Hello, I would like to review the attractions near the city of Dresden, in the state of Sachsen, Germany.

If anyone visits Dresden and have enough time, try to go and see the city nearby. It is also beautiful and charming.

1. Schloss Moritzburg, I take a bus from Dresden to this castle about half an hour.

Firstly, I buy a day ticket for Dresden- Radebeul costs 8 Euro if you purchase from the ticket machine. I am a bit confused thus I decide to buy the ticket from counter and the ticket costs 0.50 euro more.

After buying a ticket, you will have a ticket which looks like this. Keep it saved because you also need it for a return trip.

When you have a ticket, you can go to wait for the bus in front of the station. (Please ask the officer to make sure which stop you have to stand and wait for the bus.)

Once you are inside the bus, you can just relax and wait to take off at the last stop where the castle is located. Then you just have to continue walking a little bit to find the castle and the admission fee is 10 Euro.

I plan to stay here only half a day, but in fact I am here all day hahaha. There is a beautiful garden behind the castle and I really enjoy walking and taking photos. If you are here alone, you can also easily set a tripod to enjoy shooting.

Behind the castle is walkway like this. Most people are here for jogging and walking.

I walk around the lake and take photos almost in every angle. There is no one bothering me.

After walking for a while, I become so hungry. I look for somewhere I can buy food and found one that sells this super delicious sausage, perhaps because I am so hungry hahaha.

More information about this castle is available on this site. http://www.schloss-moritzburg.de/de/startseite/

I am here until about 15:00hrs. A first, I plan to return to Dresden but I oversee the pink tower from here and trust it has to be somewhere around. Therefore, I go back to look for this tower and it is called....

Fasanenschlösschen Moritzburg

I walk from Schloss Moritzburg following the sign. It is pretty far almost 30 minutes of walking without any goal.

I do not know what is ahead, and this is the way I have to walk through. I am actually really tired.

When I come closer to the destination after walking really far.

Looking back, it is pretty beautiful. I have come that far at this point thus I continue walking towards.

When entering, I find this little castle and feel that love is all around.

And there are a lot of people coming on a picnic at this pink tower and I decide to sit around here for about an hour.

I do not know why I can sit here for hour but I really enjoy it, I feel fresh, happy and not lonely at all although I am here alone.

If you have one day free from your Dresden trip, please try to visit Schloss Moritzburg. The atmosphere is really chill.

2. Sächsische Schweiz, taking a train from Dresden. I go with my school and I don't notice what station exactly we need to take off.

When you are off from the train, you need to take a ferry to cross the river and get ready to hike up the hill.

Once you arrive at the other side, you will find a small village with restaurants. I want to go up first before sitting and chilling here.

It's time to walk up the hill. The route is not that hard and I am not as tired as I hike in Phu Kradueng National Park hahaha.

I walk up almost an hour and also taking photos on the way. When I am up here, I meet with a view like this.

The highlight of this place is Basteibrücke.

It is really windy up here. If you are here on Saturday and Sunday, you will find many people. You might be able to insert yourself in some corner like here in the photo.

After enjoying the view up here enough, it is time to walk down. We take another route to walk down so that we don't have to cross with other people who walk up. I found the atmosphere along the way is really fresh.

When we reach the ground, we continue to walk along a small brook. I feel like I'm in Switzerland hahaha.

If you like the nature, do not forget to come here by making an easy day trip from Dresden.

More information is available at http://www.saechsische-schweiz.de/region/anreise-m...

Let me end it here and I hope this information is useful to people who are interested in visiting this area.

Please keep in mind the state of Sachsen if you come to Germany as well as this review from a beginning writer hahaha. Thank you!

Angkhana Paotraesang

 Friday, February 26, 2016 11:34 AM