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Countdown in Laos: Vientiane - Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng


This is the first backpack trip Laos with my friend which we have faced many unexpected events (Become the name of the review). ㅠㅠ

This review is not about only places but it is also about how to get there as well as advice and caution when go to Laos. If there are any mistakes please accept my apology.

This trip I used Fujifilm X-E2, Canon 760D of my friend and iphone 6s for taking photos


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Plan the trip and book the ticket...

Transportation booking

Book a train ticket Bangkok - Nong Khai from or 1690

Book a bus ticket Nong Khai - Bangkok from and pay at 7/11. Do not forget to bring the confirmation code with you.

Hotel Booking

Book the hotel in advance through Agoda. Call to confirm your booking with the hotel and print confirmation booking to show when check-in.

Passport or Border Pass ?

Border Pass: you can do it at Nong Khai City Hall, this pass can allow you to stay in Laos for 3 days 2 nights

Passport: you can stay in Laos for 30 days (For Thai Passport)

Money Exchange
Try to exchange money in to KIP 😃

BKK - Nong Khai

Departure from Bangkok

Ticket check and receive blanket

1 hour

Still excited and cannot sleep

If you are hungry, do not worry because there are food and drink selling the 10 hours.

... 04.30 hrs.

Arrival to Nong Khai

Then we take Tuk Tuk to the border for 20 THB per person. It is actually very close we can even walk there.

There is 7/11 before crossing the border where we can find our breakfast and any other things.

The border open at 6.00am. so there are many people waiting.

Crossing border

Oh my god...So many people...

We have to fill out the immigration form.

There is a special lane for Thai citizen to pay 20 THB and you will get passed stamp, do not have to wait.

We are not hurry so we wait on line and see sunrise in the morning at the border.

Cross the bridge...

Then we also have fill out Laos immigration and by One way ticket (55 THB for the rate on that day)

Insert the ticket to the machine to open the partition...

After completely crossing the border, we try to find a bus to Morning Market (Do not ask for Tuk Tuk because it is very expensive especially in Thai currency)

For bus ticket: 6,000 KIP or around 24 THB per person (If pay in Thai currency is 40 THB per person)

Finally we arrive at Morning Market

Then we have to go to book bus ticket to Luang Prabang and buy a sim card.

We are now arrive at Vientiane, the capital of Laos

Then pay for Tuk Tuk 100THB per person to book the bus ticket with agency (T_T we did not have money exchange).

Tuk Tuk drop us of at the agency office which the Sleeper Bus ticket is 880 THB including transportation to Northern Bus Terminal, luggage store and shower.

For the real price that book at the Northern Bus Terminal is 150,000 KIP or about 600 THB.

We get a map from agency staff and choose to walk instead of taking Tuk Tuk because it is very expensive.

Just so you, each place is quite far from each other...

Then we go to exchange our money at Western Union...Feeling rich.

Walking along Kong River... such a nice atmosphere.

Laos also has Chai Si Noodle>>>

Then we walk back to the city center

Laos Post Box is also very cute in yellow color^^

Steam up your phone!!!

There is strong signal from Thailand but when there is no signal in other city. so you better buy a Laos Sim Card.

You can buy it from M point mart (the red shop) or mobile shop such as Huawei.

Sim card 20,000 KIP with unlock service and top up for 3G 1.5GB for 7days 10,000 KIP (It is enough for 7 days)

Our first meal in Laos, just like having Thai food (15,000 KIP)

After lunch, we walk to Patuxay (Triumphal Arch) which quite far.

There is Laos Lottery selling all the way we walk pass.

Cute cafe in Vientiane...Actually, there are every where.

It is mixed between Laos and Western culture.

The weather is getting hotter in the afternoon

This is That Dam

Then we follow Google Map to Patuxay (Triumphal Arch)

The fee to go up there is 3,000 KIP.

This period is the 40th year anniversary of Laos PDR foundation day so there are Laos Flats decorated all over this area.

View from the top

After that, we take Tuk Tuk to Joma Bakery Café, the famous bakery shop.

Try to do more bargain when you have ask for Tuk Tuk because they always set a very high price per person.

Tuk Tuk drop us at a small square and walk a little bit we arrive at Chathatirat Road

This area has many cute cafes.

It is quite busy in this area.

Here it is...Joma Bakery Cafe

There are so many people there so we move to Benoni Café instead.

They provide free WiFi here^^

Italian Soda

After enjoy our dessert, we walk back to the agency office

There are many restaurants along the way so we stop by at one restaurant and try Laos sausages and noodle.

Then continue walking to the agency office and wait for the transfer bus.

Sleeper bus (find photo from Google)

Regretfully, we travel at night so we cannot see beautiful view along both side of the road.

The bus stops for passenger to go to toilet or buy something to eat. The weather is a little bit cold.


The morning at Luang Prabang

Then we continue with another bus to the city. We leave our bags at the hotel and come back to check in later.

We stay at LPQ Backpackers Hostel in Mixed dorm for 190 THB per person.

This our room tonight (Photo from Agoda)

Let's start our journey in Luang Prabang

From the hotel we walk to Morning Market and stop by Prachaniyom Cafe for traditional coffee.

We have porridge and milk tea

And street food that you should not miss is Baguette

The cafe is located beside Kong River such a nice atmosphere.

Spending sometime at the morning market...

Then going to Tadkwangsikan Waterfall in the afternoon...

We buy the ticket from agency office for 50,000 KIP per person and book the ticket to Vang Vieng 120,000 KIP per person.

Price list and schedule

And we also rent a bicycle for from this agency office for 20,000 KIP per day.

This is the map...

There is viewpoint beside Kong River and crossing the bridge to Paper Town (we did not go)

Luang Prabang Museum

Unluckily, we arrive when they stop selling the morning round ticket..T_T So we only have a chance to walk around.

Then we go to take the bus to the waterfall.


Yeah Yeah Yeah... we arrive...

The entrance fee 20,000 KIP

Here is a Bear Sanctuary...They must be very tired.

The waterfall is very beautiful with clear water.

After that we go back to the city and wait for sunset at Pra That Poo Si.

There are so many people at the front entrance so we go up there on the other side.

Again entrance fee 20,000 KIP

(Most of tourist attraction places will have entrance fees around this)

Luang Prabang city view

Pra That Poo Si

These people are coming for sunset...

Sunset at Pra That Poo Si

Continue with Night Market

Indigo House Bakery

Dinner at Joma Bakery Café since we missed in Vientiane

Never think that Turkey and Cranberry Sauce can be a good matched

Then go back to the hotel and wake up in the morning for giving food to the monks


Wake up early for giving food to monks, one set 20,000 KIP

Photo from iPhone

Crying boy on the street...

His sister is really enjoy baguette...

Baguette shop at the corner of Prachaniyom Cafe

This boy is helping their parents to work even he is still very young, very impressive.

After breakfast, we walk back to the place that we have not taken photo yesterday

New menu: Deep fried baguette 2,000 KIP

People use bicycle as main transportation.

People here still wear Sarong both for school uniform and casual. Even they wear sarong, they still can ride a motorcycle.

Heading to Vang Vieng

Little cute puppies

Laos Noodle (strong smell of ginger)

The road to Vang Vieng is not good, go up and down all the time and a lot of dust. So if you are a kind of person who feel dizzy on driving you should be well prepared yourself and do not forget a mask.

Arriving at bus terminal and continue by Tuk Tuk to the city for 20,000 THB per person.

Impressive photo, monk rides a bicycle.

Today we stay at Malany Villa, it is located in the city center.

Room photo by Agoda

Recommended this hotel if you would like to come.

Then we decide to by a tour package for the next day.

We choose to do tubing, visiting Chang Kham Cave and Nam Cave, kayaking and end the day with Blue Lagoon.

We buy the package with Phone Travel, the agency office near by the hotel so we do not have to hurry in the morning.

We pay for the package 160,000 KIP per person

After we have done with the tour package, we walk to Song River and enjoy city tour.

There are many bar and restaurant beside the river.

Magic Hour of Song River...Such a beautiful view.

View of riverside restaurant

We still come back for Baguette in the city, delicious and cheap^^

Story from this baguette shop

Shop is located near by the hotel with Japanese Table style. Then we notice that the whole there is only one staff who do everything since bring the menu to us, taking order, serve and clear...he is only 9 years old.

One-Day Trip in Vang Vieng

Having breakfast near by the hotel with boar cast Thai news.


This little boy, we met him at the baguette shop yesterday.

(Already get permission from his mom)

Our companions mostly are Korean...

Chang Kham Cave

View while going to Tubing

Regretfully, we did not take any photo at Tubing T_T

There are so many people here and equipment is enough for everyone.

We have to wait until our turn.

The water is very cold and inside the cave is also very dark, we have to hold the robe all the time.

At check point, we have to crawl in to see beautiful stalactites.

Lunch box is included in the package.

After tubing continue with Kayaking

Get a quick briefing from our tour guild about how to kayak correctly and other cautions.

Such a Nice weather today

Having so much fun!!!!

While we are having so much fun, another kayak is moving closer and we try to avoid the tree on a side. And suddenly, our kayak collapses and all devices fall in to the water. Unluckier, the waterproof bag is broken and water get in to the bag. T_T

Everything is gone...My brain is blank...

Thank you to the tour guild who help us pull the kayak back, pick up our shoes and uptight the waterproof bag for us...

Last photo before collapsing>>>

Blue Lagoon

Everyone is feeling so failed from Kayaking...

It is beautiful but smaller than we are expected.

Today is not our day...but the show must go's a count down party.

Our destination tonight is Sakura Bar

5 4 3 2 1...Happy New Year

Last day in Laos

After breakfast, we take the bus that we have booked for 40,000 KIP per person.

The bus stop at Anuwong Stadium then we walk to Morning Market to find the bus to go back.

Looking for Lao - Thai International bus

On the way back

Good bye LAOS

Welcome to Thailand...Nong Khai...

Then go to bus terminal...Our bus to go back to is at 8.00pm.

While waiting, go out to have some walk and come back for the bus.

In this trip, I like Luang Prabang the most.

I have gotten new experience and learn many things from this trip. We have a very happy moment and also have gone into a hard time. We are enjoying so much.

However, this review is about my personal opinion, it will be better if you can visit by yourself.

For me, if I have a chance I will definitely come back.

Main expenses are as below:

Thank you very much

See you again next trip

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