Hello everyone!!!!

When the weather changes, we might think of some places to relax. I would like to suggest you a beautiful place in Thailand, "Doi Nok", Phayao which seems like Sambala Thailand I think. Follow me to see how beautiful it is.

First of all, total expense for this trip approximately:

1. Van rental Bangkok - Phayao round trip 8,000 THB (4 days)

2. Gas 4,000 THB

3. National park guild 500 THB per person (big group need 2 guilds) 3 days 3,000 THB

4. Carrier 500 THB per person (6people X 3 days) 9,000 THB

5. Food 3,000 THB

So total around 3,500 THB per person.

Ok!!! let's go......

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Starting the journey

We contact the national park officer before coming and before the national park close for repairing. Luckily, we are the last group before Doi Luang National Park close for this season.

On the first day: Preparing stuffs, carriers and guilds and hiking from Jumpathong Waterfall to Doi Luang where we spent our first night.

Started our journey from now on>>>>

It was very shady along the way and not too hot.

Take a break for Lunch time

Khan Pratedthai and Khun Anucha, our guild for this trip

After that we continued walking...

This is the first stage "San Moo Mae Tong"

"San Moo Mae Tong" is a pig mother that feed many baby pigs and be thinner as this mountain.

Our carriers in the middle of big mountain

After walking through the whole grassland, finally we are here at San Moo Mae Tong

During the way on San Moo Mae Tong

Den Sa Kaeng... the check point before go up to Doi Nok where we can camping.

(Den Sa Kaeng is a local language means open air space)

But we decided to go up to Doi Luang because we would like to see the sunrise in the morning.

Still long way to go...

Another stage to pass, "Ban Dai Kay Fah

Just walk and enjoy beautiful view

We can see Doi Nok from here

It is getting dark soon we must speed up.

Finally, here we are at the top of Doi Luang with beautiful sunset.

Doi Luang is covering the area of 3 provinces, Chiang Rai, Lumpang and Payao.

Such a beautiful night

Good morning...

After enjoy a night here, it is time to pack and move on.

Next destination Doi Nok

There is pagoda on the top of Doi Nok which is almost 90 degree high.

Walking through wide grassland...

Pray to Buddha Image and keep all belongings in the pavilion. This is our place for the second night.

Recharging our energy before go up to Doi Nok

If we are here but we do not go up there that mean we are not here yet.

Let's go!!!!

We have to whole the rope to go up.

There is a story that, there are people coming up here every year and those people who have true believe in pagoda bring a big Buddha Image to locate here.

This is the first picture that I see when I arrive...

Up here I feel like we are at Sambala Thailand. Because of believe people come up here to pray to Phra That.

Moreover, there are also Buddha Image and Buddha Relics located here with flag all over the place.

We are succeeded...Yeah!!!!!

Our representative

We cannot wait for sunset due to the way down is quite dangerous if cannot get down before dark.

Enjoying sunrise in the morning and have breakfast before go back...

There is also waterfall during the way back which is very beautiful.

And at the end there is a car from the national park to pick us up.

When I look back to Doi Luang - Doi Nok, the mountain that seem not to be able to go up there but we did it together with our friendship and intention. *** For long distant of hiking, spirit is very important and always help each other.

For this trip, I think it would be good for hiking people because of long distant.

Samakida Somkid

 Friday, February 26, 2016 11:48 AM