Nusa Penida Island, a small island with a great beautiful atmosphere. The island is located in south eastern part of Bali, Indonesia with the weather that is little drier than Bali. The island is famous for diving with a beautiful dive sites. Moreover, Bali people also believe that this island is a land of magic and it is a dwelling place of the legendary wizard named Jero Gede Macaling.

And these are all places that we would like you guys to visit in Nusa Penida Island.

- Do swimming and diving in the vast sea at Manta Bay, Wall Point, GT Point and Gamat Bay where everyone could experience a spectacular underwater world and be delighted with fishes that swim nearby.

- Another impressive place in this trip would be Angel Billabong where I suggest you guys do not miss out to visit as it is really beautiful. Well, please beware of a sharp rock when you travel here or wearing climbing shoes would be a great idea as well.

- Around hundred meters away from Angel Billabong, you guys could walk to another viewpoint named Broken Beach. As I mention it as a viewpoint, thus, visitor are not recommended to walk down to below area as it might be dangerous.

- Another highlight place would be a famous viewpoint named Kelingking Beach, it is famous for its tough landscape for tourist to climb down to below area. The path leading to the below area is pretty steep and narrow, as well as the bridge is also under-construction, thus, there is only a few tourists that dare to climb down.

- Teletubies Hills is another interesting attraction, it is an endless vast grassland area. Although there is a warm wind flowing by during we traveled but the sunshine is also strong, thus, we need to wear sunscreen properly.

- Tree House is also one of the interesting attractions that you should not miss out. The place is located next to Atuh Thousand Island. Well, for these 3 attractions; Atuh Thousand Island, Atuh Beach and Tree House are located in the same area, hence, tourists could take a walk to these 3 attractions.

- After indulging ourselves with a Tree House, we then walk back. On the route back, there is also the Atuh Thousand Island viewpoint, from here we could see the whole island and its beaches. Therefore, please don't miss out to visit and take a nice photo.

- We keep walking down to Atuh Beach, the distance to the beach is adequately far therefore if you guys have enough time and also bring food along with you, please don't forget to walk down and visit the place.

I have learned from the locals that since Nusa Penida Island is a tiny island which has only a few accommodations, thus, most of them would located near the beach with a sea view and the atmosphere is pretty great to keep as a good memory.

How to travel:
- Take flight to Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar,DPS). It takes approximately 4-6 hours traveling from Thailand.

- Then take a boat from Sanur Pier at Sanur Beach to Nusa Penida Island. Speed Boat spends around 45 minutes traveling.

Accommodation on the island has a variety of price range available but the internet signal in most places is pretty slow. Moreover, tap water in some accommodation is still not that clean. Well, the great thing is that most of the accommodations would come with sea view rooms.

Tour Package:
There are one day trip or tour package that tourist could manage the details as they like. We chose 2 days 1 night package which includes 1 day of city tour and I chose 1 day for snorkeling as I don't want to get tired traveling within one day. ________________________

Most of the food on the island is local food and some kind of it do make us feel surprise. When ordering the food, we need to emphasize them don't make it very spicy. Anyway, I would say that Mie Goreng Fried Noodles taste just right for us, although it would take a bit bland but it doesn't upset our stomach.


Necessary things to bring:
There is a strong sunshine here, thus don't forget to bring along your sunglasses and sunscreen, as well as your personal medicine.


If the price of product costs 200,000IDR, you should bargain it half as the quality is not as good as you think. And most importantly, don't gossip the merchants as most of them understand Thai language.

For those who still don't know where to travel to, I hope that Nusa Penida Island would be a choice to help you feel relax in your holidays or special occasions.


Kanittip Srisimarat

 Tuesday, June 12, 2018 7:51 PM