Travel together at # konchoptieow

Come on baby... Standing on the whale's back

HI everyone, welcome to a newly tourist attraction place in the 77th Province of Thailand. It is one the Unseen Thailand that the nature has created for us. It is a place where you have to go once in your life....
| The 3 Whale Rock | is located in Phu Sing Forest, Buengkan Province

The rocks are around 75 million years old.

There are 3 big rocks on the mountain that looks like whale family

that's why people call "3 Whale Rock"

To go up there you need a four wheel. If you do not have, you can contact the officer of forest department there for rental. It is about 500 THB for round trip.

Let's go and enjoy to viewpoint with our whale family
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Travel together at #konchoptieow


 Sunday, June 10, 2018 8:49 AM