Our destination of this trip is "Doi Ang Khang", a land that is said to be "a wonderland" for having beautiful lush green scenery and cold weather for us to enjoy all year round.

Average temperature

- Nov to Feb (winter) daytime is between 10-22 degree Celsius and nighttime is between 5-10 degree **** Lowest is -4 degree during Dec-Jan.

- Mar to May (summer) is 15-28 degree (it's still great to travel as it's colder than Dec in Bangkok, haha).

- June to Oct (rainy) is 17-28 degree.


We travel with a train, Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok (North line "Uttravithi) "express line" train no. 9.

This train leaves Hua Lamphong at 6.10 p.m. and reach Chiang Mai 7.15 a.m. (the train is very much on time, it keeps us informed of our location at at time on the LCD screen).

Train ticket : The second class cabin, upper bed is 941 THB, lower bed is 1,041 (I'm taking this one).

  • The first class cabin, upper bed is 1,653 THB, lower bed is 1,453 (comes in room).

Book the ticket / check the train ticket, please click >คลิกที่นี่

To check weather forecast at Doi Ang Khang, please click สถานีเกษตรหลวงดอยอ่างขาง

Alright, after such a long introduction, it's time to start our journey ^^ (honestly, I'm quite excited, the last time I took the train was in my kindergarten 3. Then, the train was infamously known for being over-delayed. Despite hearing the train sound, it wouldn't move anytime soon, haha).

Look at the difference, the old train is on the left and the new one on the right!

Here, the staff are lining up :) It's not often that I see this (oh well, I haven't come here for more than 10 years, please allow me to keep it as a memory).

There's a food cabin too where food and beverages are sold (if I remember correctly, it closes at 11 p.m. and opens at 5 a.m.) A takeaway food is 60 THB each box and coffee is 45-70 THB.

It's such a great time to eat and enjoy the view along the way with a cool AC :)

For the restroom, I'm so impressed with its spraying cord and no smell (I remember when I was a child, I must practice to hold my breath when using the restroom, otherwise, I could be fainted) but here is so clean and nice :)

There's also restrooms for disable and elderly people (very spacious).

For the room type, upper bed is 1,253 THB and lower bed is 1,453 THB.

When opening above door, you will find an identical room. If you are traveling in a group of friends, you can connect two rooms with this door :)

Okay... when it's time to sleep, the staff will come and put up the bed for us (do not panic, nothing is going on here, we are just curious and take photos, haha).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that there's a plug for us to charge our phone too at the head of the bed, what a convenient service.

I keep on waking up from time to time, probably I'm not used to this bed yet. There, my mobile signal is on and off too (in case you wonder, I use TrueMove). Then, we arrive at our destination at 7.10 a.m. (it's so on time!).

For this trip, we are taking a van further to Doi Ang Khang (it's a van from CP All).

How to get to Doi Ang Khang? (I search for more information on how to get to Doi Ang Khang, please accept my apology if this information is happened to be inaccurate).

For those who come with public transportation and didn't hire a van further. You can take a red cab to Chang Puak Bus Station (there, vans, buses are available for you to go to Fang district and other tourist destinations). You can also get off at the entrance towards Doi Ang Khang.

- Bus "Chiang Mai-Fang" (it takes about 3 hours since it would stop whenever people want to get on and off). We can ask to get off at Wat Hat Samran (the ticket is less than a hundred THB). Along the way, we can slowly enjoy the view.

- Van (the ticket is 100+ THB, the seat is a bit uncomfortable but it's faster).

*** After getting off at Wat Hat Samran, find someone to share the fee for Song Taew to go up to Doi Ang Khang (it would take less than an hour wait during high season).

For Song Taew (taxi) to go up to Doi Ang Khang, please call K. Som: 053-884848 / 086-1947484

*** If you drive your own car but not so expert on mountain road, I highly recommend you to go with Song Taew! This is because the road is narrow and quite steep.

*** The car will drop us off at Doi Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station. From here, we can find our accommodation (it's only 400 m from here to walking street where a lot of accommodations are available).

Accommodation: Angkhang Villa

It is about 300 m to the walking street and 400 m to the Royal Agricultural Station (approximately).

800 THB for 2 people in a building (no breakfast)

1,500 THB for 2 people in a house (no breakfast)

Contact number: 053-450-010 (please call to make sure again)

The 800 THB per room is in this red building.

No AC....but no worry, it's really cold at night (I stayed here in Feb 2017).

*** Please pay attention to how thick this blanket is, and I use both of them plus 3 layers of shirts, socks and gloves. Oh my, it's really cold that the water vapor comes out of my mouth too.

The below house must be the 1,500 THB per room. I didn't get to take photos inside but thinking the view must be really beautiful :) please call again for further information.

Here comes our highlight "Doi Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station"

Strawberry field, plum garden, tea plantation and beautiful viewpoints are all here!

Entrance fee is 50 THB per person (morning weather is 6.6 degree) and yes, I have a water vapor out of my mouth <3

Opening time is 6 a.m. and closing time is 6 p.m.

It is very spacious inside, if you want to roam everywhere, you must drive (by walking, you will have to spend your entire day, haha).

*** Feel free to stop at any spot you like (I also didn't get to stop at every spot).

*** If you love to take photos, morning time is much more beautiful as you can see the mist also (I visit at 6-8 a.m.).

*** We first entered here in the evening right after we checked in to our room. But since we also wanted to enjoy the sea of mist atmosphere, we came back again the next morning (the photos display below starts from the morning, so that you can get a different feeling).

Ornamental Cabbage Field

We can walk to this area, it is about 500 m from the security entrance.

If you are curious of how cold it is, you can take a look at this flower! (flake ice) and yeah...water vapor when we are talking.

If your body is quite fit....you can enjoy a run here and I'm sure that you can run longer than usual because you can't stop as it's very cold!!!

That you see afar behind us is all the mist :) Now, I think it's around 7 a.m.

Plum Garden

This area was a movie shooting location too (try to come here with your loved one, the atmosphere is so good).

Along the way, we can also enjoy the Sakura (if the budget is not permitted yet, we can come here for Sakura first ^^).

80 Garden *with lots of beautiful flowers!

*** These photos were taken in the afternoon and evening.

I don't know what this flower is but it looks like a butterfly and so colorful. Oh wow, for a minute, I thought I'm in the Wonderland ; p

Next Stop : Tea Plantation <3

This tea is also for sale :) In case you are cold, you can stop here for a cup of hot tea.

Along the way, you can also buy some of these clothes to match with the atmosphere :)

Here we are ... Well, if you come here in the morning, it'd be so good. It is said that you could see the mist and it is the highlight here. However, visiting here in the evening will give you something like this where there's not much light for photography.

After this, we are going for the strawberry field ... ^^

Strawberry Field

You can freshly pick them here but with a cost of 300 THB ( I think it's a bit expensive, it's cheaper to buy outside. But if you want to try them fresh, it's a good chance).

It is said again that morning will give you better photos. In the evening, the light is somewhat gone.

Next station is Bonsai garden...

Bonsai Garden Ang Khang

If you still have energy left, you are most welcome to enjoy the walk at the walking street in the evening...The distance from the Royal Agricultural Center to our hotel and walking street is similar and walkable while we are yet that tired.

***Accommodations are also available in the Royal Agricultural Center. For tenting, it is 300 THB each tent (for 2 people).

- 400 THB each tent (3 people), 500 THB (4 people), for more information, please click > คลิกที่นี่

- Housing is also available, it can accommodate up to 4 people, the price ranges from 3,500-5,620 THB depending on the season (2 bedrooms, 2 restrooms for 4 people), for more information, please click > คลิกที่นี่

Doi Ang Khang Walking Street

There're not many things to offer here but a full score for its atmosphere. Mainly, it is to support local people's products. Most of them are food, and hill tribes' clothes and not much souvenir. Anyhow, I really want you guys to experience this walking street.

Actually, a cup of hot milk in this cold weather is so great. It is 10 THB each glass with honey (it's quite yummy, I drink 4 glasses of it, I can't help it as the weather is really cold).

In this photo, you can see that there're a lot of accommodations. I recommend you to call and ask for the price first. You can simply Google it with "accommodations near the walking street Doi Ang Khang", I'm sure you will find lots of results.

If you have never visited here yet...I do recommend you to come here once. Doi Ang Khang is really beautiful and the weather is cool all year round (the level that urban folks won't get to experience even in their winter season).

P.S. This trip, a big thanks for the kind sponsor from CP All. It is the trip that we get to do our CSR activities by giving out things for children at school and to convey a life of a girl named "Xiao Fang" who was granted Panyapiwat scholarship from สถาบันจัดการปัญญาภิวัฒน์ (of CP ALL). Now, she's made a remarkable progress in life with her own great efforts :)

- If you are interested in this scholarship or her story, please click http://bit.ly/2mcY9uU #Chiang Dao Trip, a story of hope

For this trip, goodbye now ^___^

Goodbye ^ ^

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