9 Bloggers 9 Missions in Wonderful Malaysia

The Tourism Malaysia has selected 9 bloggers to join 9 missions in wonderful Malaysia from 10-13 November 2015 in the city of Penang, Ipoh, and Kuala Lumpur.

For more information >>>>> seeties.me/malaysiawonders

I was selected as one of the nine bloggers to join in this mission in wonderful Malaysia. I need to tell you that I'm so excited about this trip. When I got contacted, I just screamed out that my friends looked at me like I'm going crazy with a sudden scream. Thank you to the Tourism Malaysia การท่องเที่ยวมาเลเซีย for selecting I am Devil to be part of this mission.

Our 9 missions will be based on smart phones and we must post them at seeties, an application to help find places for traveling, eating, and shopping. Once downloaded, you will have all the information about Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. It is very suitable to the travelers like us.

Way to download Seeties

>>>>> Android please download at >>>>> Android

>>>>> iOS please download at >>>>> iOS

>>>>> Website >>>>> Seeties.me

I am Devil will be using this application on android system and it has already been installed.

After signing up, now I am ready to explore the wonderful Malaysia with 9 missions.

The members of the 9 bloggers who will join 9 missions in wonderful Malaysia are:

1. Boy, Travel Sadoodta

Facebook >>>>> ท่องเที่ยวสะดุดตา Sadoodta

Website >>>>> www.sadoodta.com

2. Fatty Uncle, Eat and Travel

Facebook >>>>> ลุงอ้วน กิน กะ เที่ยว

Website >>>>> www.fattyuncleeattravel.com

3. Jib, Manphin

Facebook >>>>> มารพิณ

Website >>>>> feelthai.blogsport.com

4. Ton, Travel Guru Thailand

Facebook >>>>>Travel Guru Thailand

Website >>>>> www.travelguruthailand.net

5. Dao, Daopentor

Facebook >>>>> Daopentor

Website >>>>> daopentor.com

6. Do, Reviewnowz

Facebook >>>>> Reviewnowz

Website >>>>> www.reviewnowz.com

7. N'Nok Kaew, Goo Hiw

Facebook >>>>> ใครสอนให้โพสรูปของกินตอนดึกกกก

Website >>>>> goohiw.com

8. N'Aon, Go! Graph

Facebook >>>>>Go!Graph

Website >>>>> www.go-graph.com

And 9. Jen, I am Devil

Facebook >>>>> I am Devil ยัยตัวร้าย

Website >>>>> www.bloggertrip.com

We 9 bloggers are now ready for 9 missions in wonderful Malaysia.

For the 9 missions, we 9 bloggers will not know beforehand. All the rules and the challenges of the competition will be brief just before the journey start.

Are you curious now as what these 9 missions will require us to do? And who would be the winner in each mission? Please follow me now...

Challenge 1 "Smart Explore in KLIA" Know deep and the secret of Malaysia

The challenge is ... the pair of bloggers who know most about Malaysia in 15 minutes will be the winner.

The winner is Jib, Manphin and N'Aon, Go! Graph. They can answer more than 13 things like:

#Kualalumpur# Selangor #Kelantan #Sabah #Twintowers #Lostworldoftambun #Sunwaylagoon #malaysiaairlines #spices #Proboscismonkey#tourismmalaysia #oldtowncoffee #chatetahera

Well, for this, I am Devil only got 7 things right. I really can't think of it, really.

Challenge 2 "Wefie in the Art"

The Challenge is ... 9 people are divided into 3 teams and each team with 3 members in which each team will receive 3 alphabets to find the art on the wall that match with those alphabets. When the place is found, you need to selfie group photo with the art on the wall. Then, you need to post them on the application Seeties. Whoever returns first and uploads first is the winner.

The location is Street Art around George Town in Penang.

Each team opens up the map and looks for the art on the wall accordingly to the alphabets they got.

Team 1: Fatty Uncle Eat and Travel,Do Reviewnowz and Jen I am Devil (my team)

Team 2: Boy Travel Sadoodta, Jib Manphin, and N'Nok Kiew Goo Hiw

Team 3: Dao Daopentor, Ton Travel Guru Thailand and Aon Go! Graph

When each team got the selfie photos, each person needs to upload the 3 photos on Seeties.

The winning team is team 1 (Fatty Uncle Eat and Travel, Do Reviewnowz and Jen I am Devil.

Yay! Yay! my team won. A big thank to Do for leading us the way for this mission and Fatty Uncle who helps us win the mission. For this mission, we were lost for a while and was the last to start. However, because of the 'team', so we won the mission.

Challenge 3 "Food of Unity"

The challenge is ... each person will be given 20 RM and everyone needs to find delicious food at Gurney Driver in Penang. Then, we need to post our food on Seeties, whoever has the most appetizing photo is the winner.

Let's open Seeties application to search for food so that we have a clue of what are our choices around here.

Please follow me to start this mission!

I am Devil walks and surveys the restaurant first. In fact, I go inside to the kitchen too, hehe.

I am Devil choose Stir-Fried Clams. It is 15 Rm and I have to tell you, so fresh and delicious!

Let's see other bloggers' choices:

Boy Travel Sadoodta's Food

Fatty Uncle Eat and Travel's Menu

It is the same restaurant as I am Devil. He has Stir-Fried Squid. The sauce is the same. The squid is fresh with the sweet and spicy sauce that is not too spicy in 15 RM price.

Do Reviewnowz's Choice

Stir-Fried Sting Ray. This is also the menu in the same restaurant as I am Devil. I have to say that the sting ray is a very rare food. The fish is fresh and tender with the same sauce. But you also need to be careful with the fish bone in a 20 RM price.

The Menu of Jib Manphin

N'Nok Kaew Goo Hiw's Menu

Dao Daopentor's Menu

Menu of Ton Travel Guru Thailand

N'Aon Go! Graph's Choice

How is it? Each menu looks so yummy right?

And the winner is Jib Manphin. Yay! Yay! Congratulations!

Challenge 4 "OMG! Kellie's Castle"

The challenge is ... finding the mysterious notes inside the Kellie Castle at Ipoh in which it will unlock the stories of the Guardians of the Castle. The first two who found the two mysterious notes will be the winner.

Before going into the Kellie Castle, the guide gives us the brief history of the castle by which Khun Tony from Seeties translates for us and explains the mission we have to accomplish.

Before starting the mission, the guide takes us around the Kellie Castle as well as gives us the story of each room.

The mission starts! The mysterious notes are hidden in the room that we have toured.

Yay! Yay! We finally found these mysterious notes.

I also found them.... but don't get happy too early because there're only two mysterious notes that will unlock the stories of the Kellie castle.

When I am Devil opens the mysterious notes, this is what I got "Sorry, try again", haha. N'Nok Kaew Goo Hiw got the same thing, so this mission is not our luck yet!!! haha!!!

The winner are Do Reviewnowz and Dao Daopentor. Yay! Yay! Congratulations! You are such a great hunter.

Challenge 5 "Lost My World in Tambun"

The challenge is ... you need to find the symbol. All these symbols will be placed inside the Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh. We need to selfie with that symbol and finally panning for the tin and the mission is completed. After that, we need to upload all photos onto Seeties. Whoever finishes the mission and comes back first is the winner.

We are listening to the challenge and the rule before going out for the mission.

Our challenge is to find symbol hidden in the Lost World of Tambun. Let's open the map and mark the place so we can go to the right place. Oh!!! I forget to tell you that this is an individual mission.

Let's see everyone's challenge.

This is I am Devil's challenge.

Do Reviewnozs's Challenge

Fatty Uncle Eat and Travel's Challenge

Dao Daopentor's Challenge

N'Nok Kaew Goo Hiw's Challenge

Jib Manphin's Challenge

N'Aon Go! Graph's Challenge

Ton Travel Guru Thailand's Challenge

And before this mission can be completed, we need to panning for the tin.

Yay!!! Mission completed but I come late. So this is also not my chance yet!!! Will I ever win like the others??

The winner is Ton Travel Guru Thailand.

Challenge 6 & 7 "Budget Travel Race"

The challenge is ... Thai bloggers will be paired with Malaysian bloggers to find delicious food in Chinatown according to the challenge in Seeties and then buy back souvenirs. Whichever pair can find all 5 restaurants and return the fastest is the winner and whichever pair buy the most pieces of souvenirs is also the winner. We get the budget of 30 RM to manage for this mission.

9 Malaysian Bloggers and the CEO of the Seeties

We use lucky draw to pair with Malaysian buddy bloggers.

We carry out our mission at Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

Malaysian buddy blogger of I am Devil is Yaya.

>>>>> IG : @yayayapyap

>>>>> website : yayanotyy.blogspot.com

Malaysian buddy blogger of Ton Travel Guru Thailand is Jean.

>>>>> IG : @jeanyfc

>>>>> Website : www.j-e-a-n.com

Malaysian buddy blogger of Do Reviewnowz is Eddy.

>>>>> IG : @eddy_rush

>>>>> Website : eddyrushfatboy.blogspot.com

>>>>> Facebook : Eddy Rush Fatboys Production

>>>>> Twitter : @EddyRush

Malaysian buddy blogger of N'Aon Go! Graph is Fish.

>>>>> IG : @ohfishiee

>>>>> Face Book : Ohfishiee.com

>>>>> Twitter : @ohfishiee

>>>>> Website : www.ohfishiee.com

Malaysian buddy blogger of Fatty Uncle Eat and Travel is Mawardi Yunus.

>>>>> IG : @projektravel

>>>>> Face Book : Projek Travel

>>>>> Website : www.mawardiyunus.com

Malaysian buddy blogger of Boy Travel Sadoodta is Syukri.

>>>>> IG : @broframestone

>>>>> Face Book : Broframestone In D'House

>>>>> Twitter : @broframestone

>>>>> Website : www.broframestone.com

Malaysian buddy blogger of Dao Daopentor is Ah Pou.

>>>>> IG : @ilovepoupou

>>>>> Face Book : ilovepoupou.com

>>>>> Twitter : @ilovepoupou

>>>>> Website : www.mawardiyunus.com

Malaysian buddy blogger of Jib Manphin is Tian Chad.

>>>>> IG : @tianchad

>>>>> Face Book : Tian Chad

>>>>> Twitter : @tianchad

>>>>> Website : www.tianchad.com

Malaysian buddy blogger of N'Nok Kaew Goo Hiw is Ayue Idris.

>>>>> IG : @ayueidris

>>>>> Face Book : Ayue Idris

>>>>> Twitter : @ayueidris

>>>>> Website : www.ayueidris.com

The winner of finding 5 restaurants according to Seeties is Do Reveiwnowz and Eddy.

Is Do trying to win all the missions? He really won a lot so far. He's really great!!!

And the winner for the most souvenirs'pieces bought is N'Nok Kaew Goo Hiw and Ayue Idris.

Let me tell you this, N'Nok Kaew won over I am Devil by only 2 more pieces of souvenirs. So again, no luck!!!

Challenge 8 "My KL is hi-so and slow life"

The challenge is ... having the same pair of Thai and Malaysian bloggers competing for tea making ('teh tarik' or literally 'pull tea') and cocktail making skills in which 2 glasses of cocktail will need to be made. The first challenge, we need to follow the bartender and the second one, we need to create our own receipt. We are competing at the Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Bartender demonstrates how to pull tea for us.

Bartender is explaining the receipt of cocktail.

Bartender finishes her cocktail and we suppose to make a cocktail that looks just like this.

This is the ingredients of this cocktail.

The first mission, each team sends out one member to show their skills of pulling this tea. Does each one has a skill that can go and open their own tea shop?

The ingredients prepared for making a cocktail.

Everyone is having fun with making the cocktail but Do Reviewnowz seems to get confused as how to mix them.

These two cocktails were made by I am Devil. Yaya gave me the absolute freedom to mix and match it. The taste is quite sweet for both of them, hehe.

It's time for the bartender to taste the tea of each team. How would the taste be? Do our pulling tea skill make a good tea? A bit nervous.

The color of each cocktail is so......ummm, feeling a bit pity for the bartender. They might think that ....... ummmm how can they come up with this receipt? I don't wanna try them (I was thinking on behalf of the bartender, hehe).

The winner is Jib Manphin and Tian Chad.

The hotel is going to put this receipt onto their menu. But....well, why the color is so dark? I didn't get to try it so I can't tell how the taste is like.

Challenge 9 "Sunway Lagoon I am ready!"

The challenge is ... we will have 3 persons in each team and the Seeties team will also be competing with us. They are 5 hints for us to go a place and complete the mission. Whoever accomplishes the mission the most and returns first in the time given is the winner. There are 2 awards.

Before the mission, we do the mission lucky draw. Each team will send out one representative to do the draw. Who will be going where?

Team 1: Fatty Uncle Eat and Travel, Do Reviewnowz and Jen I am Devil (my very same team)

Team 2: Boy Travel Sadoodta, Dao Daopentor, and N'Aon Go! Graph

Team 3: Jib Manphin, Ton Travel Guru Thailand, and N'Nok Kaew Goo Hiw

Team 4: Seeties

When we get the hints, we mark each place and plan to go where first. This is not easy, we only got the hint without a name of the place.

The first hint is reptile. This is just speechless. We need to catch snake and take a group photo.

Let's take a look at Do Reviewnowz, it's so funny, hehe. I am Devil is not that scared of snake but I also cannot touch it. Fatty Uncle is even worse, he hates it. So we only have Do left. Although he hates snake so much, for the sake of the team, he sacrifices now. We just put snake on his hand, he didn't open his eyes. Do said he would have thrown it away if he opened his eyes. But this is for our team, so he did it. Do is so lovely.

Jib has no feeling towards snake. He just plays wit it. Here is my salute to you.

Another team is also not scared of snake at all. So only our team that is so scared of it, haha.

The Haunted House. The challenge is ... we must to through this haunted house and come out at the exit and we will accomplish the mission.

Again, our team, everyone is so scared of ghost, haha. Fatty Uncle volunteers to be the leader, Do stays in the middle so I will be at the end. Well, all you can hear is the scream from me, all the way. I can't help it, I'm really scared. So I hang onto Do like a lizard. I would have just go hide inside him if that's possible. Although I have Devil in my name but I'm also scared of the same people, haha. Before we can pass this mission, it took us about 20 minutes.

This team goes in the haunted house about the same time with us. As we are so scared of the ghost that we walk quite slow, this team can catch up with us. And no need to say who is not scared at all, it's Jib. He walks like nothing happens here.

This team, we didn't go inside together. But from what I heard, Dao also hold onto N'Aon all the time. Yay! Yay! Yay! I have someone who is also scared of ghost now.

This team is really great, they find this. Our team can accomplish only 2 out of 5 hints and the time is up.

We try to find for a long time, the hint of 'mushroom'. It's at the water park. I also think about it for a long time. This team is awesome!

The hint of 'mushroom' comes with a mission of running around the beach for 10 rounds. Boy is so fit, awesome!

Khun Nikki, Seeties team is also sacrificed herself to accomplish this mission. So fit!

The winning team is Boy Travel Sadoodta, Dao Daopentor and N'Aonn Go! Graph, they accomplished 4 hints.

The second winning team is Fatty Uncle Eat and Travel, Do Reviewnowz and Jen I am Devil. We got the award for being on time. We only accomplished 2 hints and the time is up.

On the third day of our visit to Kuala Lumpur or KL, there's a press conference of "9 Bloggers 9 Missions in Wonderful Malaysia" at the Grand Millennium Hotel that receives both Malaysian and Thai media attention who have also joined the conference.

Award Ceremony for Challenges in 9 Missions

Souvenirs from the Grand Millennium Hotel to 9 Thai Bloggers

Souvenirs from the Grand Millennium Hotel to 9 Malaysian Bloggers

The First Gathering of 9 Thai Bloggers and 9 Malaysian Bloggers to Accomplish the Missions in Wonderful Malaysia

Thank you so much to Seeties team and Asia Life team for taking care of us during the mission and organize this activity for us, the bloggers.

Mr. Davie Lim, the CEO of Seeties is giving the closing ceremony speech and thanking the 9 bloggers and the staff for making this mission in wonderful Malaysia successful.

I am Devil would like to thank the Tourism Malaysia in Thailand, Asia Life, Seeties and every sponsors.

Thank you so much for selecting I am Devil to be one of the nine bloggers to participate in the 9 missions in wonderful Malaysia.

Thank you to 9 Thai bloggers for being selected and accomplished the 9 missions in wonderful Malaysia together.

Thank you to 9 Malaysia bloggers for accomplishing the missions in wonderful Malaysia together.

Thank you to our team, Fatty Uncle Eat and Travel and Do Reviewnowz for helping to complete the tasks. The 'team' is really important for this mission.

And thank you to the ones not mentioned here as well.

If I am Devil did something wrong or shouldn't, please accept my apology here.

For "9 Bloggers 9 Missions in wonderful Malaysia", I have to say that it's so fun. I've never had this experiences with any bloggers before. It is fun, it is funny, it is awesome and it is tiring. But above all, I'm very happy to get to accomplish the mission with the 18 bloggers.

For this 4 days and 3 nights trip, we accomplished our missions in 3 cities: Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. It is much more than just traveling in the form I'm used to. This trip helps me to travel to several destinations, to get to know new friends both Thai and Malaysian bloggers. We got good friendship and learn to help one another as well.

Thank you so much:

การท่องเที่ยวมาเลเซีย (Tourism Malaysia)



สายการบินมาเลเซียแอร์ไลน์ (Malaysia Airlines)

Penang Global Tourism (PGT)

Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM)

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Sunway Hotel Georgetown

Lost World Hotel

Kellie's Castle

Lost World of Tambun

Sunway Lagoon

China House



Royal Selangor

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

– All the staff and press from Thailand and Malaysia

– 9 Malaysian Bloggers and 9 Thai Bloggers

– The Review Photos from Bloggers and Staff

– Reference from www.reviewnowz.com

Thank you everyone for stopping by this review, you can also chitchat with me at:

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