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So many people have an idea to travel by train. Last time was the trip in Thailand. This time, let take the train to Kuala Lumpur.

- The trip by train starting from Padang Besar train station to Kuala Lumpur Station by ETS train (fast train)

- Countdown on Bukit Bintang Road

- Wait for YutKee Restaurant in little India zone

The trip on 4 days 3 nights

If you are ready, let's go!!!

Camera and Lens
Canon 60D + Lens 50mm f1.8 + 18-55


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DAY 1 // Wednesday 30 December 2015
Departure from Padang Besar to KL Sentral // stay at Hotel 1915 (Masjid Jamek area) // Heading to Central Market Kuala Lumpur // Stop by Petronas Twin Towers

ETS train runs 140KM/ hour, you can take this train to any city in Malaysia as well as Singapore.

I am very excited...

I book the ticket via http://www.ktmb.com.my and you can find the detail of how to book the ticket here:


So I book the ticket from Padang Besar to KL Sentral at 80 RM or about 800 THB.

The time shown on the ticket is Malaysian time (UTC +8 faster than Thailand 1 hour), you have to be careful about timing and do not to print out your ticket.

ETS train ticket

Immigration check at 5.30 in the morning

After check our belongings then walk a little bit we arrive to Padang Besar train station.

These people are ETS train staffs, if they move, we follow them because they know when to get on the train.

Get on the train and check seat and car number from the ticket...let's get it started.

You must be on time because the train is departure at exact time.

The train is still very new and clean, there are cleaning staffs on board the train all the time. There is a small table in front of you when you need to write or eat. But seats are quite difficult to control (cannot recline that much).

There is small LCD playing movies but no sound we have to read subtitle by ourselves. ^^

After departure, train staff come to check ticket. In case of you would like to change your destination you can buy the ticket on board the train.

This is the restroom on the train, clean and well managed of smell.

I am so excited with both site of the road and I am wondering why they can keep the train on time. And I find out that there is no road cut off between train track at all that's why they can keep the train on time (train speed 140 KM./HR).

There are few people get on the train from Padang Besar, and have more passengers on board at the next station. If you are hungry, there is a food car (E) where you can buy drinks and meals.

A cup of coffee and rice with fried chicken with curry (If you are not too hungry -_-! )

At 10.45, we arrive at Ipoh (My next destination in February 2016). The ticket to this station is 54 RM.

Travelling by train to Kuala Lumpur is a good idea because we can control the time. If you travel by car, you will see the traffic jam as in Bangkok (http://pantip.com/topic/34297633). So well planned you trip.

At 12.45 hrs. we arrive at KL Sentral station. Our first mission is to buy a sim card.

At KL Sentral station is quite busy, most people get off here...

I buy a sim card for Internet from mobile at the train station for 40 RM which is very expensive (U net brand). Then we take red line train (Kelana Jaya (Putra) Line) to Masjid Jamek and walk to the hotel.

Here we are!!! "HOTEL 1915" (book through Agoda) at 80 RM/night. On the website said that it is in China Town but actually it is in Indian town...The smell of incense and colorful flower are over the place. However, the hotel is located in a good location and the price is quite cheap.

Now leave our bags in the room and start the adventure trip>>>>

My plan today is to have lunch at Central Market, China town (because I follow other review to The Oldtown White Coffee) and then go to Twin Towers.

From the hotel we can walk to the Central Market.

FYI when you cross the road, follow the traffic light, do not follow people around you. (Just to be safe)

I really like it here, there are paintings everywhere by local artists and unique of Sino-Portuguese architecture. That makes this place really suitable for taking photos.

And here we are.... "Central Market". It is a souvenir market, clothes, food and other local products.

The Oldtown White Coffee that is on most of the review that I read.

Then heading to China Town which is not far from Central Market.

Shopping at China Town, you can negotiate the price up to 50% discount and most products are second grade. (People here do understand Thai)

If you like Chinese food, I recommend here where you can find cheapest Chinese food.

All beautiful paintings on the wall and buildings

We walk to Pasar Seni station to take photo of graffiti beside the river and then take the train to KLCC.

Old train station of Kuala Lumpur, "KLM"

KLCC station...Twin Towers...

There are a lot of people here as they prepare the place for NEW YEAR celebration tomorrow.

DAY 2 // Thursday 31 December 2015
Yutkee Restaurant (By Ray MacDonald)// Bunkit Bintang shopping centre// Countdown at Bukit Bintang

Yutkee Restaurant is a famous Chinese restaurant of Kuala Lumpur and signature dish is Chicken Chop

at 95 RM or about 90 THB.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very nice and taste of Chicken Chop is very tasty.

Direction: You can take KL Monorail to Medan Tuanku and walk a little bit you will see the restaurant.

Then we stop by Quill City Mall at Medan Tuanku station and continue to Bukit Bintang

Heading to Bukit bintang by KL Monorail ^^

Many people suggest us that Bukit Bintang is a better for countdown because everyone will go to Twin Towers.

The atmosphere in front of the Pavilion KL

Bukit Bintang is a good place for shopping as there are so many shopping malls.

Walking around waiting for countdown celebration in front of the Pavilion KL

Almost the time....People are coming...

The atmosphere during countdown time, people are blowing their whistle and horn as well as foam spay.

(The train runs until 2.00 am.)

My impressed New Year Countdown Celebration...

DAY 3 // Friday 1 January 2016 (First day of 2016)
Breakfast at China Town// Visit Mahkamah Perusahaan and Gallery Kuala Lumpur // Visit Petronas Twin Towers again

The first day of the year starting at China Town...

The view from both side of the road^^

Roasted duck, our first meal of 2016 at China Town...

The taste is good and cheaper than other places that I have been.

(Every is good here except food and toilet)

Heading to Gallery Kuala Lumpur

Here we are...

Everyone is waiting to take photo with logo

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is an exhibition of Kuala Lumpur Model, history of many building at Merdeka Square and highlight is the multimedia show of Kuala Lumper City.

Entrance fee 5 RM. and ticket can be used as cash voucher to buy souvenir or coffee in side the gallery.

Continue walking to Merdeka Square...

Then we take the train to Twin Towers again before going back to Thailand.

DAY 4 // Saturday 2 January 2016
[[ KLIA2 Airport // Go back to Had Yai ]]

I actually plan to go back by train but due to it fully book so I book a flight with AirAsia (the ticket was cheaper than train ticket^^). So we take KLIA Transit to the airport (there is KLIA Expres train to the airport but it is quite expensive)

So we take KLIA Transit to Putrajaya and continue from Putrajaya to KLIA 2 (wait for 30 for the next train). This is good direction if you have time otherwise I would suggest you to go by KLIA Ekspres.

Arriving to KLIA 2, we still have a lot of time so we stop by Nando's to find something to eat.

Umm...taste is good

After that, we go to check-in and wait for the flight

Arriving to Had Yai International Airport...The end of the countdown trip...

The trip by train to Kuala Lumpur is quite convenience as the train is stopped at every station. The most important is you must well manage you expense because price of everything plus 7%.

Lastly, Thank you my lady to come with me

And many thanks to Nat Natjadee & Wanicbut Wattanamatiphot who dropped us at the train station

And many thanks to you all who read my review, I hope that it would be useful for you.

See you next trip and you can find my previous trip review here:

[CR] The trip by train: Had Yai - Padang Besar (Malaysia)

Expense conclusion

Train ticket from Padang Besar - Kuala Lumpur = 1439.53 THB
Hotel1915 for 3 nights = 2937.78 THB
Plane ticket from Kuala Lumpur - Had Yai = 1686.58 THB
Other expense 4 days 3 nights 2 people = 7000.00 THB
Total around 13,000 THB (You can make it cheaper)

Thank you very much for reading until the end, see you next trip.

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