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Hello everyone, welcome to my travelling world, the review that share my experience and my opinion.

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Let's get it started

By reading so many review and find one review that attracted me which is

" T h e F o r R e s t R e s o r t "

Direction to The For Rest Resort as in the map below

Distant of 247 KM and take about 2 hours

I came during weekday, the resort was fully booked...

Changing color of leaves means we are going to be in Winter soon even the weather still hot.

"Finally we arrive at The For Rest Resort Kanchanaburi"

Swimming pool in the front of the resort

Then go to check-in...Do not forget to take all of all needed stuff with you at once because it quite far to walk.

The resort atmosphere...

"My companion"

" Enjoy Kayaking"

The resort provides Kayak for the guest free of charge but they need 500THB deposit for paddle

The room is made from wood on the wooden raft a long Kwai River and has white cradle in the front of each room.

Room rate is 1,100 THB/Person including Breakfast and Dinner

After leave all bags in the room, it is time for rafting. There are only 3 rounds a day, 3.30pm.,4.30pm., and 5.30pm.

We got the last round...let's go>>>>

Everyone on the raft is looking for a nice corner to take a photo.

That when friendship is started because we are asking each other to help to take photo...^^

Sunset at Kwai River

After rafting, we went for Kayaking before dinner..

Restaurant of the resort...

After full.. Go to sleep z..zZ.z.....Z

Hoping to see some fog but there was none. In the bad time, we still have some luckiness, we can see stars on the clear sky and nice weather in an early morning.

" Fog!!! ^^ "

Breakfast here start at 6.00am...It is standard breakfast such as fried rice, boiled rice, ham, sausage, coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc.

Time to go to next destination

" Snoopy Backpack "

Next station...

" E R A W A N W A T E R F A L L "

Direction: from The For Rest Resort by taking road no. 323, 3457 and 3199 with distant of 94 KM. it takes about 1 hour. There are many shops and restaurant in front of the national park.

The charming of winter...color changing season

Entrance fee is 100 THB 50% discount for student with ID and extra 30 THB for personal car.

Hiking route is 1.5 KM with 7 levels of waterfall

I would suggest you to wear trainers which you will not regret when they get wet or damage...

There were so many people on that day so that we only had a few photo.

"Clear cold water "

"Feeling like Jacuzzi"

It took us about 3 hours for both hiking.

For your information, there are no shops or toilets after level 2 of the waterfall.

On the way back, we stopped by Srinakarin Dam...On my god...so beautiful

Nice weather with good view

After that we go to Thamkrasae, Line Railway World War 2....

“ T H A M K R A S A E “
- Line Railway World War 2 -


Taking road no.3199, 3457, 323 and 343, you can see the sign all the way there.

It takes about an hour from Erawan Waterfall (56 KM.)

For a nice photo with the train, you can check train schedule.

So that you can get a photo like this ^^

After that we go the check in at the second hotel which is...

“ B U T I Q U E R A F T R E S O R T R I V E R K W A I ''

There are 2 room types, one land and on water. I booked the room through Agoda and did not select the room type so we got the room on land.

This is the room>>>

It has a bigger room, a bigger bathroom with bathtub and shower

(Very excited)

A Rafting Room, there are 2 types ordinary and special one with swimming area. For your information, please book in advance for this room type.

"Room rate is 1,000 THB/ Person including breakfast (the same price for both room types).

For special rafting room, please contact the resort for the room rate."

It is very peaceful and private and staffs are so kind and very nice.

Public area of the resort

It is such a nice place for relaxing.

Broken bridge...Do not use

But I only think that I need a photo on that bridge so I have to leave my fear behind and go for it.

Luckily that I still have a chance come back and write this review. However, it is very dangerous, do not do it like me as there is a caution sign.

"Another angle from the bridge"

The restaurant open until 10.00pm., and taste was ok.

Breakfast time

This is all about travelling in my style. My happiness is to go out and relax in different places and meet new people with my camera and keep those memory with me forever that also give me more energy in my life. Thank you to all experiences and my companions. See you again on the next trip.

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