Since last week I have read reviews about traveling to Osaka in Pantip webboard. I was attracted to the review of Nakazakicho area very much. Therefore, I hurriedly find more information about this area and how to go there.^^

Nakazakicho area is the downtown area of Osaka city that has not received the impact from World War II. Thus, there are the ancient houses lined in every alley. It is blissful to promenade in this kind of atmosphere.^^

Apart from that this neighborhood also has cafes and many cute shops all around. It is an ideal to wander around in the free time, living a slow life. ^^

After gathering more information about this area, it is time for our half-day trip. We intended to go just at Nakazakicho area only.^^

Let's go guys.^^

First of all, I will start from how to travel there; we start our journey from Rinku Town station which is located next to Kansai airport.

We firstly have to take JR train from Rinku Town station to Tennoji station first. And then change to subway train to get to Nakazakicho station.^^

The train fare from Rinku Town station to Tennoji station costs 820 yen.

Upon reaching at Tennoji station, then walk out of the station and there would be a stairs down to subway train. We will travel on Tanimachi line. ^^

When getting into the station, catch a train at platform 2.

The fare from Tennoji station to Nakazakicho station costs 280 yen. ^^.

Now we reach at Nakazakicho station ^^.

The wall and fence at this station are painted in blue color tone which look super cute.^^

We will take the exit way no.2.

When exit the station, take a right turn. You will see many cute shops lining along both side of the road here.^^

Now please prepare yourself to visit this lovely neighborhood because it's really worth it.

When we turn into the area, we face with many cute decorated shops.^^

It seems that around here, they like to decorate the shops with trees.

Every shop is really attractive.^^

This shop is very cute, I will come back to this shop for something to eat. ^^

We walk along and taking pictures. Very chill.

Organic Café. ^^

Cool Café.^^

Chic Café.^^

Giraffe shop.

We continue to take pictures of every detail during the way.

All the shop looks very cute.^^

Walking through the small alley, there are also shops everywhere.

The atmosphere has a very retro look.

Walking for awhile, I am feeling hungry now. Let's go and eat!

I will eat at this restaurant that I have aimed at first. ^^

This shop is very lovely and the atmosphere is very friendly.

It is pretty cozy inside.

What do I eat? Let's look at the menu.

All the menus are in Japanese, therefore, I just point at the picture instead.

After ordering, the waiter gets us some water and utensils.

While we are waiting for our food, we just appreciate the loveliness of this cuisine.

Then, here comes the food.

Although they look pretty simple but they all taste great.

Very hot crispy fried chicken with sweet and salty sauce. Yummy!

Normally, I do not like brown rice; however, the brown rice here is very soft and its smell is just great.

Even the salad is very delicious. The salad dressing has a little sour taste but very delicious.

The meal costs us together 800 yen.

When paying the bills, I tell the waiter that the foods are awesome.

They seem very happy and thank you us.

All the staff here is lovely and very friendly.

After the meal, we go and take a walk for a little.

We walk across the playground; however, there are no children here. I think they are still having class.

We continue walking to explore more shops.

Walking from one alley to another, and now I feel a little tired. Therefore, it is about time to head back.

The return journey would be the same as getting here. Take the subway train to Tennoji station and then take JR train to Rinku Town station.

When we back at Rinku Town, the sun is about to set.

Finally, we have ended our half-day trip at Nakazakicho.

Thank you all for reading my review.

Since this is my first travelling review, thus, if there is any mistakes, I would apologize for that.

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Thank you all of you once again^^

Poy Ja Chiffon

 Thursday, March 3, 2016 1:22 PM