The Sahara الصحراء الكبرى is the largest desert located in the norther part of Africa continental. The desert area covers over 10 countries including Morocco.

Come with us!!! If you would like to riding a camel and camping in the largest desert....

We come in the beginning of March when the weather is not that hot but we might had some desert storms. We drive from Marrakesh to Merzouga which is the meeting point to ride camel to the camp. If you are coming during March - April we recommend to bring turban with you in case of desert storm.

Our camping area is located in Erg Chebbi Dunes (31.147368, -3.968200) which is not that far from Merzouga. It takes an hour and a half by camel riding.

After 20 minutes, my little boy come down and playing with the sand.....^_^

In his mind, "the real Morocco is the desert and riding camel". All 4-5 days in Marrakesh, my little boy always ask when will we arrive in Morocco?

Once he see the sand and camels, he is so happy!!!

If you would like to go camping by yourself in Sahara, you must check and get more information about where to stay as much as possible.

Place to stay

There are 2 types of tent for camping in the desert;

1. Berber which is a small tent for sleeping only, no restroom. The rental fee is about €35-€42 per night including breakfast and dinner and camp fire show

2. Luxury, it is will be more comfortable, bigger and there is a restroom inside. If you a big family, they can also arrange an extra bed for you. The rental fee is about €120-€200 including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a camp fire show.

So we are staying at Caravanserai Luxury Desert Camp with luxury tent. We booked the tent through and email them about the camel later. If you have a lot of thing to carry, you also can inform them to arrange a car to pick you up.

There 10 tents in this camp;

One is for the restaurant (Below photo), another 2-3 tents are for staffs and the rest are for the guests

After dinner, we have so much fun with the camp fire before go to bed.

It was so impressive for our family!!!


After booking, we need to contact them about the meeting point because each camp will have different meeting point. Mostly, the meeting point is a motel beside the road where you can park your car overnight (if rent one). At the back of the motel is an open area for camel riding. If not, the camp also can arrange a 4WD to pick you up at the meeting point.

If you choose Berber Tent, you may need so leave some of your belonging at the meeting point because this type of camp do not have a car to carry your belonging.

For Luxury Tent, the camp will arrange 4WD to pick up you up at the meeting point (if you do not want to ride a camel) and carry all of your belonging to the camping area. However, if you would to ride camel, you have to inform them in advance perhaps they could help you to arrange camel riding during the sunset or other time as per your preferences.

Camel riding rate is depend on time and distant normally would be €20-€30 per person (free for small children). . .

Have fun with camel riding and enjoy your camping in the desert...^___^

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