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Have you escaped to anywhere during the past Valentine's night? Valentine's night this year falls on Saturday - Sunday, let's escape!!!

A single person like me had enough luck to be invited by "Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort, Chanthaburi" so that I can share my stay experience to you. I decided to take my single friends with me, totally single ones. Are you ready? Let's get started!


Rooms at Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort facing out to the same direction toward the the view of the Phu Soi Dao and the golf course.

In-room amenities include a hairdryer, kettle, small refrigerator, TV and etc. Air conditioner has no issue and really cool. The room is bright enough and the terrace is spacious.

2. Atmosphere

Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort is located in Pong Nam Ron district, Chanthaburi and surrounded by nature, embraced by a tall Phu Soi Dao. It is 46 kilometers away from Mueang Chanthaburi district. The golf course is lush and decorated with various colorful flowers. The resort pathways are clean and there are bicycles provided for you to ride around the resort.

3. Dinner

Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort provided us foods and special beverages. Not only guaranteed by the taste or appearance of foods but all the menus that served have special story including the cooking process, ingredients used and their history. Let's take a look at them!

Drink Menu

Drink items are similar to other hotels. We ordered 3 smoothies including watermelon, lemon and orange.

The 1st Menu: Pork Ribs Dogs Looking Up.

The menu seems to be just the usual ribs. However, it is so special because not only can we eat the meat but also the bone. Thus matching the name of the "pork ribs dog looking up," because we can eat all and leave no more bone for the dogs.

The 2nd Menu: Soi Dao Fried Chicken with Salt and Pepper.

This menu is chic because chicken is well marinated then fried. The taste is just right and not too salty. This is a resort's recipe by mix the chicken with salt and pepper then fried in a light to medium heat to get this menu.

The 3rd Menu: Stir Fried Fern

Locals normally eat fern that grows during the dry season because it is more delicious than the other seasons which may have a bitter taste. Fern has many nutritional values such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, thiamine, vitamin B, vitamin C, niacin, protein and carbohydrates. It is naturally grown with no use of chemical. Thus, you can also make salad or stir fried out of this organic fern.

The 4th Menu: House Raised Chicken Soup with Cardamom.

This is a superb menu by bringing house raised chicken to be cooked. (The chicken has to be house raised only) and cut the chicken into pieces. Then boil with salt and galangal and stew till the meat is tender. Cardamom is a main spice for this soup together with a mixture of other vegetables that are grown in the forest of Phu Soi Dao. Dried cardamom seeds can cost between 400-500 baht per kilo. The shoots of cardamom are also used in cooking, such as beef soup, fish soup and stir fried fish. Sometimes shoots are used to garnish on top of many curry dishes to give a nice and cool smell. This menu is so tasty (I want to eat again).

The 5th Menu Clown Featherback Curry

The menu is made from minced Clown Featherback. When first served, I thought it is minced pork. I don't know at all that it is minced fish till the staff come to tell us the story of each dish. I have a feeling like eating stir fried meat with basil. It's spicy just right and of course we finish it all.

The 6th Menu: Rice Noodles with Crab.

Rice Noodles with Crab is famous local dish in Chanthaburi and usually served in many religious ceremonies. This dish is cooked with narrow rice noodles because it is very chewy. Then pan fried with crab which give sweet taste and mixed with curry pasted. This dish is way better than Pad Thai.

4. it's time to hunt for the "Milky Way"

The waiting time is over. The aim for this trip is not just to escape from the Valentine's Day but also to hunt for the "Milky Way". This resort is in the middle of the forest and we should take this opportunity to find the Milky Way. However, this is our first time hahaha. We have not experienced in shooting stars. We only read the reviews on the internet. Therefore here are photos that we could capture. Usually, a photo of Milky Way should be clearer but where we photograph is not dark enough and we are lack of experience. However, it was a memorable experience.

5. Sunday Morning

We didn't sleep enough. We woke up at 04:00 am to shoot the Milky Way and finished at 05:00 am. After that we sat down and chat till the sun rises. We took shower, dressed up and went to have breakfast at the restaurant. Breakfast here is similar to other resorts. Whenever I stay in the hotels or resort, I think the most important is the cleanliness and freshness of food.

6. Time to drive a golf ball.

Don't miss when you are already here at this resort since its name also refers to golf. The staff told me that there are many guests from Chanthaburi and nearby cities. There are also foreigner guests. I'm not surprised about this at all because a golf driving range here is very wide. Also, golf carts are available. In fact, I whispered to myself that this is my really first time hahaha.

Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort is perfect for relaxation. The location is great because it is away from downtown and very close to nature. Whether it's a day time or night time, you won't be interrupted by any noise. If you enjoy playing golf, then here is a very good choice for your holiday.

If you are interested to stay, please find more information here at https://www.facebook.com/soidaohighland/ or http://www.soidaohighland.com. Go ahead and find out more information.

Lastly, here is my page for anyone who'd like to chat about eating, travelling and chic lifestyle https://www.facebook.com/ijuyyasostory


 Tuesday, September 27, 2016 4:02 PM