-- Hello, everyone!!!!! --

In this review, I intend to write for those who love traveling but then again have a limited budget as our budget for this trip is only around 12000 Thai Baht (around 340$) and I hope that this review will be useful for most people who are planning to have a journey to Malaysia-Singapore, two countries that not far from our home country. The writing in this review might not be written in a beautiful wording but every word comes from my truly heart.

This trip, I take a photo only from my I-phone camera.

Before we travel, we need to collect lots information from many sources and my trip partners are the person who collect all the useful information for us and make a trip plan. I would like to give credit to my trip partners and thank you to one of m friend for lending us EZ link card for traveling in Singapore.

Let's take a journey together, I will show you that money is not an excuse for traveling. I would like to add my Page for you all in case you prefer to travel with low budget, spend money reasonably or not, I have no idea. :)

Page: Maikeebaht page (travel at low budget)

Link : https://www.facebook.com/maikeebaht

::Getting Ready before Travel::


I need to tell you guys beforehand that this trip we would travel by ourselves and we do not take any tour package, moreover, we plan the entire trip by ourselves and get lost as well. Thus, before traveling, we need to do the search and plan for trip accurately.

Let's get things straight and start with the trip planning.

First of all, we must plan the trip schedule in 2 countries for submitting to the immigration officer for examining. These two countries rather strict for visiting their countries, therefore, we need to plan the trip beforehand, in case they have a question so we could submit the schedule trip to immigration for checking.

The most important information and the prohibition rules for Backpacker to carry the baggage on board are according to this below link:


:: Day #1 Go to Malaysia ::

Now let's start our journey together, our first destination country that we will travel to is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We travel with Air Asia airlines, flight FD311, Boarding Time at 06.30am at Don Mueang airport. I arrive at the airport since 4am, I feel pretty excited for this trip.

I have check-in earlier and already print out my boarding pass. Fortunately, I arrive at the airport ahead of time as we face the Chinese group tours at the airport which take us forever to pass the immigration gate that is almost 6.30am. You should prepare to arrive at the airport earlier as there might be unexpected situation occurs. The first thing to do when arrive at the airport is to do the check-in and fill up the immigration form both in-bound and out-bound. You could take the immigration form from the Air Asia's ticket counter service. When you fill-in all the information, then go line up at the immigration check point.

International departure passengers have to enter and queue up the line for immigration checkpoint, after that go to the Gate for waiting to get on board. When the time arrives, the airline staff will announce to call the passenger and there will be Airport Bus of Air Asia to pick the passenger up to board the aircraft.

I forget to take the photo, thus, I will take the photo from http://www.janestories.com/ to post here.

The plane takes off around 07:10am, Malaysia local time will be one hour faster than Thailand time (GMT +8).

Finally, we have landed at International Kuala Lumpur Airport at 10.05am according to the Malaysia local time, it took us approximately 2 hours. There is no need to fill the immigration form at Malaysia; we need to scan the finger print from our passport instead.

After the aircraft landed, just follow the others to the immigration point. We will enter to the Passport Asing Foreign Passport channel.

After finished all the immigration process and pass through the channel.

Look! What is this ???? Wow…..

As we could not carry out the alcohol to Singapore, therefore, we couldn't buy the alcohol here unless we have to drink it all. (No way!)

Due to we bought the Sky Bus tickets along with the airfare, therefore, after walking through the alcohol selling point, then we will find the way up to the first floor to take the Sky bus. Our vehicle parked at the front of the exit door and we will travel to KL Sentral. The bus leaves at 11:00 am and takes approximately one hour.

Finally, we arrive at KL Sentral and the Sky Bus would stop for us at the basement. While we were getting off the bus, the taxi drivers call us, " Hey!! Taxi Taxi", Just ignore them. Then find the escalator up to KL Sentral.

Up the escalator, then walk to the center and to the left, we would see a sign “Rapid KL", and this is the LRT station, Pink line (Kelana Jaya Line).

And the first destination we are going to is the Petronas Twin Towers, the towers that you guys might usually have heard of and this place is the highlight recommended place to go.

We have to purchase tickets at the ticket machine and ready to travel to the KLCC (KJ10) station. We could select the stopping point and purchase the ticket right away. The fare is 1.6 RM so we insert 2 bank notes of 1 RM to the machine.

It is very easy just like we ride the subway in our country ^^.

The machine will return money back and will give us a blue plastic coin which use for getting through the door. We have to place a blue coin at the machine stand at the entrance and the door will open for you. Besides you have to collect coins with you as you will need it again at the exit door. If you do not understand, you could see and do like the others. We will take the train at Platform 1, KLCC station (KJ10) is away from KL Sentral station (KJ15) for five stations. Upon arriving at KLCC station, you have to look for the KLCC Suria sign and Surai department store will connect the KLCC station.

Inside the department store, there are many brands on sale here. And all my friends are heading to the sale corner, now I have lost them. Lol.

Petronas Twin Towers
::This is the twin towers that I wish to see::

This is Malaysia (Why would I have to tell you guys once again).Lol

Whoever see this picture, would know very well that this is truly Malaysia and the tower is really magnificent with 452 meters high above street level and has a total of 88 floors. The interesting places in the building are Suria shopping complex, Petronas Philharmonic Hall, Petrosain Science Discovery Center and etc.

After walking pass several shops, I want to eat local food so we stop by at this restaurant called Adam Penyet-AP.

The recommend menu is Adam Penyet, like the restaurant's name. It is Fried Chicken, sprinkle with Fried Bread Crumbs and eat with the sauce (very yummy), serve with one cup of broth. This menu costs 9.9 RM.

For this dish, I would say it's really delicious. And after we are full, we are ready to travel to our next stop, Malacca.

We will have to travel back to KL Sentral by LRT train once again. We buy the tickets at the same machine and wait at Platform 2 from KLCC (KJ10) to KL Sentral (KJ15). It costs 1.6 RM for the fare.

Next we will go to the bus station, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) or Bandar Tasik Selatan to take a bus to Malacca.

We will head to TBS by normal train KLIA Transit. The train ticket will be sold at the opposite side of the exit door of LRT station, then we buy tickets at the booth KLIA Transit. The fare is 4.2 RM each.

We will get a card ticket here but the entry procedure is similar to the LRT. Only just change from card to coin.

Then we have to go down to the below floor. There would be the time of the next train stated for you at the platform whether how many minutes left that the next train will come.

When the train arrives, you could take a seat wherever you like in a train. From KL Sentral to TBS, it's just one station apart. The train is very clean and comfortable. I have thought in my mind that when will the State Railway of Thailand will do like this >. <

But it's just a mindset, I think ours it's kind of classic as well.

When arrive at the TBS station, we have to cross over to entrance at TBS Main Lobby to buy tickets of Metro Bus to Malacca.

I would suggest that you should check the website for the time schedule before for your convenient and would take a lesser time to process the tickets.

The good thing of Malaysia is that although there are several bus companies, b ut the schedule time of the bus will not overlap to each other.


To select the ticket: Depart From: select Kuala Lumpur. Arrive to: select Malacca and Departure Date: choose travel date.

(For the link I have attached is a link to buy online ticket but I would not suggest buying online ticket here, because we cannot determine the time when we will arrive at TBS. In case we are not able to arrive on time, we have to throw away the ticket)

After checking the schedule time already, then we could know which bus company has the time that we would like to travel, thus, we could go straight to that company to buy the ticket right away.

And this time we will travel with Delima Express Company at 04.00pm.

Each ticket costs 10 RM. And now it's 03:30pm. I still have time to buy some snacks at 7-11 convenient store inside the station.

After that we have to go down to the Gate where the bus is parked and look for Pintu Perlepasan sign (It's the gate number).

The Gate would have 2 sides, as to the left is Gate 14-16 and the right side would be Gate 1-13. Our bus will park at Gate 3.

We depart from TBS at 04.00pm and arrive at MK Sentral at 06:00pm. It takes about two hours traveling.

Upon arriving, we walk to Platform A and then to Gate 17. We will wait for the bus no.17 to Chinatowns.

There are a lot of people waiting for a bus at the Gate. If you are not sure whether the bus will go to Chinatowns or not, you could ask the driver directly.

If so, then get on the bus. The fare is 1.5 RM. The driver will stop near the Dutch square and the Red Church for the Chinatown stop. However, from here it's still far from our accommodation.

We have to walk for awhile to our accommodation. I just know that the bus no.17 would pass Dataran Department Store and Holiday Inn Hotel as well, therefore, if you stay in this zone, you can ask the driver to stop around here. The fee may be increased but not more than 1 RM.

We finally arrive at Venus Boutique Hotel. We do the check-in by giving the staff a hotel voucher that we had already booked. After that we get into the room to rest for a moment.

Then we go out for the dinner, our hotel is in a very good location, there are many cuisines nearby for example there are Muslim, Chinese and Thai food.

Walk straight to the junction, there is 7-11 convenient store as well. And not far from the hotel we stay, there is a little cuisine called Bunga Raya Porridge.

What I would suggest is that if you do not eat that much, do not order a big bowl as the bowl is really come in a large size.

When we are done with dinner, we head back to the hotel to rest on a soft bed and comfortable atmosphere. And this is the end of our first day of the trip. In the next day, we will continue our journey to Malacca .

:: First Day Budget Summary::

The Sky train LRT Rapid KL 3.2 RM.

Lunch 9.9 RM.

Drink and snack 3.0 RM.

The train KLIA Transit 4.2 RM.

The Metro Bus from TBS to MK Sentral 10.0 RM.

Bus no.17 at 1.5 RM.

Dinner 9.0 RM.

Total 40.8 RM = 360 Thai baht approximately

: D a y # 2 :
Malacca Trip

Today, we do not need to rush, so we stay in bed a little longer and then take a bath. Our morning meal would be instant noddle. We don't want to carry many stuff along the way, therefore, let's eat the noodle that we take with us for breakfast then.

For attractions today, we will walk in a circle around the Chinatowns.

Let's go. Walking out from the hotel, we will see the tower, Menara Taming Sari Tower which we will come up there tonight.

Our first destination for today is "Christ Church", the Red Church of Malacca.

The red church is built in Dutch Colonial architecture by using the Dutch bricks from Holland and the red cement for the construction. Moreover, this church is a replacement of St. Paul's Church. There are lots of students come for a field trip here. There is a fountain in front of the church which is called Victoria Fountain.

Beside the church are souvenir stores, we also buy some postcards from here as well. The post office is nearby, the direction is turning your back against the Red Church, then turn right along the road for about 100 meters.

For those who would like to send back the postcard like me, just go to the post office, write on a postcard and then queue up at counter 4.

Tell the officer that you would like to "Send postcard to Thailand" and tell the amount of postcards that you would like to send.

The officer will give you the stamp and then you can pay at the counter right away.

One Postcard costs 0.5 RM. Please prepare money before as the officer here is really…….grumpy. If you already had a stamp, then stick it and drop at the Domestic and International post box in the front of the entrance.

Next we will go to St. Paul's Church, the ancient church without a roof. It is located on the St. Paul's hill.

On the way, we could see the city of Malacca in a wide bird-eye view and we could see the sea as well.

Now, it was nearly noon and we began to feel hungry. For lunch, we are going to eat the Chicken Rice at one of the most awesome cuisines in Malacca named "KEDAI KOPI CHUNG WAH". There are lots of people queue up for this cuisine, thus, I suggest that you guys should come a little early as the food will all be sold out in a short time.

The cuisine is located at Jonker street which is near to the Dutch Square.

If you see one old man chopped chicken in the front, meaning that you have come to the right place.

After we are done with our lunch, we continue walking into Jonker Street and find Éclair Puff with Durian Filling to eat. There are many shops selling this snack, one box costs around 10 RM and it has four large pieces within the box.

The taste is just like eating durian and it is pretty good indeed. It is quite interesting for the one who like to eat durian.

Walk to the end of the road, there are the other road that separates from the route that we take. There is Kuumpung Kling Mosque during the way, however we did not get into the Mosque as we don't dress properly.

Next to the place is Cheng Hoon Teng Shrine that we visit and take some photos here.

After visiting the shrine, we walk through Jonker Street, cross the bridge to take pictures with the Melaka Heritage City Wall.

Near to that area, you will see St. Francis Xavier Church. Unfortunately, due to weekdays, the gate is closed so we could not visit inside.

เดินย้อนกลับไปทาง Dutch Square เราจะไปเที่ยวต่อกันที่พิพิธภัณฑ์เรือ Muzium Samudera

ข้างในก็ไม่มีอะไรครับ ยืนถ่ายรูปข้า

Walk back to the Dutch Square, we will go to visit the Muzium Samudera Ship Museum.

There are nothing much to see inside, therefore, it's ok to just hang out outside and take some pictures as the ticket for each person is 6 RM.

After visiting the ship museum, we will head to the Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall for some air-con and some French Fries at McDonald's and then we will go back to the hotel to rest and will go out to take pictures afterwards.

Firstly, we plan to head out to take a walk at 06.30pm. However, it's still not dark at 06.30pm. Therefore we wait until the sky to get darker and that is around 07.30pm.

We go up to the Menara Taming Sari Tower. The admission fee is 20 RM., including one bottle of water and one pack of snack which I do not know what is it and it does has a strange taste.

We get down from the tower and walk around the town to take pictures. We see a lot of tricycles riding around the town which are decorated with dolls and lights.

The driver turns the music loud; it makes me think of Thailand's local teenager who are riding the motorcycle.

Do you still remember a Famosa Fort, I've told you about that there will be sailing boat and Melaka Alive Fountain Show.

Visitors can stand and watch from the outside as well (but you could see only the fountain show) as the admission fee is pretty expensive at 45 RM.

The show will have two rounds, one at 07:30pm and another round at 09:00pm from Tuesday – Sunday. The show takes around 45 minutes. After that we walk to the Dutch Square then cross the Melaka Bridge. Next to the cuisine that we have our lunch, there is a bar called Hard Rock. They have a Carsberg beer promotion from 05.00pm-07.00pm. One tower drink costs 58RM that will be around 500 Thai baht. And I would say that it is pretty cheap price for the beer here.

Awesome atmosphere to hang out.

However, we do not get some drink at Hard Rock but we do buy some beer back from 7-11 convenient store and drink at the hotel instead. As we have a limited budget and afraid that the budget will not enough for the trip.

** I have a suggestion for those who would like to visit Malacca, there is a walking street at night on Saturday – Sunday at Jonker Street to take a walk. We came on Thursday and have to continue our travel to Singapore; therefore, we miss out this highlight attraction. T-T

::Day 2 Budget Summary::

Postcard and post fee 1.5 RM.

Lunch (Chicken Rice) 15.25 RM.

Drink (all day) 2.5 RM.

Éclair Puff with Durian Filling 2.5 RM.

Admission fee for ship museum 6.0 RM.

Dinner (McDonald's) 6.5 RM.

The Observatory Tower 20.0 RM.

Beer and snack 9.5 RM.

Total 63.75 RM that will be approximately 580 baht.

:: Day#3
Go to Singapore ::

Today, we will travel to Singapore. We start our journey from MK Sentral (Melaka) to Larkin Sentral (Johor Bahru) and take the bus into Singapore. Today is considered as the day that I enjoy the most in this trip.

We start taking off at 7:45am. Then take the bus in front of the Dataran Pahlawan Department Store.

The bus stop will be right in front of the Nike shop. We buy something to eat for breakfast at McDonald's and then we eat our hamburger while waiting for the bus. As we afraid that when we reach at MK Sentral, we probably do not have time for any meal; moreover, they do not allow to bring food to eat on the bus.

Bus no.17 will come every 15 minutes. Get on the bus and then tell the driver to stop at MK Sentral, it costs 2 RM.

The bus no.17 will pass the hotel we stay last night. The bus stop is in front of Holiday Inn Hotel.

We arrive at MK Sentral at 8:50am and then we buy tickets at 9:00am. to Johor Bahru.

You guys could check the bus schedule via online website here:


To select the ticket: Depart From: select Malacca. Arrive to: select Johor Bahru and Departure Date: choose travel date.

We depart at 9:00am from MK Sentral and will arrive at Larkin Sentral at 11:50am.

Upon arrival, please immediately go to Platform 12. If someone wants to talk to you, just ignore them and walk to platform 12 to wait for the bus no.170.

The bus fee for each person is 2.5 RM. Please prepare the precise amount of money to pay at the machine payment box which is located beside the driver. When you make a payment, there will be ticket comes out from the machine, please keep it well as we have to use it once again.

The driver is an old Singaporean guy who looks pretty fierce but actually nice.

It takes us around 15 minutes from Larkin Sentral, then we have reached the first checkpoint.

The first checkpoint - Outbound Malaysia.

When the bus stopped, please hurriedly get off from the bus, carry the stuff and follow the Wood Land sign.

Walk for a while, then we will reach at the Malaysia's Departure Immigration Counter.

Line up and get through the immigration process.

Follow the Platform A sign.

Down the escalator and turn right, you will find the bus no.170 stop. Prepare the ticket that we paid a moment ago and show to the driver. If you have lost the ticket, you will have to pay again. The driver may not be the same guy, do not panic, as the bus that takes us at the first place had already took off. Now let's get to the second checkpoint.

The second checkpoint - Inbound Singapore.

As always, you have to rush out of the bus and carry your bag. Then follow the Arrival Hall sign

Upon arriving at the building; please turn right, there will be a counter for fill up immigration form.

Then, queue up in a row and prepare schedule trip plan to the immigration to check.

Singapore is quite strict as there are people from many nations entering their country. Therefore, you may be asked some questions. After passing the immigration process, take the bag to the scanning machine. After that, walk down the escalator, turn right and walk to the bus no.170 stop.

When the bus arrives, you just show up the ticket like the first time. Two checkpoints take around 1 hour in total. Tell the driver to stop by for you at MRT station and please ask him to tell you when the bus reaches your stop.

It takes about one hour ride, and then the driver will take you to Little India MRT station.

Finally we reach at MRT station, then the first thing to do is to prepare EZ link card which we have borrowed from my friend.

Ez-Link card is the cash prepaid card or added-value card. You could use it to pay for the travel fares in Singapore whether they are the bus, all the mass transit systems like sky train, it even includes making payment at 7-11 convenient store and all the shop that has Ez-link brand.

We head to Chinatowns to check-in at our hostel that we have booked.

We have to take the MRT Purple Line (North East Line) from Little India (NE7) to station Chinatowns (NE4). When scan the EZ link card and get through the door, then walk down the escalator and check which platform we need to wait at, there is the Platform sign indicated for you to notice.

It takes just only a little while only 3 stations apart and then we have reached at our station.

Our hostel is called 5footway.inn Hostels. We travel since the morning time and now we arrive at the hostel around 03.00pm. We get a little tired, therefore, we take a little rest a bit. Well, we just recalled that we only have only hamburger since the morning meal and now we are so hungry.

Let's go out and find something to eat. Our accommodation is very convenient to travel around as we stay pretty close to the MRT station.

They also have food court nearby called Maxwell Food Centre and Chinatown Food Centre.

I decide to have Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore's famous cuisine that has been recommended as the cuisine that you shouldn't miss out in Singapore.


Waiter!! One order of Chicken and two orders of mix vegetable, please.

The dish looks great. The chicken here will covered with oyster gravy. It's very delicious and eat with the sauce which is similar to the sauce in Malaysia.

All together cost us 24.4 SGD and 4.9 SGD for drinks, the cost is divided by four, thus, it's around 130 baht per person.

After finish the meal, we will go to purchase the attractions tickets in Singapore at Sea Wheel Travel Company.

Ticket prices are cheaper than buying at the attraction. This store is located on the 3rd floor of People's Park Centre.

We plan to travel to following places:

1. Gardens by the Bay OCBC SKYWAY (This evening).

2. Universal Studios Singapore (Next morning).

3. Singapore Flyer (after visiting Universal).

When we complete our purchse, then we head to Gardens by the Bay for our next destination.

We have to walk back to MRT Chinatowns station. Take the Blue Line (Down Town Line) from Chinatowns (DT19) to Promenade (DT15). Then switch to the orange line (Circle Line) from Promenade (CC4) to Bay front (LE1).

Gardens by the Bay is a botanical garden along Marina Bay, there are some areas with the free admission fee. The zone that need to pay a visit is the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and the skywalk between Supertree Grove (OCBC SKYWAY).

The reason we chose to visit only the OCBC SKYWAY is because that the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome should visit during the morning time to watch the beautiful flowers and trees.

Upon reaching Bay front station then follow the Gardens by the Bay sign and at the exit of the station, you could see the Supertree Grove in the front.

The entrance way has to cross the bridge that connects the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. There will be signs along the way as well.

Supertree Grove will have the light show two rounds daily. The first show starts at 07.45pm and the next round show at 08.45pm.

I recommend you guys to lay down and watch the show under the Supertree Grove which would have a wider angle view than watch the show at OCBC SKYWAY and moreover, it's "free" .

After admiring the beauty of the Gardens by the Bay, then we head to the Marina Bay Sands Mall.

At the front of the mall, at a river bank side, there will be "Light and Water Show" which is called "Wonder Full Show". The show takes around 15 minutes from Monday – Saturday, two rounds per day at 08:00pm and another one at 09:30pm. Additional to that on Sunday, they will add another one round at 11:00pm.

Then, we take a walk on the Helix Bridge to take some pictures. There are the viewing point to watch the scenery along the bridge. The lights are really beautiful at night.

We have to end our today's trip as we are very exhausted by a whole day adventure and we would better take some rest now.

At the end of the bridge, take a right turn then look for the way to MRT Promenade station. Then take a SMRT ride on the Blue Line (Downtown Line). Get on at Promenade (DT15) and get off at Chinatowns (DT19), then take Chinatowns lane exit.

There are shops selling drink and food along the street but as now, we do not that hungry because of the Chicken Rice we have at dinner. Therefore, we decide to have some light meal to eat with beer.

After drinking some beer, we then head back to the hotel. And this is the end of our third night here.

:: Day 3 Budget Summary::

- The expenses spent in Malaysia

Breakfast (McDonald's) 5.15 RM.

The bus no.17 for 2.00 RM.

Bus fee (Malacca to Johor Bahru) 21.00 RM.

The bus no.170 2.50 RM.

Total 30.65 RM.

- The expenses spent in Singapore

Chicken Rice 6.10 SGD

Drink 1.20 SGD

Ticket Gardens by the Bay OCBC SKYWAY 4.50 SGD.

Ticket Universal Studios Singapore 62.00 SGD.

The Singapore Flyer 28.00 SGD card

Add up value to EZ link card 10.00 SGD.

Beer and snack (divided by four people) 6.75 SGD.

Total 118.55 SGD

:: Day#4 try travelling all the places in Singapore::

After finish our morning routine, we went to eat breakfast that the hostel has provided.

There are two kinds of cereal with milk, toast with various toppings like butter, sugar, custard, nut and one kind of fruit, there is also the automatic coffee machine provided.

It is a self-service breakfast, they will provide the breakfast until 10:00am. You should arrive ahead of time because it would be nothing left to eat if you are late.

Our first destination that we will travel to is Universal Studios Singapore. Well, not to waste any more time, we then take off right away after finish our breakfast, we walk to the SMRT Chinatowns station and take the Purple Line (North East Line) from Chinatowns station (NE4) to the Harbour Front (NE1). After arrive at the Harbour Front station, follow the sign to Vivo City Mall. Then just go up the escalator to the third floor and look for the Sentosa Express sign, we will travel to Universal Studios Singapore by Sentosa Express line which has total four stations:

1. Sentosa station (Vivo City Mall)

2. Waterfront station (Universal Studios Singapore)

3. Imbiah station (Merlion)

4. Beach station (Beach)

We need to get off at Waterfront station and follow the Universal Studios Singapore sign. Finally, we reach at our destination. Wow! the first thing to do is to take the picture with the Universal Studios Singapore Globe.

Then not to waste any more time, let's head inside. Please prepare the ticket to the staff. The ticket will consist of three parts as follow:

1. $5 Retail Discount Voucher

2. $5 Meal Discount Voucher

3. Universal Studio Singapore ticket (ticket for the ride)

For some of the rides will need to queue up for quiet sometimes, however, if you do not want to wait in a long line, you could buy Universal Express card. As it is a VIP card so the visitor does not need to queue up. Nonetheless, they have to meet our jealously eyes like me also. There are few rides that need to wait for sometimes but apart from that is alright, so we will just stick with our normal tickets because the VIP ticket is two to three times more expensive. For the rides that are recommended to play are as follow:







For the rest of the rides, just choose the one you like. For anyone who wishes to have to play all the rides, I suggest that you should have all day here, however, I think even a whole day travelling could not travel all around Sentosa Island. It is time to continue our journey and it is now 04:00pm.

Our next destination is the Singapore Flyer. We will take a Sentosa Express ride back to Vivo City Mall, then go down to the second floor to Harbour Front station. Take the Purple Line (North East Line) from Harbour Front station (NE1) to Dhoby Ghaut (NE6) then switch to the orange line (Circle Line) from Dhoby Ghaut (CC1) to Promenade station (CC4). Then upon arrival, please find an exit at the 7-11 convenient store and when you go out from the exit, you will see the Singapore Flyer ahead.

Walk along the road and the entrance is in the second floor. There will be an entrance sign and the officer will be standing in front to check the ticket.

Then walk along the route and you will reach the Capsule entrance. Each round will take about 30 minutes and the highest level will be at 165 meters. You will see the scenic around Marina Bay for 360degree, it's really worth when comparing to the ticket price.

I will take you all to see the breathtaking view here.

Next place we will go to visit is the Merlion and along the way, we could also see the scenery around the Marina Bay in another aspect of view.

When you are done at the Singapore Flyer, come down to the road along the bay, walk straight until you reach at the end of the Helix Bridge then you will see an uncle selling Magnolia Ice-Cream.

You shouldn't miss it. It's really refreshing and it's pretty cheap at only 1.2 SGD. If anyone passes by, don't forget to try it.

Eating a delicious food in a beautiful place, I really have no word to describe how awesome it is. I would like you all to try by yourselves as from this point we all seem to be very exhausted. And of course, our destination is at the Merlion, I think that most people would prefer to travel by MRT to here as it is more convenient and comfortable. Please stop that thinking, as along the way, you will see the beautiful scenery around the Marina Bay. We walk pass the Explanade Mall and walk across the bridge, then finally we found the Merlion. It is so crowded, OMG.

After finish taking pictures at the Merlion, go across the street to take some pictures at the Fullerton Hotel. And next to the Fullerton Hotel is MRT Raffles station.

Tonight, we will have dinner at Chinatown, hop on the Metro red line (North South Line) from Raffles (NS26) to Dhoby Ghaut (NS24) and switch to the orange line (Circle Line) from Dhoby Ghaut (CC1) to Promenade (CC4) and then switch to the blue line (Downtown Line) from Promenade (DT15) to Chinatowns (DT19). We return to the hostel to clean up a little before going out for dinner. For dinner, we will eat at Chinatown Food Centre which is located close to our hostel, opposite the Maxwell Food Centre. There are a lot kinds of food, thus, we could select the food that we like.

This is our last dinner meal of the trip here, therefore, we will eat as many as we like.

Furthermore, the price is very affordable, this Black Pepper Beef with Steamed Rice is only 6.9 SGD and four bottles of Tiger beer. I think that this is the most delicious meal I ever have in this trip, or because I was hungry Eh!!. Or m aybe, I have a meal with beer?

Let's wrap up today's trip here.

::Day Four Budget Summary::

Lunch 11.50 SGD use discount voucher 5 SGD that will be 6.50 SGD.

Drink+ dessert + Postcard in 7-11 store for 4.50 SGD.

Add up value to EZ link card 10.0 SGD.

Dinner 6.90 SGD

Beer 34 SGD (Divided by two people) at 17.00 SGD.

Total 44.9 SGD

:: Day#5 Let's go back home ::

Well, this is our last day for the trip. Therefore, we will take things easy for today. The ladies will go out shopping at the mall. We went out for breakfast almost 10.00am; luckily they still have something left for us. We will have to check-out before 12.00pm and if anyone would like to travel after check-out, you could also leave the baggage at the hostel.

There would be a form divided into two parts: one to attach to the bag and another part, we have to keep it with us. When we come back to pick-up the stuff, we could send it back to the staff to get our baggage back.

Before leaving, we decide to go to worship the Buddha Image at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The reason why Thai people called this place, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is because at the top of the temple has enshrined the tooth relic of the Buddha. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple have collections of Chinese Arts in Tang Dynasty with the Mandala Arts, they are all magnificent.

It is noon now and we are feeling hungry already. Today I would like to try another Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre at AH TAI cuisine. Chicken Rice here is not that good, the chicken has a little strange smell so we recommend TIAN TIAN HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE cuisine for you all.

After the ladies return from shopping, we then get all the baggage back from the hostel and get ready to go to Changi Airport. There are two ways to get there.

1. Travel by SMRT

Take SMRT at Purple Line (North East Line) from Chinatowns station(NE4) to Outram Park (NE3) switch to the green line (East West Line) from Outram Park (EW16) to Tanah Merah (EW4) . At this step, be careful and listen to the announcement on the MRT, you will heard the station name Changi Ariport (EW29). It will take about 45 minutes altogether and spend the money on the EZ link card about 4 SGD. With this way you will need to get crowed with others and carrying a bags to the MRT. This method is quite troublesome.

2. Travel by Taxi

From Chinatowns station to Changi Airport takes about 20 minutes and costs around 15-20 SGD. Hence, we have four people, so we choose to take a Taxi to the airport. It is more convenient as w e do not have to get crowed with others on the MRT and Taxi is lots easier.

Nevertheless, before getting to the airport if you guys still have a lot of money on EZ link card, you could redeem the money back at the Chinatowns station as there is no refund counter at the airport.

In other cases, you could buy some stuff at Supermarket Cold Storage at the basement of Changi Airport. I am also have some doubt that normally things at the airport will be more expensive than outside but here is lot cheaper at the airport supermarket. Moreover, the staff also very nice and also ask us to buy some more as there are still a lot of money in our EZ link card to spend.

Be caution for those who do the check-in online and already print out Boarding Pass, as you need to go to stamp at the Check Document counter before. I suggest that you should do it first when you arrive at the airport so that you will have time to shop at King Power.

Another caution is that the X-ray bag checkpoint of Changi Airport is very strict. Thus, anyone who would like to carry the baggage on board, the liquid packaging must not exceed 100 ml. Otherwise, it would surely be discarded.

We travel with Air Asia airlines, Flight FD354 and our boarding time is at 04:25pm (GMT + 8). Flight takes off at around 05:00pm. (GMT + 8) according to Singapore time. We have landed at Don Mueang Airport around 06:30pm. (GMT + 7) according to Thailand time. The flight time is about two hours.

::Day Five Budget Summary::

Lunch 3.50 SGD

Drink 1.30 SGD

Taxi 17 SGD (Divided by four) 4.25 SGD.

Total 9.05 SGD

Thank you for reading until here.

This trip has taught me many things such as how to live and travel abroad and how to adapt to the society.

I am so impressed with the trip and would like to thank my trip partners as well to give me the opportunity to travel in this trip and that also gives me a lot of new experiences.

By now, I know that I am a person who loves travelling. Going on a journey to meet something new is a great first step for me and for sure I will do keep travelling.

If there is something wrong with my writing, please forgive me.

Any question you would like to ask, please go to our page at Page : maikeebaht


Hopefully, this trip will be useful for all friends who love travelling with a low budget and worth the money you spend.

And the total expense of this trip costs approximately 12,000 Thai Baht per person.


 Tuesday, January 19, 2016 10:37 AM