50 THB, let's go!

I stay at SOHOSTEL, a hostel. It is very clean and the staff is very lovely. It is also located near the walking sreet of night bazaar.

I stay in a mixed female dormitory for 215 THB per night. The room is super clean with air-conditioning, a very good room. I'm the only Thai who travels alone, haha. Our room has two Taiwanese girls and me. The room has 7 beds. The day I stay I get to sleep on a single bed, so good, haha. Now, let's unpack and go out to night bazaar. Having been sitting on the bus all day long, let's go find something to eat.

Coming to Chiang Mai, I thought for a second that I might have been in a foreign country, all the foreigners, haha.

Chicken Kebab for 50 THB. Well, since I come alone, let's chill out by walking and eating. People might be looking at me and say, well, she comes alone, no one wants to be her friend? hahaha. No, I jsut want to slow life alone, haha, may be?

Wandering here and there, and now it's already 22.30 p.m. Wow, let's go back to the hostel, take a shower, get some rest and tomorrow let's wake up early to rent a bike for a slow life time.

At 6.00 a.m. on 24 Octobber 2015, the alarm clock rings.

I wake up so early while other people are still asleep, hahaha. Let's take shower and dress like a hipster.

Now, it's time to rent a bike. The hostel offers a rental fee for 50 THB per day with a 500 THB deposit. Why wait, let's go!

Let's tour around Chiang Mai city. Today I will go with no plan, no particular destination, just gonna keep cycling. I want to see places where nobody else goes, but where, hahaha. Just keep cycling. And now I start talking to myself, haha. I meant to come live a slow life here, so no hurry. If I want to go somewhere, I just cycle there. Easy life. Eat local food, stop for ancient places. By this, I'm already very happy.

Thailand tourism, you would not know if you don't go out and explore!

Kanom K้rok (Thai traditional dessert- coconut-rice pancake) 10 THB

Khanon Rungpueng (Thai waffle) 5 THB each

The seller auntie asked, am I coming alone. I said yes and she said wow, that's so nice, coming alone and also cycling, very lovely.

Chiang Mai, people are very lovely and kind. I supported her desserts and she wished me to have a fun time here, so lovely :)

Cycling to see ancient places, ancient museums, old temples for a day in Chiang Mai is such a great experience and they all are really beautiful.

Each temple has a very unique architectural beauty.

Sometimes, you have to try to throw away all your stress and allow your brain to breath in fresh air. Rest the brain, rest the body and rest our eyes.

Coming to Chiang Mai, we are not necessary always going for mountains. We can try different destinations and many of them are still waiting for us to explore.

I keep on cycling since 7 a.m. in the morning. I'm going in every alleys, haha. Chiang Mai city is where everyone falling in love with. I also come to Chiang Mai several times. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with mom. But most of the time I travel here in hurry. But this time, I want to explore alone in a slow life fashion like a single lady, haha.

Don't forget Chiang Mai. It is a must not miss city.


Many people often ask me, why travel alone? Why you are so brave to travel alone? Will it be fun?

It is the question that has no answer, haha. May be? But for my answer, sometimes, I want to live life alone and to see something new, like new friends, new places and also spend sometime with myself. Just go brave, don't be afraid and travel carefully.

The next must not miss city is Pai city.

The fun is about to start in the next episode, haha. When we travel alone, we normally experience something fun, haha.

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