Boulder Island, Myanmar

Boulder Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Mergui Archipelago. It features 5 wonderful beaches with clear water and white soft sand. And it does not take much effort to get there.

The heart of the island

Beautiful coral reef underwater for you to see and there are plenty of colorful fishes. Most importantly, we found our superstar "NEMO" !!!

Though the island isn't big. The experience was not small.

We went with Love Andaman tour for this trip.

It took around 1 hr 45 mins to get to the Boulder Island. Staff provided us with meal and snack on board.

No need to explain much. If you are considering going there, you should be hurried because the island will be closed in May.

If you are interested, please contact Love Andaman right away.

Activity at the island is rather simple, no rush and suitable for relaxing. You can stroll around Morgan Bay and take a picture with Hippo rock. Another highlighted activity is diving at Morgan Bay which will let you explore the beauty of underwater world.

Another important thing is that this trip is an Ecotourism premium trip under the idea of preserving the nature by using less plastic, avoiding sunscreen that can harm coral reef and most importantly, only limited number of tourists are allowed daily. Then we will have enough space for diving. The tour staff also prepare us drinking water, waterproof bag and sunscreen.

Ok then, let's start our journey..

Love Andaman Tour prepared us breakfast while we were waiting for checking in. It was a simple breakfast such as coffee, cocoa, cookies, sandwiches and juices.

If you do not have diving gears, they also have them for sale; diving outfit, cap, mask, waterproof bag and other things that you might need for diving.

When we passed the immigration, we got on board from Ranong and headed to Song island which we need to go through immigration procedure again. The tour staff will handle the document for us which is very convenient.

On board, drinking water, juice and soda were provided or if you have motion sickness, the staff also has medicine for you.

It took us about 1 hr and 45 mins and then we arrived at the Boulder island. The water was very clear and the sand was very white. We could not wait to take photos.

As the name suggested, the island features boulders around its beaches. There is one rock that looks like a hippopotamus. You need to find it.

As relaxing as you can see in our pictures.

After exploring around for a bit, it's time for lunch! And this is a lunch corner.

We had had main course and then we had dessert. There're snack boxes for everyone. So many things to eat.

It was a very relaxing lunch. And we were stuffed by seafood.

Now that we were full, we can go out and take more photos. The staff tour also prepared us props for photos! So that you can have nice photos for your IG and facebook. I was impressed.

And then it's time for diving, but let us take another shot.

So let's go diving!

First I thought we had to go out far from the shore but actually it's just nearby.

Now are you ready?

It's time to show you how it looks like under water.

How is it? The coral here was very colorful. And we could see schools of fishes including NEMO!!! I love the color of parrot fish. So cute!

I love the underwater world so much.

If you are interested, please book your trip at Love Andaman.

Don't miss such a wonderful experience at this new island. If you have been there, please do not forget to share us your experience and your photos.


Thank you for joining our journey.
Until next time

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 Wednesday, April 10, 2019 8:55 PM