This winter... Lampang will not longer be a passage way : )

Let's see where we should visit this winter... cute corners of the city - the people, beautiful nature, fountains, waterfalls, viewpoints and nice spots for cool photos!

The first destination is a highlight destination! If you don't visit this place, it's like you haven't reached Lampang.

1. Chae Son National Park

It's green everywhere you look ... there is a hot spring to soak your feet in (there are also rooms for a full body soak). Or if the hot spring is too hot for you, the waterfall is nice and cool. When it is time to eat, you can boil eggs in the hot spring and enjoy it with soy sauce. Highly recommended!

National park entrance fee:
Thai visitors : Adults 40 baht / Child 20 baht
Foreign visitors : Adults 200 baht / Child 100 baht

Hot spring room rental 50 baht/person (single and group have the same price)

Towel rental 20 baht

Sarong rental 10 baht

Google Map > อุทยานแห่งชาติ แจ้ซ้อน

You don't have to pay to enjoy soaking your feet in the hot spring!

The waterfall is nice and cool : )

2. Lampang's Black Bridge + Rattana Market

This bridge dates back to post WW II. It connects Nakorn Lampang Station with Boe Haew Station. It is located near Rattana market (also known as Gao Jao market) which is a morning market, so you can find breakfast here and then go to the bridge to take photos.

It is recommended to visit the market at around 6-9 AM so that you have enough time to enjoy both the market and the bridge.

Google Map > ตลาดรัตน

There are a few street art corners scattered around the area. They are nice and hipster places to take photos.

3. Pra Tat Doi Pra Chan Temple

During the rainy season and winter season, this place is a great place to visit because you can see the beautiful sea of fog. However, you should visit in the morning around sunrise. The temple's name may not sound familiar, but its view is amazing - you can see mountains and green trees everywhere.

It is recommended to visit around 6 AM. If you visit any later than that, you may see the view, but the fog may not be there (however, it's still beautiful anyway).

Located in Tambon Pa Tan, Amphoe Mae Ta, Lampang Province.

Google Map > วัดพระธาตุดอยพระฌาน

4. Pra Tat Lampang Luang Temple

This is an ancient temple that has been in Lampang throughout history. The architecture of this temple is very eye-catching and unique. Inside, you can see the beautiful image of the Pra Tat Lampang Luang Buddha padded in gold. Buddha's relics are also placed in this temple. The temple is the temple for those who are born in the year of the ox. In front, there are horse carriages for rent (to take photos only costs 10 baht).

Google Map > วัดพระธาตุลำปางหลวง

5. Lampang Train Station

One of the first train stations in Thailand, it survived the first world war as well. It is also a great location to visit and take photos.

Google Map > สถานีรถไฟลำปาง

6. Kad Kong Ta

For those who enjoy shopping and finding night snacks, this is the perfect place! It is a very lively night market with great street food and Thai art performances.

Open every Saturday and Sunday (5-10 PM).

Google Map > กาดกองต้า ลำปาง

7. Sight-seeing on a horse carriage - Tha Ma O Community

Go sight-seeing and take photos while traveling in a horse carriage! It will park once in a while at historical sites.

The fee depends on the length of travel time. 40 minutes will cost 350 baht (3 persons per carriage).

*Prices may change. It is highly recommended that you ask for information before making a decision.

8.Pangluang Garden

Pangluang Garden is a restaurant, resort and mini farm which has a musical fountain (the only one in Lampang). The ambience is very relaxed. If you go in the evening before sunset, you can take photos before going to see the musical fountain.

Google Map > Pangluang Garden

9. Street Art Lampang

The street walls are painted with pictures telling stories of Lampang and the lifestyle of the people.

It is located near Rassadapisek bridge, a little further from Kad Kong Ta market.

Google Map > สะพานรัษฎาภิเศก

10. Indra Outlet

This outlet is famous for its ceramic works ranging from bowls to premium decorative items. They are perfect for both teenagers and elders. This place is also the number 1 ceramic factory in Lampang which exports to other countries in Asia and Europe. Before going home, don't forget to take pictures at the car park! : )

Google Map > Indra Outlet

Let's visit Lampang this winter! And you will find that Lampang is an awesome destination that you shouldn't miss!

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