1 day together in "Hoi An", cycling and tasting food written by Holdhands journey

HOI AN, The World Heritage This trip we explored in the world heritage in mustard shade, spending slow-life-styled cycling while looking for tasty food with budget lower than 220 USD. Transportation : flight from Bangkok (Thailand) to Da Nang (Vietnam) 125 USD for return ticket. From Da Nang ai

1 day together in "Hoi An", cycling and tasting food

1 day together in "Hoi An", cycling and tasting food

 Thursday, January 3, 2019 6:52 PM

 Travel date:  Thursday, June 7, 2018

HOI AN, The World Heritage

This trip we explored in the world heritage in mustard shade, spending slow-life-styled cycling while looking for tasty food with budget lower than 220 USD.

Transportation : flight from Bangkok (Thailand) to Da Nang (Vietnam) 125 USD for return ticket. From Da Nang airport, taking a taxi to Hoi An for less than 19 USD per trip.
Expense : Hotel costs around 15.55 USD per room night. Food is not expensive. We spent around 95 USD for meals and souvenirs.

How slow life and how full could we be? If you are ready, let's grab a bicycle. If you wonder how could we find it, most of the hotels offer bicycle for rent. Or there are also renting shops along the way. If you are in no rush, bicycle is one of the good options. When going through crowds, you might have to step down and walk but mostly you can enjoy the view while cycling.

Starting the trip in the beautiful morning, we began cycling at 5 am. Don't be surprised! The sun rises early in the morning. If you want to enjoy taking picture without crowd in mild weather, early morning is the best timing.

Arriving at the old town, you would see stunning yellow buildings. If you find a good spot for taking picture, you can take a rest from cycling and enjoy it right away.

These lanterns are decorated all over the old town. It is one of the its identities. Souvenir shops and cafes are also nicely decorated to harmonize the atmosphere of the old town.

In the morning, most of the shops were not opened. It was a good chance of taking pictures privately.

There are also a lot of temples and shrines. We stopped to take pictures and then it's already time for breakfast. Let's see which place we chose to eat.

Reaching Out Tea House
Let me start by telling you that drinking tea and coffee is the lifestyle of people here, so we could find a lot of tea and coffee shops, even more than grocery stores.

But the shop that we would like to recommend was the place that we really liked. All the staff here are all deaf! You might wonder how we could order. There were cute wooden boxes with menu on them. If you would like to order, you just raise your hand and show staff the boxes. It is a very nice place for drinking tea. The ambiance was very quiet and the service was very good. We could see smiles on all the faces of the staff. Tea, coffee and cookies were tasty.

If you come to Hoi An, you should not miss this place because not only a good tea you can enjoy, you would also leave the place with smile of your face as well.

An Thai

Despite the name of the place, this has nothing to do with Thailand. They sell herb tea which I think has lotus as ingredient. It could refresh you after cycling.

We did not expect that the tea would taste so good. And the price was not high at all. We were so impressed with it that we went there every time we passed by old town. We even thought about finding the tea recipe so we can make it ourselves. And the place also looks nice for photographing. There was also food available but we did not try. If you try the food there, please also let us know your thought.

And please do not miss the lotus tea. We could only find it at this place.

Miss Ly
We have tried a lot of snacks, now it's time for something savory. In my opinion, if you miss eating at this place, you have not reached Hoi An yet.

Seriously, the food here is very amazing. The taste is just perfect, and so the size of the dish. We had a lot of shrimps in our fried rice. The spring role was also great. They are so delicious that we are still missing them now. If they run a franchise, we would definitely join the business. And I am not exaggerating here. I love it here so much. But it is better to avoid lunch time as the queue it long. But you can also spend time at the market nearby while waiting.

Fai fo Coffee
There is a scenic spot that you should not miss here during sun set. We can see the view of Hoi An from the rooftop, the orange sky and the yellow buildings were very beautiful together. The moving crowd downstairs is also nice to observe. Be early before sunset so you can get a good seat for your photo.

Sweets here are also nice. For me, I do not like overly sweetened food, and here's just fit for my taste. The blended drinks are good too. We had mint chocolate frappe. We enjoyed minty fragrance of the drink till the end. And it was not expensive. It was even more worthy to see the view. Please come!

This place serves all fruit smoothies and they were finely blended. We had barely had anything like this before so we gave it a try.

It was not as difficult to drink as we had thought. There were various mixed fruit smoothies to try. We chose the one called "Good morning Hoi An" but we had it in the evening. It was good. We could taste the freshness of the fruit. There were also organic products such as grains available. There are also many branches. Try it if you pass by one of them.

De Vuong the king
Here is the last one that we would like to recommend. We were quite confused on the first day because we did not know where to eat and there were a lot of people. So we tried this place because there were seats available.

Not knowing what to eat, we ordered the most basic dishes; spring role, soup and rice paper rolls with meat balls. It turned out we liked them very much. The spring roll was superb and though rice paper rolls were different to what we have in Thailand, they were delicious too.

When it gets dark, Hoi An is lighted up with colorful lanterns. You can also buy it in a cheap price. The small one costs less than a dollar and the big one costs around 5 - 6 USD.

An auntie was selling a floating lantern. As Hoi An is a river community, they float lanterns in the evening. This floating lantern is made from paper and there is a candle to light inside.

We can take picture with the lanterns. Help buying them so you can have nice photos.

Evening performance helps lifting the mood of tourists.

You can find small souvenir shops everywhere and the prices are reasonable.

We left Hoi An with big impression. We fell in love with Hoi An, the lively colorful town with great food, tradition, people, and romantic atmosphere. Please try a trip there. "Hoi An, I love you"

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