【The Venezia Hua Hin】, A Venice Land, More Than Just Tourist Attraction Place written by RinSa YoyoLive

It's time to start a journey again, this time I will take you to know more about the Venezia Hua Hin. I believe that many people have been passing by and many has already paid a visit. Me too, I have been coming here 3 times already. But all my 3 time visits is nothing compared to

【The Venezia Hua Hin】, A Venice Land, More Than Just Tourist Attraction Place

【The Venezia Hua Hin】, A Venice Land, More Than Just Tourist Attraction Place

It's time to start a journey again, this time I will take you to know more about the Venezia Hua Hin.

I believe that many people have been passing by and many has already paid a visit.

Me too, I have been coming here 3 times already.

But all my 3 time visits is nothing compared to my last visit in this review.

For the previous visits, I've only been to 2/10 of the total area.

And I barely knew what kind of tourist attraction is the Venezia Hua Hin.

What are the interested things they have to offer.

For my every visit, I just came for coffee, clock tower photograph and the Gondola.

That's it! After that, we left, haha.

I think many people also think like me that they still don't know of what the Venezia Hua Hin has to offer,

and what are the highlight...

that makes them more than just an ordinary tourist destination.

Let's follow me to know more about the Venezia Hua Hin together!

When I see the map of the Venezia Hua Hin, I secretly exclaim. Oh my! It's so big, I have missed so many places.

There's this and that place and this and that zone to see, why didn't I know it before? That's right, why?

I can answer myself right away that, it's because of the weather. As soon as you come to contact with a hot weather at the Venezia Hua Hin's outdoor, most people give up.

In fact, in addition to outdoor, the Venezia Hua Hin also has indoor, a cool zone as well. See, this is what I didn't know.

The Venezia Hua Hin is the first romantic Ventian style tourist attraction on more than 46 acres land.

It comes with a huge parking lot that can accommodate more than 2,000 cars on Phetkasem Road. It got an inspiration from the world-renowned beautiful city of Venice,

that can accommodate more than 2,500 guests with 5 entrances.

Previously, there's no admission fee as several zones were still under construction but now entrance fee apply.

Many people who have visited might wonder why do they need to collect the admission fee, how much is it, and where can they travel to with this ticket?

Now, I have all the information for you here ^^

The entrance fee to the Venezia starts at 100 THB in which you can enter almost every zone except some zones indicating on the ticket.

With this 100 THB, you can also go for Mini Zoo. But other zones, you will have to pay separately.

Well well well, in my opinion, I think it's much more worthy to buy a package ticket from the entrance gate.

The package ticket starts at 180 THB for Thais and 280 for foreigners that will allow you to visit several zones both indoor and outdoor.

If you are here and it's hot, let's escape to the air-conditioning room first.

Achkkkkk, be careful to get stepped on!!

This is a very top of the town 3D Art Gallery from Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. Of course, Hua Hin is not excluded, haha.

3D Art Gallery is on the second floor of the clock tower. I also never realized what is inside it until today.

I'm really having a great time in taking different postures with this so-real 3D Art Gallery. The drawing is not the same with Pattaya and Chiang Mai. I'm not sure if they were drawn by the same artist...

Instruction to take a pose for each drawing is not available. It doesn't have the example given in to the small photo like that in Pattaya.

It allows total imagination for us to communicate and act to each drawing.

The building is spacious, bright and very cool. I'm sure you would enjoy it.

Another zone that I don't want you to miss is...

Up Side Down house, it is the first one in Hua Hin- Cha Am.

The Upside Down House is situated on the ground floor of the clock tower. It got inspired from the famous Hollywood movie. It is the technique of placing everything in the house upside down and the technique of taking upside down photography.

It's not so easy, you need to know the angle and how to take in order to make it looks more real, hehe.

Coming out from the 3D Art Gallery and the Upside Down House, let's go chill and have a coffee nearby at ...


The European style coffee shop with Thai price of 59-69 THB each. The prices are clearly stated.

This European atmosphere of the coffee shop has many cute and lovely corners for photography (I really wanna take this bear home with me).

In addition to fragrant coffee, we also have honey toast, a highlight menu of BAKER AND BARIST coffee shop,

that we must try out. Putting on some weigh is worthy sometimes, haha.

When I'm all set, it's time to go fight with the sun. In fact, it's a bit cool now, but the sun in winter is quite bright, do you think so ? haha.

Let's move to another highlight of the Venezia Hua Hin. I believe that whoever comes to the Venezia must visit here....

Gondola. Me too, I take photo of people riding the Gondola for my every visit but never actually sit on it.

Today, that chance is mine, yay!

Oh!! What costume is that? haha. This is a Venice costume which is also included in 480 THB package ticket. I will also get to wear them soon, so excited!!!

The middle person in the above photo is Khun Suthadsa Laohongkiet (Khun Ta), the Managing Director of Fashion Village Development Co., Ltd.

She is also the Executive Director of the Venezia Hua Hin. She gives us the most friendly welcome today ^^

And.......the 9 bloggers in Venice costumes are ready.....

Who is who, can you tell? (Oh well, how can you tell with a mask on)

They are the page owner of RinSaYoyoLive, Chaikatawan (originally in Thai-ชายคาตะวัน), UnseenTourThailand, Travelista, GoTraveltogether, Touronthai ,FollowMe, Lovelytrip, TheWandererAsia. Today is also my first time to meet them in person after solely talking on webpage.

Wearing the Venice costume and go for Gondola cruising. It is also my very first time to enjoy Gondola with Venice costume.

What's more is we also got these photos as souvenir back home. I'm so happy and grateful that my tears almost down, hehe.

And we have a group photo with the beautiful architecture, one of the highlights of the Venezia Hua Hin, as a background.

Another highlight that I do not want you to miss is located on the gate number 5 from the map,


FONTANA DI TREVI PARK is a reproduction of the famous architecture of Italy.

We have such a pleasant and joyful time taking photos with flowers under the beautiful evening light,

in which the light decorated will be turned on in late evening, very sparkling beautiful.

What....hungry again? Ok, let's come for Korean Fried Chicken. This is also all I know about, just follow people, haha.


It is said that the TWO TWO restaurant has authentic and delicious recipe of mixing chicken with special spices from Korea in light flour.

Then, it will be fried to get the crispy and soft delicious original fried chicken with the most seductive smell.

Fried chicken come in several flavor like Spicy Fried Chicken, Garlic Fried Chicken. And what must not miss is the volcano mashed potatoes,

it offers in a very friendly price of 89 THB.

I also want to recommenced this menu, two colors of Mango Sticky Rice dessert. That's right! Coming to Hua Hin, you must not miss Mango and Sticky Rice.

Let's go back to enjoy our photography time. At the Venezia Hua Hin, what is so outstanding is that there are a lot of angles for photo takings.

A lot of beautiful scene can be our perfect background, especially in the late evening, I think it's a perfect time to enjoy these many angles and photography time.

See, see, we've actually been to Europe, hehe.

The Venezia Hua Hin is another good place for shooting pre-wedding photos in addition to being a tourist attraction.

The Venezia Hua Hin also offers catering, seminars and wedding ceremony services to the group.

This is because it has more than 46 acres land that is very convenient for parking and definitely another great stop before returning to Bangkok.

For the local who live in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan Province,

you can take your ID to make a residential card at the ticket office for free and then you can use this card to enter the Venezia everyday free of charge.

In case you want to enjoy the rides and different zones inside the Venezia, you can also buy the ticket with a 50% off price.

For instance, after you enter the Venezia and take photos around, then you want to take mini-train,

the normal price of the ticket is 50 THB but you can buy it for 25 THB.

This is so nice, only for local people.

Another great restaurant inside the Venezia Hua Hin is KISS ME WINE.

It is a Thai-Italian Wine & Bar Venetian style restaurant in a relaxing atmosphere close to Venice pier.

There are also several photographs friendly angles inside the restaurant with a big bear for free hug, haha.

This meal focuses on steak, let it be Grilled Dolly with Butter, Pork, Chicken, Beef. All are ready in Italian steak style.

I don't know whether it's a good amount or not, I have another big plate of pizza as well, extremely full.

When evening comes, the sun starts to disappear and gets replaced by light. We come back to this place again, FONTANA DI TREVI PARK,

with cool action from everyone.

Lights and color lights are decorated for festival time at the Venezia Hua Hin.

The Venezia Hua Hin opens daily from 09.00 a.m.-20.00 p.m.

It is located on the way back to Bangkok so it's very convenient to stop by.

There're still several other zones and angles that we haven't taken photos including shopping zone that has brand-name shops,

and local souvenir shops from Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Contact the Venezia Hua Hin

Sales office for 24 hrs. : 083-770-0558 085-833-0438 083-096-7605 084-088-1117

Bangkok office: 1388/8 Soi. Phaholyothin 32, Chankasem, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Tel: +66(0)2930-5191-5, Fax: +66(0)2930-5154

Hua Hin Office: 1899 Phetkasem Road (Sai Tai), Cha-Am, Phetchaburi, 76120
Tel: +66(0)3244-2823 - 4, Fax:+66(0)3265-2795

E-Mail : [email protected]

Our last dinner at the Venezia Hua Hin with Kiss Me Wine. Now it's time for Thai and sea-food cuisine.

Coming to the coastal province and not enjoying seafood would be a miss.

Kiss Me Wine .offers a big variety of food to choose from.

Is this review going to be focusing on the restaurant? haha.

Full and ready to roll around, this is the slogan I know and it's enough.

And this is the night atmosphere of the dancing fountain in front of the BELL TOWER. We are in the Venice costume and a horse carriage, touring around the Venezia.


Another shot of group photo. This is the first and the latest time that we visit the Venezia Hua Hin.

It certainly broadens our perspective towards to world, to know more and to learn more.

I want to say that the Venezia is certainly not just an ordinary tourist attraction,

we have to come experience in several zones to realize that, "Is that so?" "Do they have this also?" ^^

See you again in the next blog! Thank you so much for staying tuned.

RinSa YoyoLive