We are invited by The Tourism Authority of Thailand to go and experience Pha Chor, The Unseen Grand Canyon of Thailand.

We are going to visit an unseen and unknown tourist spot in Chiang Mai at Mae Wang National Park or also known as Grand Canyon of Thailand.

See Wild Himalayan Cherry blossom at Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang).

Dip in an onsen at San Kamphaeng Hot Springs in a private bathing hut at 300 THB per hour.

Stay and enjoy the famous Lunch Buffet with drinks included at only 189 THB per person at Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai.

Sponsored by

1 Thai Air Asia for round trip flight Bangkok - Chiang Mai

2 Avis Car Rental Service for Toyota Fortuner Adventure

3 Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai for a full-board stay with Traditional Thai Hospitality

And there will be a foreigner couple traveling with us as well whom we get to know at Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa.

Mae Pranorm (An Amazing Traditional Thai Travel style) flies with Thai Air Asia flight FD 3435 at 10.30 AM from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

We check-in at the kiosk check-in and also get a photo of me as a gift after checking in from the kiosk.

We have arrived Chiang Mai right as scheduled.

While waiting for the baggage claim, I am registering to get the car that I have booked from AVIS car rental counter. It is very convenient since the counter is right next to the baggage claim area.

And today we are getting Toyota Fortuner Adventure.

Now let's drive to the hotel, Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai.

It is only 15-minute drive to get to the hotel from the airport.

Let's check-in into the hotel!

The welcome drink is the rice juice, the rice is from the plantation from the rice field of the hotel.

It is said that there are 10,000 trees in the resort so it is green everywhere.

We stay on the 2nd floor at the most budget room type.

Let's see how it looks like!

Wow! huge bathroom.

Enormous bedroom as well.

Very comfortable 7-ft bed size.

Nice big balcony but be aware of the mosquito especially in the evening.

We have settled well so now let's go for the Sunday Buffet before going out!

There is a BBQ Lunch Buffet on Sunday until 03.00 PM at 589 THB per person with limited drinks included.

There is also live music band during BBQ Lunch Buffet.

A lot of guests from outside has come for this Lunch Buffet.

Variety quality food and they are all tasty as good as it is known for.

These are what we have from the buffet line.

After lunch our mission is to explore the unseen and unknown tourist spot in Chìang Mai, Pha Chor Canyon at Mae Wang National Park or also known as Grand Canyon of Thailand.

Pha Chor is a natural phenomenon of eroded soil pillars. It is believed that this used to be the Ping River watercourse. When the river changed route the site became a hill from the river sediment that piled up into layers. When time passed, it eroded and became cliffs and soil pillars of strange shapes.


Pha Chor is located in Mae Wang National Park, Doi Lor district in Chiang Mai.

To visit Pha Chor from downtown Chiang Mai, drive along the highway no. 108 (Chiang Mai - Hot) about 21 kilometers.

Then turn right to Mae Wang district and drive along the rural road no. 12039 and 10240 (Maewin - Bor Kaew).

It is about 36 kilometers to get to Mae Wang National Park office and the way to get there is very convenient.

Pha Chor can be visited all year round but the best time would be in Winter.

And before getting into the National Park, we have to pay the admission fee first.

Today we have 2 new friends traveling with us. This foreigner couple stay at Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa same as us and we get to know them there. So we ask if they want to join us to here and they said yes.

Don't forget to strictly follow the rules and regulations of every tourist attraction you visit in order to preserve this treasure as long as it last.

Once you are in Chiang Mai, don't miss to come here for any reason and it is only 1-hour drive.

The couple who traveling with us is so impressed with this amazing natural site as well as the kindness of Thai people like us.

We have been back in the hotel like very late afternoon and we don't hesitate to join the Happy Hour by the pool to rest and chill after a trip for a bit.

Cocktail 189 THB served with snacks.

Actually I want to get change and come to swim but it is pretty cold so I decide not to.

These are the complementary pre-dinner for all in-house guests.

We can't eat much because our Buffet Dinner is await.

This is how the hotel look like in the evening.

The Fitness center.

Kids Club.

Complementary shuttle bus to tourist spots in downtown is also available.

The venue for a private dinner.

The next morning, the hotel has prepared transplants rice seedlings by hand into flooded field activity for us. This activity is very well-liked among foreigners.

They have prepared Moh Hom, a Northern Thai style costume for us to use in this activity too.

This is so much fun but it is not easy though. I have learned that farmer is quite a tough job and I will be more concerned not to waste rice while eating.

Wearing a local costume and travel traditionally, amazing experience.

I don't think it is good to dress like this to work in the rice field, what do you think?

And our next destination for today would be going to see Wild Himalayan Cherry blossom at Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center in Khun Wang.

It's about 2-hour drive to get there same direction to Doi Inthanon.

Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang)

Located in Ban Khun Wang Moo 15 Maewin sub-district, Mae Wang district Chiang Mai 50360 Telephone: 0-53 114 133 or 08-1960 2033


1. Personal car

From downtown Chiang Mai drive along highway no. 108 (Chiang Mai - Hot) before getting to Chom Thong district take the right onto highway no. 1009 to Doi Inthanon direction.

Between the kilometer markers 40 and 41, take the right at Ban Khun Klang T-Junction and drive around 16 kilometers to Ban Khun Wang and continue driving for another 2 kilometers then you will get to Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang).

2. Public transportation

Hire local yellow minibus at Doi Inthanon minibus station next to Wat Phra That Sri Jomthong Temple in Chom Thong district.

Don't forget to buy a ticket before going in and today we also have the same couple traveling with us too.

It is about 2-hour drive from the hotel.

Since we get along very well so we have given them the t-shirt of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. They seem to love our country so much.

It is totally beautiful here, please stop by.

Wild Himalayan Cherry blossom.

And now let's go to the waterfall!

There is a lot of waterfalls on our way back but since we have limited time we choose to stop by Wachiratharn waterfall.

The waterfall is not far from the parking space at all. It can even be seen partially from the parking space.

The waterfall is the most beautiful in rainy season.

There are some local restaurants nearby the parking space as well in case you are hungry.

Look yummy indeed!

At the end of the day we get a chance to try an aromatherapy massage back at the hotel which is just perfect after all this time of traveling.

There are 9 treatment rooms and I heard it is pretty busy here.

Let's dip in a bath!

or maybe steam bath too before the treatment get started?

There is a Dinner Buffet from Monday to Saturday at 389 THB per person and there is a promotion if you come 4 people you pay only for 3.

Which spot shall I take?


Or maybe indoor with the air conditioner?

Our picks from the Buffet.

Freshly cooked spaghetti, delicious!

There are also tasty macarons.

We did not have lunch at all so we are totally hungry now, let's eat!

We are full now and let us show you more room types in the hotel. This is the Grand Deluxe Lanna Room.

Wow! This room is huge.

The balcony.

The bathroom.

This is the Villa located by the pool.

The hotel has organized another activity for us again the next morning, offering food to monks in the rice field.

The food and everything has been well-prepared, you just need to be present around 06.30 AM at the rice field.

What a nice traditional activity with the best surroundings!

This merit we dedicate to those passengers on Air Asia flight QZ 8501.

After morning activity, we are going to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs.

Chilly weather like this onsen is perfect and San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is not far from our hotel at all.


Personal car

From downtown Chiang Mai, drive along highway no. 1317 Chiang Mai - Mae Orn Road.

It is about 36 kilometers or 30-minute drive.

Public transportation

Take the yellow minibus wuth Doi Saket sign from Nakornping Plaza Market (next to Ton Lamyai Market)

Adult 30 THB, child 15 THB, student 20 THB, and foreigner 50 THB.

Available from 06.00 AM - 06.00 PM every 30 minutes and it takes about 1 hour.

And we have arrived.

Hot-spring stream for foot-bath.

There is also a restaurant.

Foot massage is also available and it is pretty cheap.

Buy the ticket first.

There are both public bath and private bathing hut service or you can stay overnight at 1,200 THB.

We decide to stay for 1 hour at 300 THB and for towel it is 10 THB per one towel.

This is the public bath.

We take the private bathing hut.

There is a bed with air conditioner.

No need to go to Japan for onsen.

This Buffet Lunch is one of the highlight in this whole trip and the reason to stay in this hotel.

I have heard a lot about this famous Business Lunch that there is a variety of good quality food and they are all tasty at a very good price. It is always full and reservations are highly recommended.

That's why I want to see and try myself if what I have heard is true.

It is only 189 THB per person with limited drinks included.

Wow! there are so many people here as same as I have heard.


Ice cream, cake, etc.

I would say the buffet line is pretty good with variety selection of food.

Khao Soy or Northern Thai Noodle Curry Soup is very delicious here, no need to go to the famous Khao Soy restaurant.

After lunch, we then head directly to the airport to drop our rental car and catch the flight at 02.00 PM.

Thank you AVIS Car Rental Service who provides us a Toyota Fortuner Adventure to use in this whole trip.

Thank you Thai Air Asia for the round trip flight tickets.

Thank you Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai who take a very good care of us for our stay and superb meal in the hotel.

Thank you Tourism Authority of Thailand who initiated this amazing trip.

Let me say goodbye with my signature photo here.

Lastly, if we happen to walk pass by each other please don't forget to say hi!

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This trip ends here.

The unseen and unknown Pha Chor or known as Grand Canyon of Thailand is amazing.

Wild Himalayan Cherry blossom at Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang) is very beautiful.

Taking a dip in onsen in San Kamphaeng Hot Springs has well-completed this trip.

The famous Lunch Buffet at Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai from Monday to Saturday at 189 THB is superb, good food at good price. Mae Pranorm (An Amazing Traditional Thai Travel style) would suggest you to book this restaurant in advance because it is always full.

Thanks to those who always support and follow our travel reviews.

I will try to make my travel reviews better and better.


Mae Pranorm


 Saturday, April 25, 2015 12:19 AM