"Don Mueang - Loei, Air Asia's new flying route: A one-day food tour with Mae Pranorm" written by แม่ประนอม

Mae Pranorm is invited by Thai Air Asia to travel to 3 new flying routes including Nan, Loei, and Roi Et. These 3 new flying route have just started operating on 9th February with the flight schedule as follows. Bangkok (Don Mueang) - Nan 2 flights a day FD3554DMK 10:1511:20 NNT

"Don Mueang - Loei, Air Asia's new flying route: A one-day food tour with Mae Pranorm"

"Don Mueang - Loei, Air Asia's new flying route: A one-day food tour with Mae Pranorm"

Mae Pranorm is invited by Thai Air Asia to travel to 3 new flying routes including Nan, Loei, and Roi Et. These 3 new flying route have just started operating on 9th February with the flight schedule as follows.

Bangkok (Don Mueang) - Nan 2 flights a day

FD3554DMK 10:1511:20 NNT

FD3555NNT 12:0513:10 DMK

FD3556DMK 15:1016:20 NNT

FD3557NNT 16:4517:55 DMK

Bangkok (Don Mueang) - Loei 2 flights a day

FD3542DMK 10:1511:20 LOE

FD3543LOE 11:5513:05 DMK

FD3548DMK 16:2017:25 LOE

FD3549LOE 18:0019:10 DMK

Bangkok (Don Mueang) - Roi Et 2 flights a day

FD3566DMK 07:2008:20 ROI

FD3567ROI 08:4509:50 DMK

FD3568DMK 18:3019:30 ROI

FD3569ROI 20:0521:05 DMK

We choose to go to Loei because there are our Facebook's friends volunteer to take us around and do like a food tour and go to Chiang Khan as well.

We take the flight to Loei at 10.15 AM and back to Bangkok at 06.00 PM same day. We are quite busy these days so we can't stay over.

But if you have time, it will be the best to stay at least one night in Chiang Khan.

So this trip will be mainly a food tour, stay tuned for the good quality local restaurant and more.

We are invited to try this Air Asia new flying route so the flights are complementary and we are even more lucky to have 2 voluntary local guides to take us around as well.

Thanks to these two young men, Nong Peach and Nong Jacky our local guides.

Mae Pranorm (An Amazing Traditional Thai Travel style)

If you are ready let's go and have fun in Loei!

We have 6 hours roughly to be here so let's see how many restaurants and places we can make on this trip.

And it's time to go boarding!

The hot meal that we have pre-booked are served right after we board.

I get some promotion news for pre-book meal for you. So you will have an idea what to order and which membership card is valid for a special offer.

This is the recommended menu, very tasty I confirm.

Oh! It is so fast that we have arrived Loei already.

Wow! There are some welcome dance and activities waiting for us.

Let me get a picture with the flight sign board.

Activities inside the airport.

And they have got some souvenir for us too.

And here he is our local guide.

And we will be traveling by this car.

We are ready so let's go to the first stop!

And this is our first stop, Khao Piak Pak Mar restaurant. It is famous for its hot and spicy food.

Apart from its good food, this restaurant is also well-known by its owner who is kind of fun and talkative person.

When we are taking photos he asks us like you are here to eat or taking photos? as an example so we are like hahaha

Wow! always packed with people here.

a short clip VDO version

They were a lot of celebrities came and ate here. There was even the TV food shows.

Look how busy the restaurant is!

This Rice Noodles Soup with one soft-boiled egg is 30 THB. What is so special about this is the soup, the soup is very delicious. For noodle like this we normally put some condiments but with this soup, no need.

This one with two soft-boiled eggs is 35 THB.

Free self-service drinking water and ice.

I highly recommend this restaurant, it is a must to come when you are in Loei. However, please be noted not to come too late because they finish very fast.

Then let's go to Chiang Khan! It is about 46 kilometers or roughly 1-hour drive from downtown Loei.

We will stop by Kaeng Kut Ku first which is 3 kilometers further from Chiang Khan.

Kaeng Kut Ku is a series of rapids in the middle of the Mekong River which are right on a curve of the river.

It is visible in dry season only which is from February to May.

There are numbers of resorts along the way to Kaeng Kut Ku.

Finally we are here!

There is a ferry service in case you want to see the natural beauty and local lives along the river.

The Tale of Kaeng Kut Ku.

Once upon a time, there is a hunter named “Red nose" who has been chasing a rare white buffalo. One day while this rare white buffalo is drinking water from the Mekong river.

The hunter gets ready to shoot the buffalo but there is a boat passing by which freak the buffalo out. The buffalo then run away up in the mountain. That mountain is known nowadays as "Phu Kwai Ngern (White buffalo mountain)".

The hunter is very angry the he accidentally shoots one mountain. That mountain then collapses and becomes "Phu Pha Baen" today.

The hunter is very angry at the boat so he try to block the river by putting a lot of stones and rocks into the river. This has been seen by a young monk and this young monk would like to stop him. Therefore, this young monk suggests the hunter to use the bamboo in transporting stones and rocks which would be more convenient for him. And the hunter agrees so.

However, the stones and rocks are too heavy so the bamboo breaks and cut his neck causing him dead. His dead body lie down in Kut Ku (curled up) position here that is why it is called Kaeng Kut Ku nowadays.

Don't forget to buy some local souvenirs back home!

This is my favorite snacks.

There is a variety of snacks that you can buy them back home.

And once you are here, make sure you take a photo with this sign board to show that you really have been here.

Nong Peach and Nong Jacky recommend us to have lunch here by the river to enjoy the food and the beautiful surroundings.

Even though the food is not that wow but I can say that it is not bad either.

It is a local restaurant managed by local housewife club.

Look at this Salt Crusted Grilled Fish! It look so yummy.

Fried river shrimps.

And the food here is fairly cheap.

And these are what we have ordered for our lunch.

Fried river shrimps.

Spicy minced pork salad. Please be noted to confirm them to put only 1 chili because the chilly used here is super spicy.

And every dish that includes chili, we always ask them to put only one chili too.

And the total is 370 THB.

All in all, I would recommend you to have lunch here. Even though the food is not that very delicious but it is not bad either and it is at reasonable price. You can also enjoy the atmosphere by the river.

Then it is time to go to Chiang Khan.

Since we are in Chiang Khan in the afternoon so we are not able to experience the walking street. The walking street starts around late afternoon. However, this might be a reason to come back here to spend a night next time.

Anyway, let's walk through this walking street even though it is not fully opened. And I bet it will be very beautiful here at night.

This is one of the most popular spots to take photo with.

And this is another one.

On the way back to Loei downtown, we are asked if we want to stop over at a gas station for toilets.

We think it will be better to go back straight ahead because we have limited time.

But they find another reason to stop over anyway at this particular gas station.

Once we are here, we truly understand why they really want us to stop over. It is a very unique and well-designed gas station.

We have arrived back in Loei downtown like late afternoon so we are on our way to the evening market.

There is a lot of exotic local stuffs,this Red ant eggs as an example.

Or these fried-silk worm, they eat them like snack which they provide high protein though.

Indochinese rat snake.

But actually Nong Peach and Nong Jacky would like to take us to here, the food stall that sells Thai steamed rice-skin dumplings.

We also take away 3 packs of them, they are so good.

These are the extra ones with more stuffs inside at 30 THB a pack.

And another must stop in this evening market, Loei Crispy Pancake food stall.

It is so cheap, look! this is only 30 THB.

Or with one more egg at 35 THB.

Wow! this is very tasty, I highly recommend.

And this famous Chinese Steamed Dumpling food stall.

This is another food stall that I highly recommend, you can see how good it is from the queue.


It is only 2 THB per one dumpling and I suggest to buy at least 50 of them at a time.

After I try this, I know that I get to buy them back home for my children, they are very delicious.

Before going back, Nong Peach and Nong Jacky take us to get white pork sausage which they intend to buy for us as a gift.

They give us 10 packs of 0.5 kilograms at 75 THB per pack.

Thank you both of you so much, you both are not only so kind to show us around but also get us a local gift to bring back home, Thank you.

We get these white pork sausage from Damrongpanit.

Damrongpanit is a popular local store where you can find all good quality and famous local stuffs.

Best sellers are Chinese sausage, White pork sausage, and North-eastern Thai style sausage.

Damrongpanit is located in Aue Ari Rd. opened from 08.00 AM to 06.00 PM telephone: 042-81-2504

0.5 kilograms of white pork sausage is 75 THB and with this 0.5 kilograms the whole family can enjoy them.

10 packs, I have no clue when I will finish them all.

And our 6 hours in Loei is now all gone and it is time to fly back, time flies.

It's a pity that we could not spend a night here. I still feel like there is a lot more fun Loei has to offer and great food they have.

And it is time to have the hot meal on a flight back again.

I highly recommend you to try this Chicken Lasagna, you will like it for sure.

And the trip ends here. Well, I would say you should not miss to come to Loei for any reason.

We are here for the first time and wish that we could spend a night in Chiang Khan especially to get a chance to experience the walking street at night, it must be very nice. Or we could even stay in a hotel by the Mekong river near the walking street.

And we love the food here in Loei so much.

There is also the famous Phu Ruea that we don't have a chance to visit yet either.

Lastly, if we happen to walk pass by each other please don't forget to say hi!

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Thank you

Thai Air Asia who kindly invited us to experience its new flying route

Nong Peach and Nong Jacky, our local guide. You two have taken a very good care of us and make us want to come back to Loei for more.

Thanks to those who always support and follow our travel reviews.

I will try to make my travel reviews better and better.


Mae Pranorm

Mae Pranorm (An Amazing Traditional Thai Travel style)