... Vang Vieng, is not it too late to visit this city? I have not been there but it is always in my mind.

I have read many reviews and it seems to be very nice place to go.

So it is time for me to visit this city ...

Mai Kee Baht : Vang Vieng

This trip I plan to take a train to Udonthani then take the bus to Vang Vieng. I hope that this review will be useful for those who like to travel to Vang Vieng. Let's go with me, I will show you that money should not be your excuse for travelling. If you like an idea of cheapest trip of mine, you can follow my page here: https://www.facebook.com/maikeebaht

|| Preparations

1. Pack your back with clothes, camera (should be water proved) or anything that you think that necessary for this trip.

2. Passport and pen (To fill out the immigration form)

3. Money, 4,000 baht should be more than enough.

Are you ready??? Let's GO!!!!

Starting from Bang Sue train station

Train ticket

The train was a little bit late, but it was okay.

It took about 9 hours to get to Udonthani (arrival around 4.00 hrs.).

The atmosphere after a long journey....^^

Then we walked from train station to bus terminal and waited for the bus to Vang-Viang

We walked until see Central Plaza then turned to Udonthani Bus terminal at the intersection

We slept and waited until morning.

Breakfast before starting our journey

Time table of bus and price (ticket office open at 8.30am)

People were coming for the bus ticket. There was only one bus to Vang Vieng at 8.30 am. and at 9.00 am. for returning from Vang Vieng.

So do not miss the bus otherwise you will have to take the connecting bus in Vientiane.

Many thanks to the Policeman at the bus terminal for the information

Time for departure

Then we had to fill out the immigration form both from Thailand and Laos.

Just fill out the form and buy ONE WAY TICKET for 5 Baht

(1Baht = 230 Kip)

Then got on the bus and moved on to our destination...

One stop for Lunch (we can use Thai currency here)

Almost there....

Finally, we arrived to Vang Vieng bus terminal and brought the return ticket for 100,000 Kip or around 400 Baht. (I suggest that you buy a return ticket once you arrive to Vang Vieng because it might be full on that day)

Free shuttle bus to Vang Vieng city

The shuttle bus stopped in front of our hotel.

At Malany Villa 1

Room rate at 800 Baht with Free WIFI

Located near shops and Sakura Bar

See the atmosphere below:

After that we left our bags in the room and went out....

Riverside Restaurant

Dinner today, we had grilled chicken with papaya salad.

100 baht per person for Dinner

Recommended to try "Bugget" (there are everywhere in Vang Vieng)

I tried Pork Cheese...Umm..Yummy!!!

At 9.00pm. ^^

Sakura Bar..

About transportation...motor cycle for rental at 70,000 Kip or 300 Baht a day

Officially at Vang Vieng

It was really beautiful with orange bridge, Jang Cave and Song River.

(Entrance fee: around 30 Baht)

Jang Cave

There were entrance fee everywhere...

Small canal with clear water

Let's go up there....

Inside Jang Cave (Very cold)

At the end of the walk way, it was a viewpoint ....Panorama View of Song River...

So beautiful...

Let's find something to eat...

Then we stopped by Vang Vieng Market (Fresh Market)

(I suggest you to park outside because there is parking fee inside the market)

It was quite similar to fresh market in Thailand.

I had tried grilled rodents here, it was my first time and I had nothing to explain about the taste.

Moreover, there was also grilled bat...if you like to try new things.

Then we stopped by a coffee shop in front of the hotel before continued to the next destination.

The taste was quite good and gave big portion for 20,000 Kip.

Next, Wat Srisumangkalaram...prayed for lucky from Buddha and other holy.

Then heading to Blue Lagoon and Pu Kham Cave...

The road was still non-asphalt road.

Then crossed the bridge (there was a passing fee also)

Views from both side of the road were quite nice and beautiful

Yeah Yeah Yeah.. We arrived to the entrance of Blue Lagoon and Pu Kham Cave... (Entrance Fee: 10,000 Kip per motor cycle) --*

It was really beautiful as we were expected..."Blue Lagoon"

As we were already here, so we continued to Pu Kham Cave as well...

It took us about 10 minutes to reach to the top.

Inside was quite dark, if we had a flashlight would be great

It was really beautiful as nature because there was only natural light.

This meal was quite an expensive one....

The highlight of Blue Lagoon....do not forget your life vest of you are not sure to swim because it is quite deep.

How nice!!!! ....

Another fun trip...with a good ending

Recommended for late night, Chai Si Chinese Noodle, Vang Vieng Branch

Price was around 50 Baht

There were so many people as they had an happy hour for free alcohol drinks from 7.00 pm. to 8.00 pm. (Such a good promotion)

Enjoyed night life at Vang Vieng...

"Vang Vieng Organic Farm "

Nice atmosphere and food were very cheap here

We should have come since the first day. It was on the same direction as fresh market.

Entrance fee 10,000 Kip

Vang Vieng Organic Farm is a Mulberry Farm

Such a good atmosphere with variety of plants

Resort of earthen house

It was not big but full of greenery scene.

Here was the most valuable place and the owner was so kind.

Complimentary mulberry wine and crispy mulberry by the owner...

Thank you very much to P' Duangjai for this meal^^

Next activity : Tubing

There were many tubing rental shop, price was around 500 Baht with 50% deposit and free shuttle to the beginning of the river....

Then let it flow, let it flow...

There were many bars along both side of the river, they threw robe to invite us to join the party.

Floating for 2 hours, we arrived to at the end of the river.

We had to control ourselves to get in the canal bank, otherwise we flow out of the way.

There were security staff stand by to control and help at the end of the river.

The last night at Vang Vieng

Halloween Party night, we came since 7.00 pm. as we knew that they provided free drinks period.

Alright, enjoyed our last night at Vang Vieng.

Goodbye Vang Vieng

Thank you very much for reading until the end and many thanks to all of my friends.

I had fun and was very happy with this journey. The past 4 days 3 nights, I got new experiences and all good moments.

Travelling to Vang Vieng is very easy and it is very beautiful. It is better if you can visit by yourself. If you like adventure and nature here is the right place for you.

Money should not be your excuse for travelling.

Thank you very much for reading until the end

Follow my page here: https://www.facebook.com/maikeebaht

I hope that this review would be useful for you and if there is any mistake please accept my apologies.

Expense conclusion

Hotel: (Malany Villa 1) 3 nights at 4,900 Baht (6 pax = 820 Bath per person)


- Train Ticket 244 Baht

- Bus from Udonthani to Vang Vieng 320 Baht

- One Way Ticket 5 Baht

- Dinner 100 Baht


- Motor Cycle rental 305Baht/2 = 152 Baht

- Food 75 Baht

- Orange Bridge 30 Baht

- Jang Cave 22 Baht

- Blue Lagoon 44 Baht

- Lunch 87 Baht

- Dinner 87 Baht

Day 3:

- Motor Cycle rental 283Baht/2 = 141 Baht

- Coffee 65 Baht

- Organic Farm 44 Baht

- Tubing 240 (Not including deposit of 260 Baht)

- Dinner 100 Baht

Day 4:

- Bus from Vang Vieng to Udonthani 430 Baht

- Breakfast 75 Baht

- From Udonthani to Bangkok 466 Baht

- One Way Ticket 45 Baht

Total expenses 3,592 Baht (other expenses might be different on each person not included here)


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