[ Twin Traveller ] 30 days 3 countries Part 1 "Find my dream in GEORGIA” written by Twin Traveller

Sawaddee Krab Everyone This review is about my journey in 3 countries which are GEORGIA, TURKEY and RUSSIA with in 30 days. Personally, I really like to travel aboard, taking photos, find new friends, gain new experience and learn new culture during the trip. You can find my previous rev

[ Twin Traveller ] 30 days 3 countries Part 1 "Find my dream in GEORGIA”

[ Twin Traveller ] 30 days 3 countries Part 1 "Find my dream in GEORGIA”

Sawaddee Krab Everyone

This review is about my journey in 3 countries which are GEORGIA, TURKEY and RUSSIA with in 30 days. Personally, I really like to travel aboard, taking photos, find new friends, gain new experience and learn new culture during the trip.

You can find my previous reviews here:



We have 4 people in this journey and all of us really like taking photos. We rent a car so that we can drive anywhere that we want to go and have unlimited of time. For example, in Georgia; all tourist attraction places are located outside the city, there is no public transportation to go there.

We start our journey at Georgia which used to be one of USSR state. They have a very interesting architecture and beautiful mountains. We spend 6 days here and continue to Turkey by Overland at the border between Georgia and Turkey. We spend 15 days in Turkey and go to many city as listed here: Trabzon - Dogubeyazıt - Van - Mardin - Cappadocia - Antalya - Pamukale - Bodrum - izmir - Ephesus - Istanbul. There are historical sites and beautiful nature. We drive to Mardin, the historical city of earth that they built by stones (Heaven on earth). And the highlight is Cappadocia, the ancient transportation route from Turkey to China. It was created from volcano explosion which made it so amazing. And other places such as Pamukale and Ephesus (Ancient Roman) then last city at Istanbul, the city of two continentals which is located between Bosphorus Strait. Then continue to Russia for 10 days, Moscow and St. Petersburg the two of extra ordinary architecture.

Why do we want to go to these three countries?

Georgia 6 DAYS ( Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Kazbergi - Akhaltsikhe )

I have no idea about Georgia, there are also less information about this country as well as photos. But what I know is it used to be a part of USSR, has border between Turkey, Armenia and Russia. The nature is still fresh and beautiful. It is very challenging as there are less people come to visit so I would like to see for myself how is it going to be in Georgia.

Turkey 15 DAYS ( Trabzon - Dogubeyazıt - Van - Mardin - Cappadocia - Antalya - Pamukale - Bodrum - izmir - Ephesus - Istanbul )

Many people are curious why we are going to Turkey during the war and local people also warn us that it is dangerous. But we have booked everything so we go as planned.

Russia 10 DAY (Moscow - St Petersburg)


St. Petersburg

Russia is my dream country, I am infatuated with ancient architecture and many people said that it is all the best architectures are here and the history of the country is also very interesting. It is another country that I have to see for my self.

We have booked Multi City ticket with Aeroflot for 3 countries for 25,000 THB during the promotion which is quite cheap.

Weater forcast during the year

We went there in September, the weather was inconsistency but not too hot. I think it is okay to go during this period.

For more infomation about the weather ( http://meteo.gov.ge/index.php?l=2&ct=1&cm= )

VISA Process

Luckily, for Thai people, we do not have to process Tourist VISA for entering these three countries.

Georgia we can stay 90 days

Russia we can stay 30 days

Turkey we can stay 30 days

The time in Georgia is 3 hours less than Thailand.

Use Georgian Lary currency (GEL)

Now it is time to start our journey>>>

Departure from Suvanabhumi Airport, Bangkok to Moscow and transfer from Moscow Georgia.

Review about the airline for your information>>>

PTV with USB port for entertainment

Magazine in Russian

The seat is not too narrow, quite comfortable for long flight.

Complimentary sleepers and blindfold

Menu on board the flight

Arrival Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow

Then we have to wait for the next flight to Georgia for 7 hours...

Our connecting flight is delayed, everyone is very tried of a long hour flight. But these people start to signing and dancing as entertainers for everyone.

Day 1:

Finally we are here in Georgia, then we take a flight to Tbilisi....So excited!!!

Arrival at Tbilisi International Airport, there are so many people.

After pick up our luggages, we buy sim card for the Internet and go to wait at information center for car rental company. At 5.00 am, the girl come to take us to the car and explain us about condition and insurance and give us the car key. And we drive out from the airport to take a photo of our first sunrise in Georgia.

Our first destination is Mtskheta by following the Google Map. The road here is not good so if you would like to drive you must be careful.

Starting at Jvari Monastery which is located on the mountain, and it is an important holy place of Georgia. People called Monastery of the Cross because there is a cross inside the church. And it is also a view point of Mtskheta city where you can see Kura or Mtkvari River and Aragvi River.

Kura or Mtkvari River and Aragvi River

PS. please wear proper clothes for visiting holy places.

Let's go to the city and find something to eat...

Very quiet city ...

All buildings are decorated in old style.

Supermarket...can help to cut cost but we also try traditional food when we really need to.

Variety choices of food and drinks.

People here do not speak English...use your body language skill.

Our first meal...not too bad

Not to far from the supermarket, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, it is Orthodox Church located in Mtskheta. It is very big and very beautiful.

Very interesting...

Almost midday, people are coming to visit the church.

We only have photo outside of the church because I wear shorts so I cannot get in. But I find photo inside the church on the Internet instead.

Credit from: 123rf.com

" Sweet Georgia " jelly with nut

Many souvenir shops and not too expensive

Then we are heading to Kazbegi city which is located in the north eastern part of Georgia. It is a small city on the mountain. The place that you should visit is Annuli Fortress.

Annuli Fortress built in 13 century by Duke of Aragvi, it was a fortress during the war beside Aragvi River.

Travelling in Georgia is quite difficult if you would like to travel by public transportation. If you do not drive, it would be easier to come with the tour program.

Driving to next destination...

Beautiful photos while driving....

At the top of the mountain>>>

Feeling like heaven on earth...

A car that we rent...

A beautiful moment of a group of sheep in the field^^ "Of cause we do not miss it"

Beautiful view on both side of the road

The sun is gone and light rain is come, we are heading to Kazbegi and try to get to the hotel as soon as possible.

Kazbegi City, a small city on the mountain.

This is our hotel tonight, a room for 4 people...(the end of the day)

DAY 2:

We are going to take a photo of sunrise at Gergeti Trinity Church.

It is quite cold up here.

Mount Kazbegi

Gergeti Trinity Church was built in 14 century, located on the top of mountain with bell tower. It becomes a symbol of Georgia.

Darkness is gone, replaced with sunlight, it is time for us to move to another side of the mountain to get a photo of Mount Kazbegi.

A moment with Mount Kazbegi

If you want to come to Georgia, I must visit Kazbegi. It like a dreaming land but it is real.

After that we go back to the hotel and prepare ourselves for the next destination. "Tbilisi".

Photo from the hotel, we can see both Mount Kazbegi and Gergeti Trinity Church.

Uplistsikhe, an ancient cave town with the age of over a thousand year in Gori.

Arriving at the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi (means warm); the unique of the city is there is hot spring with Sulphur which is good for our health. (Credit to: praew.com).

From the viewpoint of the city, you can see all tourist attraction places such as

1. Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi.

2. Cathedral of Saint George.

3. Kashveti Church.

4. National Bank of Georgia.

5. The Bridge of Peace.

We stay in Tbilsi one night and continue to Akhaltsikhe

DAY 3:

Akhaltsikhe is a small town located at the border between Georgia and Turkey.

There is one interesting historical place which is Rabati Castle. In 1393, this castle was attack by Turkish warriors and Mongolian warriors, but they could not win due to the advantage of the castle location.

A night at Rabati Castle, it is really beautiful with all the lights on.

DAY 4:

Today we come back to Tbilis again to return the rental car. After that we travel around the city by metro, the ticket is very cheap.

Let's go>>>

The station is quite old, there is a big M on the building (Metro) as well as the train. We walk inside to buy the ticket from box office, one round for 0.50 GEL. We use the receipt to scan with the machine and walk through.

Here we are!!! Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, local people called Sameba, it is the main church of Christian Orthodox Georgia. The church was build in 1995 and in 2004 it became the third biggest Orthodox Church in the world.

This is the National Bank of Georgia which built in 1919 with distinctive architecture.

The Bridge of Peace Georgian which designed by Michele De Lucchi.

Another interesting architecture in Tbilisi, "The Bridge of Peace" designed by Michele De Lucchi Italian Architect. The bridge was build in Italy and transported to install at Mtkvari River with a length of 150 meters and illuminating LED all over the bridge. The light illuminates 90 minutes before the sunset.

DAY 5:

The city view in the morning which you can see Holy Trinity Cathedral Of Tbilisi, The Bridge of Peace, METEKHI CHURCH, Musical Theatre and Exhibition Centre, and Presidential Palace from here.

When the sun rise, it is really beautiful. It makes me think about the old days, how would it be in the past. So I find the photo on the Internet to compare....Just like in the paint.

Monument of Freedom

As a long history city, houses are quite old and damages but people still live here. Moreover, there are policemen patrol the city all the time so it feel very safe here.

Another angle of Tbilisi from the mountain

The last night in Georgia, we will take a train to Turkey tomorrow.

DAY 6:

Today, we take a rest in the hostel, cooking Thai food as can see on below picture.^^

The hostel that we stay also has grapes yard and plum at the back of the building. So they provide us with fresh plum everyday. We really enjoy it.

Train car No. 14 : Sleeper train in Georgia.

This is the first time with Sleeper train in Georgia. I have been taken sleep train in many country including Thailand but I am still very excited. Before the train departure 10-20 minutes train staff start to check passenger ticket then we can move our belonging to the room. We get one room for 4 people, beds are on both side with a small table in the middle. The room is not that big but has enough space for us. At departure time, staff distribute bed linen to everyone. Our next destination is "Ozurgeti"

Pic. 1: Train ticket (NO English)

Pic. 2: Room number and bed location

Pic. 3: People on the train

Pic. 4: Space for luggage


Arriving to Ozurgeti at six o'clock in the morning. It is a small station, not many people get off here. The weather is very nice.

Next we have to find bus or taxi to the border city, Batumi then we can find mini bus and cross the border to Trabzon, Turkey over there.

In front of the station we find taxi to Batumi with acceptable price and he drop us right at the mini bus terminal.

There are many mini bus companies and variety of prices.

We buy the ticket for 20 GEL per person....

After 3 hours on the bus, we arrive at the border of Georgia - Turkey.

Finally, we complete our six days in Georgia. We have new experience, enjoy beautiful nature, and people are nice. It is not a famous tourist attraction place so it is not busy, we do not have to hurry.

For this review, if there are anything that might be wrong, please accept my apology and you can also leave your comment for me to improve. There is 3 parts of the review, next is about the 15 days in Turkey. Thank you very much for following my review. See you in part 2 Discover "Turkey" an ancient civilization land by Twin Traveller 30 days 3 countries.