Hello dears, welcome to my journey.

If talking about the hotel, Kept Bangsaray Hotel Pattaya is one of the hotel that we would like to come back again and again. The hotel is located nearby Bangkok with a very romantic scenery

"Kept Bangsaray Hotel Pattaya"

It's quite a new hotel and never out of trend as people who have been there always would like to come back to this hotel again.

It is a very peaceful place where you can stay away from all busyness in town, and just sit back and relax here.

This time we were upgraded to Kept Suite with private pool.

Feeling like in Maldives...

So Good!!!!!!

From our room, we would be able to see Kept Water Villa

which is another room type that surrounded by glasses

where all guests could enjoy there moment in the middle of the sea.

In the evening, some of the guests could also join a sunset trip with the hotel

or stay at hotel and enjoy the moment here as much as possible like us.

It is so privacy where you can enjoy every corner of the hotel.

It is such a wonderful moment

Dining in a very romantic restaurant by the ocean.

Our table was in the corner, far away from the other and more privacy.

You can also inform hotel staff upon arrival how would you like your table to be set, they will arrange for you.

Just take a sip to start.....

Romantic dinner with a live band concert

Sitting and relaxing after dinner by the pool in front of our room.

It is so nice, lighting of the other side.

Breakfast time!!!

Enjoy your elegant breakfast buffet here

Such a nice weather in the morning

All day counter bar

There are no one at the main pool so it is us.........

At hotel's lobby you will find plenty place to sit

And it is about time to go....


Never want to leave and always want to come back again!

What about you guys????

If you do feel the same way, BOOK NOW!!

>>>> Kept Bangsaray Hotel Pattaya

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 Monday, December 10, 2018 7:54 AM