:: Personally, I think Tokyo we can go anytime not too soon. When I see the review about cheapest Backpack Trip to Tokyo with 20,000 baht (Not include plane ticket), I am so excited.


I will make it cheaper...Hahahaha

D A Y 0

1. Book plane ticket, make sure your plan which season that you would like to visit and book the ticket in advance to save cost. AirAsiaX is the cheapest one that I have check

Click: http://www.airasia.com/

2. Order sim card for Internet because everything you have to book before going. If you wish to walk in you might miss your plan. I suggest for Sakura Sim Card and pick up at the airport, I choose promotion 3GB at 3,500 ¥ for 45 days.

Click: http://sakurasim.com/

3. Plan is very important and this is my suggestion>>>

Day1 : Spend all day in Tokyo and your can find information in Google and choose only where you really want to go to save your time.

Day2 : Go to "Fuji Mountain" at Kawakujiko

Day3 : The world famous amusement park "Fuji Kyu Highland" (then go get drunk at Roppongi)

Day4 : Choose whether Disneyland or Disney Sea, actually I think it is for children but because this is the first time we must visit. After that take the bus to the Airport.

:: You can adjust the plan or change to Nikko on the third or forth day...also quite interesting.


4. All done...now time to fly, I suggest to fly the night flight and arrive at Narita Airport in the morning so you can have a full day trip for the first day.

PS. If you follow No. 2 read No.5 If not skip to No. 6

5. When arrive to the airport, do not forget to pick up sim card at post office which is located in front of counter check in C and it opens at 8.30hrs. Do not forget to set VPN to support network here otherwise it will not working.

6. Go to the second floor of the airport exit 3 on the left, buy the ticket inbound to the city. I suggest to take bus for new comer because it is easier. Price at 3,100¥ and it takes about one and a half hours to Tokyo station

:: After that "Welcome to Tokyo" ^^

7. Download application "maps.me" then pin on locations that we are going and find the closest train station (tool to help you not to get lost in a big city like Tokyo)

8. To take a train in Japan is very easy and prices are list on the map.To buy the ticket, you just press button location and insert coins (The same as BTS in Thailand). Each train line has different colour it is quite easy to understand.

9. First day in Tokyo : I will only lists what are interesting in each station.

Asakusa : Sensoji Temple

Shibuya : Shibuya intersection, Hajiko Dog statue, Building 109, Midori Sushi, Night clubs

Harajuku : Takeshita Dori Road, Meiji Shirne, Yoyongi Park, Shopping center, Cosplay

Shijuku : Business area, Busiest train station in Japan, Shopping center

Roppongi : Night clubs area

10. First day, if you still have energy and would like to enjoy more fun, I suggest you to stay in Internet cafe, book rental shop, etc. for 2,000 ¥ with shower. Hahahaha

11. During travel around Tokyo do not forget to book the bus ticket from Shinjuku to Fuji Kyu Highland before it is fully booked. The world class amusement park that people say that the Ghost House is the most scary. The first bus is 7.00hrs. and should not take the bus later than 10.00hrs. Price is 1,750¥

Click: http://www.highwaybus.com

D A Y 3

12 Travel time is about 2 hours to Fuji Kyu Highland then buy the 1 day pass at 5,200¥. (Even you have a whole it is still not enough for all playthings) I recommend TAKABISHA, eejanaika, TEKKOTSU BANCHO and Ghost House

Click: https://www.fujiq.jp/en/attraction/

13 From the park, go to JP station and buy the ticket to Kawakugiko for 140¥ takes about 5 minutes. Try to book hostel before arrive there for 3,000¥ - 4,000¥ a night.

14. At Kawaguchiko has famous food calls Houtou, Do forget to try!!!


15. Wake up early and go to train station buy 210¥ ticket to Shimoyoshida Station. Then from the exit turn right and follow the sign Chureito Pagoda to see the view of Fuji mountain in the morning and around 10.00hrs. you should get back to the city.

16. Then rent the bicycle from the hostel for 500¥ a day. If you rent from the rental shop is 1,500¥ a day. And biking around the lake until sunset (around 16.00hrs.).

17 Return the bicycle and go to Platform 2 to go to shibuya at 17:20hrs. for 1,800¥. It takes about 2 hours depend on traffic. This day will be very tired, try to keep your energy for tomorrow.

18 Tonight I suggest Capsule hostel for 3,500¥ a night and before that you should visit the famous sushi shop in Shibuya where people are waiting for long line and I guarantee the taste.


19. Last day of this trip, we are going to Disney sea by JR train to Maihama station for 400¥ and continue with Disney line for 240¥ to Disneyland or Disney Sea. I suggest you to spend the whole day there. For me, I choose Disney sea and the entrance fee for one day pass is 6,900¥.

20. Do not forget to keep sometime for souvenir buying for girls then go to wait at Platform 4 in front of Disney Sea; there is a bus to the airport (Last bus is 17.00hrs.) check bus schedule here: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/th/

:: So how is it with 20 points for travelling to Tokyo??? Does help to make your trip easier?

However, I hope that this review will be useful for all you. Thank you very much for coming with me until the end.

Expenses conclusion (exclude plane ticket )


- Bus to Tokyo Station 3,100 ¥

- JR pass around the city 800 ¥

- Food 3,000 ¥

- Drinks 2,000 ¥

- Hotel (Internet cafe) 1750 ¥

Total 10,650 ¥


- Bus to Fuji Kyo 1,750 ¥

- Hostel 3,500 ¥

- Bicycle rental 500 ¥

- Food 2,000 ¥

- Snacks 1,000 ¥

Total 8,750 ¥


- Round trip to Shibuya 1,800 ¥Y

- Train ticket to Fuji mountain high view 420 ¥

- Food and Snacks 600 ¥

- Midori 4,000 ¥

- Capsule hostel 3,500 ¥

Total 9,820 ¥


- Train ticket 600 ¥

- Disney SEA 6,900 ¥

- Food and Snacks1,000 ¥

- Bus to airport 2,450 ¥

Total 10,950 ¥

So total expenses for 4 days is around 40,000 ¥

Remark: 100 JPY = 30 THB

Therefore this trip has budget of 12,000 baht and other expenses 3,000 baht.

Mi Palapilii

 Wednesday, December 23, 2015 10:21 AM