Namastē “Everything is possible in India”
Do not yet judge anything, just because it is said so.......
Here is my personal experience, I once had a really negative thought towards this country.
If you are a peace lover, India may not be your ideal destination, but if love to challenge your life, you must come to India.
This trip, I'm traveling 5 days 4 nights to 2 cities of Rajasthan state: Jaipur (Pink City) and Jodhpur (Blue City).
I have to say that it is such a beautiful place to take photos. Houses and buildings are magnificent. It is really grand.
It is much better than what I have anticipated. People are lovely and very kind.


Thai passport does need to apply for a visa to enter to India and we can apply it online via this website:

The visa fee is 80 USD or about 2,700 THB. It takes only a day to approve, very easy. In case you didn't pass, you can just resubmit your application, not a big deal.


I fly with Thai Smile Airways. It is a direct flight from Suvarnabhumi-Jaipur (flight time is about 4 hours and a bit more).

It is a full service airline and very convenient. The cabin is wide and cabin crews are lovely.

Food and beverages are served on board as well as a blanket which help our journey even more comfortable.

The quality is guaranteed by 5 awarded granted by the Trip Advisor.

Best Airline in Thailand

Best Airline in Asia

Best Economy Class in Asia

The fare depends on when we buy it but here is a secret to you, they often offer promotional prices.

For more information, please visit this website:

#SIM card

I recommend you to buy SIM2Fly AIS. It is 399 THB for 8 days (non-stop internet with full speed 4GB).

If you are going to buy a SIM card in India, it's quite complicated. We need to provide a lot of documents which could waste a lot of our time.

#Rental car

There are actually a lot of way to travel to Jaipur, you can take a Rickshaw (like Tuk Tuk in Thailand), UBER, or a rental car with a chauffeur which is my choice.

I use a service of Ranthambore Tour Cab. The driver named Mr. Singh and he can speak English. He is so great. He takes us on tour like we are super VIP guests.

Before going, we sent our plan of 5 days 2 cities (Jaipur-Jodhpur) to them for pricing. The price is 12,350 INR or 6,000 THB.

Line: ranthambore

Fb :

#15 destinations that you must not miss in Jaipur-Jodhpur, you are most welcome to follow our plan :)

1. Let me start the first destination with the pink city at The Patrika Gate

It is located at the Jawahar Circle, very near to the airport. It is the 9th gate of Jaipur.

It is so magnificent. When the driver stops the car at the front, it 'wows' us so much.

It is outstandingly pink from afar. It is so beautiful no matter of which angle you are shooting. Most importantly, there's no entrance fee, you can stay for as long as you want.

Inside is beautifully colorful. Indians like to shoot movies or even pre-wedding photos here.

We see like 2-3 pre-wedding shooting couples. Oh well, if it's going to be this beautiful right?

2. Next destination is Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Winds

It is considered the landmark of Jaipur city because everyone must come here for photos.

It is outstandingly situated in the center of the city. The building has 953 small windows.

This is so that females living inside the palace could see how people outside are living. The size of the window depends on their hierarchical positions.

On the opposite side of Hawa Mahal, there's a chic cafe called Wind View Cafe.

Visiting this cafe shop, it's like we are making new friends. The staff there keeps talking to us, she said she has a Thai boyfriend.

She loves Thailand. And then she starts to tell us about Jaipur and said that tonight there'll be a celebration of Diwali festival.

The entire front road will be lighten up and used for the festival. It is a new year festival of Hindus just like Songkran festival in Thailand. And here, I sit and talk with them for hours. Some I understand and some I don't but it's quite fun. Beverages, sandwiches and tea here are quite alright although there comes little spice smell. But in compare to the given view, it's a pass pass pass!

Here is a night view when we are back later, it's quite beautiful.

3. Panna Meena Ka Kund

Here is the ancient terraced pond, free entrance.

But if you want to go down, wait until only few people are there and the guide will start asking you.

Do you want to go down? It's 100 INR or 50 THB but you must hurry, otherwise, other people will see it and this is what they told us, haha. Well, since we are already here, why not right? And then less than 2 minutes, we are called to get back up. So if you want to try this, please have your poses ready, otherwise, you might not have any cool poses, haha.

4. City Palace

Here is the best place for photo shooting, there're a lot of rooms and angles and so are the crowd, haha.

The destination is not far from Hawa Mahal, it is within walking distance. Once we arrive, we see a lot of guides come and wait the tourists at the entrance. Do not set any deal with them, go straight to the ticket counter and they will arrange everything for you.

There are 2 set of prices and I choose the one that covers every room as I really want to take photo with the blue room.

Along the way, the tour guide will tell us the history of the palace including important people. Again, we only understand part of it, haha. Tour guide here is very cute and polite. Regardless of where to stop, there is no complain. They still keep on telling their story. It's more like we have another friend showing us around.

For the entrance fee of 530 INR, you can only see part of the palace.

For the entrance fee of 3,000 INR, you can visit all areas including a personal tour guide service and a beverage (the price has just gone up recently).

We come here early morning because we wanted to escape the crowd.

It was quite empty when we arrive and packed by the time we leave.

After this room, it is the prize for our higher pay. We have to climb up quite sometimes which get us quite exhausted. When we reach this room, I told our tour guide he can take a nap while waiting for us as we would take a really long time. He smiles and understands us. Well, I can't help it, this is the most popular room.

Here is the king's seat with the queen seats on the left and right.

The room is decorated with gold and mirror, it is so glittering. Actually, there's another highlight room. It is a room the king use for his date.

The light is off and the candle is lit up instead. The top of the ceiling reflects the glittering light just like stars. It's so beautiful but I didn't take any photo as it was too dark, haha.

Here comes a peacock gate zone. Actually, there're 4 gates altogether but since there're too many people so I didn't get to take picture with all of them, haha.

5. Amber Fort

This grand Amber Fort is located on a rocky cliff above the lake. It is about 11 km away from Jaipur downtown. It is one of Jaipur's most important tourist attractions. It is so spacious.

There are 4 ways to reach to the top of the Amber Fort:

1. Walking up, it would take about 10-15 minutes, just follow the path and you won't get lose.

2. Taking a jeep, the fare is 300 INR (150 THB) each jeep and it can take about 4-5 people.

3. Riding an elephant, the fare is 1,100 INR (550 THB), 2 people in each elephant

4. If you rent a private car, they can directly take you up to the entrance.

The entrance fee is 500 INR or 250 THB.

Coming here, you must remember that you cannot go back the same way you came.

There was a lot of people at the first spot so I thought I would walk to take photo inside first and come back out for it later. But the guard would not let me walk back, I'm so sad.

Fine, let's go back then T_T

6. Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort stands out on the top of a long cliff that covers the neighboring hills. It is better known as the Tiger Fort. I think this is a perfect place for enjoying the sunset. We'd better come at 3 p.m. as we can roam around the building first and go walk at the wall to view the city of Jaipur. The big orange sun above the pink city makes this fort really attractive. I love it so much that I come here 2 days on a roll.

Vising hours: daily from 10.00 - 17.00 p.m.

The entrance free is 250 INR or 125 THB.

Again, the sunset here is so incredibly beautiful.

Another interesting thing is the one-lane hill road.

If you can't imagine, think about the way up to Phu Thap Bork.

But here, it's only one lane with people walking and motorcycles parked on both sides along the way.

And our chauffeur drive up and down like the Fast & Furious guy. When we are back down, he turned to ask " You ok?"

I find it quite amusing. Oh well, what can I say, I simply replied "yes" as we are already back down, aren't we?

7. Galta Ji Temple Jaipur

This Monkey Temple is quite far away from the city. If you didn't rent a car, I recommend you to hire a round trip ride.

Otherwise, it's very hard to find a ride back.

It's a pity that they are having certain ceremony where Indians are bathing in the temple pond and it's such a big crowd on the day we visit.

This allows me to be able to take few photos and unable to take at the angle I was planning to shoot T_T

The entrance fee is 50 INR or 25 THB.

Here is where they come for bathing. Females and males are separated. This one is for female, the male one is located above this one. It is really a massive of crowd today.

8. Albert Hall Museum

It is the central museum of Jaipur. We ask to stop when going by. It's like an ancient city with about thousands of birds.

And when they are flying in unison, it's so incredibly beautiful, oh my! I think just by taking photo of them like this is already worth a visit.

The entrance is free (if you only take photos from outside).

9. La Palma Jaipur

Here is an Italian restaurant that is quite good. The decoration is so authentic that it takes us so far way from Indian vibe.

I was thinking I was sitting and dinning in Silom area, haha.

Each dish is about 200-500 THB.

10. Caffé Palladio Jaipur

Here is another very popular cafe among Thai tourists.

I meet about 4 tables of Thai people here and feel like home for a while. It's such a good feeling, haha.

It is a lovely shop in a sweet decoration. But they have the rule that only a mobile phone is allowed for photo taking, no camera is allowed for taking photos.

After Jaipur, we move on to another city that I really wanted to visit, the blue city.

To reach to Jodhpur, it would take about 5-6 hours depending on the driver.

Along the way, you would see many animals on the side road, beggars, and traditional Indian shops.

All of which I didn't get to see much in Jaipur, just loving it.

11. Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort is a very large fortress in the blue city of Jodhpur.

It is one of the four largest palaces in India. It is so long that cover 123 mountains. It is so magnificent starting from the parking lot.

Let's say for all I have been in this trip, this fort is my favorite. I remember saying "oh wow, it's so beautiful" for countless times.

There's a museum inside and if you keep on walking to the back, there's a very beautiful viewpoint to overseeing the blue city.

The entrance fee is 600 INR (300 THB) and the camera fee is 100 INR (50 THB)/each.

For being magnificent, grand, and huge, India has it all.

This uncle is performing the role of a king for the audience.

Once I take a photo, he goes "tip tip" haha. Oh well, you wouldn't get it from me, I've already paid my entrance ticket.

It's like the movie scene I've seen in a TV as a child and here I am.

The back is a route leading to the viewpoint of the blue city, let's go.

I just can't get enough of enjoying the view along the way and saying 'oh wow, it's so beautiful'.

You can look at a view from this small window.

Oh my, it's so incredibly beautiful. I have no complaint for my long hours on the road now.

My lovely blue city ...

12. The next destination is a secret place found in IG " Pachetia Hill "

There's no map to this location, we must try to find it by probability.

We failed on our first day and come back again on the second morning. We keep asking local people along the way and finally find it.

This spot is a large rocky hill extending into the middle of the blue city. From the panoramic view behind, we can see Mehrangarh Fort too. Oh wow, it is so beautiful. And then there's this dog who is like our tour guide. He gets us from the entrance and drops us here.

If you want to visit this location, I recommend you to walk from the back of the Mehrangarh Fort, turn left and follow the narrow alley. Along the way, you can keep asking direction from local people too and you will reach here in no time.

Entrance fee: Free

13. Sardar Market

Here comes a super cheap market for Sari located at the clock tower. A set of Sari clothing is like 200 THB.

There're a lot of them available on the floor for us to choose. And if you want to buy one, you can also bargain for more.

Nearby there's a tea shop too. I see a lot of people here so I guess it must be delicious. Too bad that we didn't have enough time so didn't get to try.

If you happen to be around, taste it for us too, haha.

14. Jodhpur Old Town

Most of houses in the old town are painted in blue.

This is because this village was so hot in the past. Then, villagers decided to paint their houses blue due to the fact that blue is the most UV-resistant color and with the belief that blue can prevent mosquito away.

I have to say Jodhpur is more original than Jaipur. People are more chaotic, less clean, and the road in blue houses zone is so narrow.

Car is not accessible, we must either take a Rickshaw or walk in of which we choose the latter one because we want to take some photos too. You can imagine now that, we are walking in a narrow alley, accompanying with cows, dogs, cars running and beeping here and there, truly a chaotic scene. Oh well, this is a true India, I guess. Good thing that the weather is quite cool so we can just keep on walking without having to care much about the map as we can take a Rickshaw back anytime we wanted.

Simple, just leave your rental car outside when visiting the old town.

Here I see a lot of milkmen. Some houses didn't come out to take their milk but drop the rope to receive it instead, so cool!

Morning life style of senior people, just loving this colorful city.

15. Here is another must not miss destination in Jodhpur: Step Well Café

A step well cafe is beautifully decorated and offers a great atmosphere, recommended!

We can enjoy the view while sipping a cup of coffee. And you can go down to take a photo too without any entrance fee.

What's more, you can even play in the water, and this is what Indians love the most!

This accommodation is called The Blue House, each night is 1,100 THB.

Clean room, great location, but the entrance is a bit difficult as it's so narrow, highly recommended, it also comes with a deck view.

And, the must mention thing for this trip is, the airline.

If you guys read this review and feel like seeing it with your own eyes.

We fly with Thai Smile Airways.

It offers a direct flight from Suvarnabhumi - Jaipur (4 hours flying time).

It is a full service airline with food and blanket on board. The price is relatively good too, often comes with promotional price.

You guys are most welcome to follow my above plan where I include all important landmarks.


I book my room with #Traveloka and #Agoda and I choose to pay at the hotel.

Night 1-2: Chitrakatha (Jaipur) each nigh is 600 THB. Accommodation comes with a deck. It was during the Diwali festival, the Hindu's new year festival and a sign that winter is here officially. So there're fireworks celebration all nigh. We can go up to the desk to dine and watch the firework at the same time, it's so good.

Night 3: The Blue House (Jodhpur) each night is 1,100 THB. It is located in the old town blue city area so the entrance is quite difficult to reach. We must take a Rickshaw in but the room and the view is so great. We can see the Mehrangarh Fort from the deck restaurant too.

Day 4: Sapphire Inn (Jaipur) each night is 700 THB. This hotel is like Holiday Inn. It is close to the airport and come with a breakfast.

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A bit more:

► To convert the money in THB, simply divided by 2, for example, 100 INR is 50 THB.

► India time is one and a half hours slower than Thailand time.

► To bargain the price, start with half and if it's not ok, walk out and soon you will hear "Madam madam, ok."

► Road is quite chaotic. It is filled with horns and animals wandering around.

► People here love taking photos (and I mean it). They love to come asking for selfie shots, haha.

► Do not ever give money to beggars, otherwise, you will be stormed into.

► Each tourist attraction comes with lots of unofficial tour guides. If you are not sure, it's best to go to the ticket counter and ask for a service there if you want.

► Public toilets are quite worrying, you should prepare tissues at all time.

► Indian food is quite alright, especially fried rice, otherwise, Italian restaurants are all over the city.

► People here are very lovely. Their faces might look scary but they are very friendly and ready to help tourists wholeheartedly.

► Hitting or touching other cars while driving is normal, no one is angry at one another. This phenomenon caught me quite puzzled.

► For the departure flight, do no plan to wait for the flight at the airport as the airport will only allow you to enter 3 hours before your departure time (which means you have to stand and wait outside the airport as seats are very limited).

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