It is time to travel again on public holidays for a salary man who needs a really relaxing place. This time, I will talk about the hotel nearby Bangkok, which is in Pattaya. It is located in Na Klua 12 Alley. There are many beautiful hotels in this area. This hotel architecture is contemporary style between East and West. The highlight of this hotel is the spacious pool area; you hardly see the lawn as the pool has already replaced it. I bet you already want to know what is the name of this hotel and how good it is. This hotel is "Z Through by The Zign"

Z Through by The Zign, getting to this hotel is very easy. The hotel is located in Na Klua 12 Alley, which is not difficult to find. The hotel entrance is large having enough space for people who travel by cars. Nearby is a convenient stores such as 7-11 and Family Mart. There are plenty restaurants from a street food stroll selling papaya salad to a luxury dinning. It is really convenient either you want to dine in a hotel or buy takeaway food to the hotel.

After checking in, the hotel staff escorts me to the hotel. We walk along the side of the hotel to get to the room, as I mentioned before that the hotel space is mainly covered by the pool. I stay in a suite this time. Once opening the door, I am really impressed with the room preparation especially the beautiful bed arrangement. I imagine the hotel does not know that I am here with friend. The room is so spacious. The separate living area has TV and sofa as seen in photo. This room will probably can fit up to 4 people.

I arrive in the afternoon and have so much time left. I planed with friend since we were in Bangkok that we will go to dive in Kohl Larn although it may not as beautiful as the Andaman Sea. However, I don't even know how to swim, therefore it is better to stay in the hotel and practice to swim first. The pool is huge because most of the hotel space is swimming pool. There are not that many people in the pool. Mostly, guests are foreigners and they are out. I have seen some of Thai guests as well but not many.

In the morning, it is time for breakfast. The hotel is pretty quiet during the night, really suitable for relaxing stay. Last night, my friend and I walked around the alley and decided to have noodle soup for dinner since we saw many people lined up for this. Breakfast is pretty similar to other hotels. It is various serving dim sum, noodles, main course and dessert. All you can eat thus take as much as you can before going out.

After the breakfast, I did not forget to take photos of the hotel to share to all of you. As you can see, the hotel accommodation is in a villa style which one villa has only 2 rooms on upstairs and downstairs. The hotel staff told me that there are totally 84 rooms in the hotel.

It is time to leave after checking out. As I said before that we will go to Koh Larn. We scheduled to depart at 10:00hrs by walking to the front of Na Klua 12 Alley to take the public transportation to the pier. How it is for a day trip to Kho Larn, I will be back and surely share the entire story to you. Now, I got to go ....XOXO


 Wednesday, December 23, 2015 10:47 AM