Yes, it's opening now!!! The Terminal 21, a modern shopping center of Pattaya. If you used to go for Terminal 21 at Sukhumvit, you must not miss this place as well. It still maintain its signature feature but what's more is they offer a lot of delicious restaurants and many beautiful photo taking spots which is the only branch in the eastern part of Thailand. Let's go find out together what the new Terminal 21 Pattaya has in store for us!!!

The Terminal 21 Pattaya is located on North Pattaya Road, right at the dolphin roundabout. Here is the Google Map: It is not difficult to find. A giant aircraft is outstandingly stood at the front which give us just a feeling of us about to fly :)

When going in, it feels like we are in the airport gate waiting to board for different cities. It seems like each city's landmark is being brought into this mall.

It is beautifully decorated in the style of each country.

The G floor is the concept of France, so here is the Eiffel Tower.

Grand, spectacular, luxurious

The M floor is for England.

The 1 floor is Italy.

The 2 floor is Japan.

It is so stylish, even the restroom.

The 3 floor is San Francisco of the U.S. and so here comes the Golden Gate too.

The 4 floor is the concept of Hollywood.

In addition, the Terminal 21 Pattaya has many delicious food and sweet for us like Thai snack and desserts, tea and coffee from China, Korea, Italy, Japan and many more. Here, I will show you only some of the delicious names, for the rest, you will have to find out by yourself ^^

IO Italian Osteria is a real authentic Italian food.

Kinkao is a Thai restaurant.

Pon, a Thai famous restaurant, is also located in this shopping mall, I have to say that it is so delicious.

A Japanese Washi restaurant is also a must not miss one with its fresh Salmon and big oysters.

Shakariki 432 imports its raw materials directly from Japan.

The Coffee Club has its own signature drink and snack, quite delicious.

Shizo ka offers original Japanese green tea deliciousness, the must try one is wasabi ice cream, hehe.

And many more shops and restaurants.

Apart from being a shopping mall, this place also offers a hotel service called the Grande Centre Point.

You can have a far view of Pattaya. And there's a rooftop restaurant for you to enjoy the atmosphere too.

This swimming pool is reserved only for the hotel guests.

Here is just a brief introduction to the Terminal 21 Pattaya. If you happen to go to Pattaya, do not forget to go shopping, enjoy some food, and take some cool photos.

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 Friday, November 30, 2018 10:00 PM