I am one of the Suki lover and almost every week going to the firm to eat it.

Even I sometimes go to eat but didn't Check-in on Facebook, my friend then make a joke on me that I am a partner of the Suki restaurant hahaha.

( I may not use all of the polite word because it is indicating myself haha).

Yesterday I just invite friend to eat Suki at You Cuisine which is a Shanghai Suki style at Central Pinklao ( G Floor). At first I intend to invite friends to find Toast to eat at dessert store after finish eating Suki but it is under my expectation that You Cuisine can provided all.

Let's see how we end and taste it together.

PS. This review is just narrate my personal feeling and experience of eating at You Cuisine which is a Shanghai Suki restaurant at Central Pinklao branch. Please forgive me for any mistake ^^.

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https://www.facebook.com/RinsaYoyoliveTravelBlogger at You Cuisine Suki restaurant, G floor at Central Pinklao branch which it is the newest branch of all the 4 branches.

Pinklao branch is located next to Jiang noodle restaurant, the sign is there and please enter the restaurant.

Other branches of You Cuisine Suki restaurant

1. The Crystal SB Ratchaphruek 2th floor.

Tel. 02-102-5627

2. The Crystal PTT Chaiyapruk 2th floor

Tel. 02-023-2785

3. Central Plaza Westhate 3rd floor

Tel. 02 194 2783

4.Central Plaza Pinklao G floor

Tel. 02 884 9995

The restaurant is decorated in a Shanghai Chinese style, it gives a Chinese sense with 4 tables line on the left and right.

You can simultaneously listen to a soft song inside You Cuisine restaurant. We go there at 10.00 am, when the firm is just opened.

If after afternoon time, there are so many customers and continuously enter the restaurant. The staff will bring you a menu to you after you take a seat. The drinks are served both hot and cold but we choose cold water.

Cold Chrysanthemum tea ^_^

A hot beverages are also provided. I order Guan Ein tea (159.-) which it benefits is to improve the digestive system and Anti-wrinkle and aging. Its benefit is sound surprised to us that we don't want to look old so that we drink it so many glasses hahaha.

Apart from Guan Ein tea, there are Chrysanthemum tea / Red Dragon tea / Oolong tea as an options for the same price. Now let see You Cuisine restaurant's menu. I heard that the menu has the same standard with all branches which has a picture and the price of each dish stated there.

The advantage of You Cuisine Suki restaurant is every raw materials of the restaurant are not contain MSG, including a raw material of the dish that serve us here. Normally we are familiar with a frozen raw material which is served immediately after we order it. But, this restaurant focus on the freshness of the food. So chef will cook only when we order each menu.

But the first dish that impressed us is

Pancake China (129.-)

For this dish, we eat it before Suki. It is the signature menu of You Cuisine restaurant and it's only part of the dessert only. There are so many dessert menus but I would tell you that this is only our first dish and it's so delicious haha. I highly recommend this menu, we eat it before Suki. This is the You Cuisine restaurant signature menu. Don't forget to order and try Pancake China.

Pancake China is a crispy fried flour similar to Roti and topped with sweetened condensed milk, sprinkle with topping and fresh fruit throughout the flour. Finale! hahaha

Jak Gra Pat egg noodle and fried with XO sauce and shrimp ball (89.-)

The noodle does not stick together, not oily but I haven't try this menu because this dish is in front of my friend and they eat it all hahaha.

I just make a momentarily look away and when I turn back, it's gone and my friend say it's yummy. Next time I will eat it by myself.

Jak Gra Pat Rice (129.-)

This dish is a Shanghai food style fusion with seafood which includes shrimp, squid, mushroom, a piece of dice ginger.

It provides a various tastes and when you bite a piece of ginger the taste becomes more dense.
We enter Suki restaurant so we have to try Suki also. Let's choose the soup first. There are Scallop soup, a soup that doesn't stew with a pork bone but use a dry scallop instead which can sweeten the soup. There are 3 type of soups, the rest are Tom Yum soup and Chinese herb soup which Goji are adding in it too but I haven't try this one.

This pot is separated into 2 sides, one is Tom Yum soup and another is Scallop soup. Let turn on the heat now.

The staff are parading to serve a You Cuisine Suki menu to our table. Staffs here dress in a Chinese dress.During my friend and I are eating, the staffs will come to pick up the dishes and periodically ask us if we want to order more or not. They not only ask our table but they are taking a very good care of each table.

Vegetable set+fresh mushroom (245.-)

Are you ready, I have held the chopstick and waiting to try it because I am not yet fulled with the first menu. Our main menu is Suki.

This meal is an original Shanghai Suki style, the raw materials are new arranged by chef. So, I can really feel that it is fresh.

Kurobuta Pork Ball (219.-)

Tenderloin, pork neck ridge and bacon are putting beautifully in order, easy to dip in sauce.

Crab wrapped with a golden silk (89.-)

Lookrok has 3 favors (59.- )I really like this menu. It is a seasoning egg that look soft but actually when you dip it in the pot, it is not sloppy like an egg tofu. But it is yummy so I order it twice haha.

A U Heart Algae (69.-)

Seasoning Pork Wrapped with an Alga (69.-)

Seasoning Crab Meat Wrapped with Dumpling Flour (89.-)

Seasoning Pork (89.-)

We put it all on the table. Some menu we forget to take a picture but it's considered that there are so many options menu for you to choose.

It is impossible that you are not going to talk about the sauce when eating Suki. The sauce here are You Hang Sai sauce ( middle bowl ), it tastes spicy and sour.

I think it is a standard of Suki sauce, dense and not sticky. For the dark sauce (on the left hand) is a Shanghai sauce adding with a natural herb. I haven't try this bowl yet but my friend tell me it's spicy and suitable for dipping with meat ( my personal opinion).

When every dishes are served, then we are now ready to eat Shanghai Suki Suisine with a nice atmosphere and friends.

Since I have told you at the beginning that we intend to eat Suki first and go to other place to find a place to eat Toast, dessert but we then change the plan and still end the meal at You Cuisine because You Cuisine restaurant is not served only Suki, there are other menus to choose, including Dim Sum and the reason we not go to other restaurant is because the menu below. Auiii! we have found a toast here.

Last dessert menu to end the ordering of today. China Toast You Shanghai (129.-)

The staff tell us that we have to wait for 15 minutes for this menu because it takes time to bake it

See its appearance, it makes me go in a good mood haha. I like it. The bread is warm, crispy and topping with honey , sweetened condense milk, chocolate, fresh fruits, a little bit sour. Strawberry here is sweet and cool with a whipping cream and Vanilla ice-cream but overall is delicious. I like it.

Not yet finish, one more dish that I intend to order. It take less time than the first menu because it consume less baking time.

China Pie Toast (129.-) ,

When we eat a dessert after the main dish. we would especially be in good mood. I don't know whether you feel the same or not because a minute after it's served, the toast gone in a second haha.

For You Cuisine Shanghai Suki, from my personal feeling after visit the place which I think I am okay with the taste, a freshness of raw material, a delicious 2 separated soups that can increase the food flavor as well, the standard sauce of Suki, and many other menus that we haven't mentioned here because they are not serve only Suki menu. And now we are so pleased to taste all the favors and we don't want you to believe in what we write until you taste it by yourself.

Like or dislike you can say it out directly.

and see you again in our next review. Happy New Year.

RinSa YoyoLive

RinSa YoyoLive

 Monday, January 18, 2016 2:44 PM