Backpack: To take the train to travel at Muak Lek waterfall in Saraburi province. It is one day trip with budget 300 baht.

Sawad Dee Krup. I really hope that this review will at least grab your attention.

I think staying at house all time is a bit boring, so I prefer to find some place to chill out for this vacation

I then start searching for nearby attraction and I decide to go to Muak Lek waterfall in Saraburi province

But, it might not be so fun to go alone, thus I have persuaded 2 close friends to join this trip with me.

Let's go.

At 07.30 hrs. We reach Hua Lamphong Railway Station. I buy the ticket for Bangkok to Khaengkhoi, the train will depart at 08.20 hrs. The ticket fee is THB 50. But my close friends have not come yet.

I take many photos while I waiting for my friends.

My friends just reach the railway station at 08.15 hrs, it is almost the same time that the train will depart. We better run now.

Finally, we can do it, we can catch the train no. 75

The final destination of this train is Udornthani but we will get off at Khaengkhoi.

We take many photos along the way to Khaengkhoi.

We insert Fulicolor C200 film into our camera.

We are hungry now, we buy stir fried pork with basil THB 20 per portion and drinking water THB 15.

11.00 น. ถึงแล้ว สถานีชุมทางแก่งคอย จ.สระบุรี ช้ากว่ากำหนดไป 30 นาที

We continue taking photos.

Before we go to Muak Lek waterfall, we go to have some coffee at Rongsi Coffee. It is about 900 meters from the railway station.

The below map shows how to get to Rongsi Coffee.

Finally, we reach Rongsi Coffee.

There is also the river behind Rongsi Coffee, so we continue taking photos.

At 12.40 hrs. it is time to go to the waterfall.

The map for getting to Muak Lek waterfall

For those who come from Khaengkhoi railway station, please follow below map.

It is necessary that we have to wait for the orange bus at below bus stop.

We have waited for a while and the bus has now arrived. The ticket fee is THB 20 to go to Muak Lek waterfall.

We sit on the bus for an hour, we are not at Muak Lek waterfall.

We continue taking many photos as usual.

Let's go to waterfall.

We are now at waterfall, we still emphasize on taking photos.

Unfortunately, it rains.

We need to get out from here and take the orange bus now.

We have waited for the bus till 16.30 hrs. but the bus has not arrived. We then ask local people and notice that there will be no more bus for today. However, we decide to go for our backup plan which is to hitchhike

We hitchhike almost 10 cars, some has stopped but go to different direction.

At 17.00 hrs, we have been supported by the woman who has volunteered to escort us to bus stop because we already miss the chance to catch the last train to Bangkok.

She drops us at bus stop, then we wait for the bus to Bangkok.

Thank you very much for her kindness.

We have waited for a while, then the bus arrives. We get on the bus and pay for the ticket fee at THB 140.

At 19.30 hrs. We reach Mor Chit Bus Terminal.

To summarize all expenses for this trip;

Train ticket for Bangok to Khaengkhoi THB 50
Food on train THB 35
Drink at Rongsi Coffee THB 55
Transportation fee to Muak Lek waterfall THB 20
Transportation fee from Khaengkhoi to Bangkok THB 140

Total THB 300

To follow

The below photos are taken with film.

It took quite long time to take 36 photos.


 Monday, February 8, 2016 11:22 AM