As summer is coming, let's find a place to relax.

After long period of working, it's time to head to a beach!! Huahin and Cha-am, here we come! Take a break by the sea and write a great log for my followers.

Spring field @ sea resort&spa Cha-am Hua him has been beautifully renovated. There is a private beach to chill, and fully equipped with restaurants, cafes and accommodation which are very suitable for a holiday getaway and write a blog.

Here we are... at Spring field @sea resort&spa. The view of the sea is nice and it is not far from Bangkok. Private beach and swimming pool, just what we need.

Let's take a look at the guest room. The room has a lot of space. And there is a swing at the balcony to sit and relax. You can take a selfie like I did. (in case your friend can't take a good photo for you LOL)

Everything is neatly arranged in the room, functional and beautiful. The bathroom is big and comfortable too.

After taking a break, we will go for lunch. I heard that the food here is also tasty, so you do not have to go out to find something to eat. Let's dig in to this fluffy bed.

A good shower time!! Bathroom is so spacious that I enjoyed it a lot.

Ready for food!! On the way to restaurant, we walked past a swimming pool so we stopped by it.

The swimming pool is very big. There is also a zone for children. It might be good to come swimming and chilling by the pool in the late afternoon. I think this fits for the next day plan.

So here we are at the hotel restaurant. It is by the sea so can fully get a sea breeze.

The hotel arranged a party on that day so we could see how the staff took care of the customers. Everyone was so lovely.

Here is our food. Does not it look good?

Tadah! This is our crab meat curry. The crab meat was very fresh. You need to try.

A big crispy 'Deep fried sea bass with fish sauce' served with sliced raw mango spicy salad.

After a meal, we took a walk along the beach and let's take some photos.

Strolling around by the sea, taking a look around the hotel and watching evening view from the balcony relaxed me splendidly.

And lastly, the colorful lighting in the evening at the hotel.

Good morning! Let's get ourselves ready and take a look at sunrise at the sea. Then let's have breakfast. Thinking of it, when we come to Cha-am, horse on the beach is like a signature that we must see.

เช้าริมทะเลอากาศดีมาก แสงสวยสุด ๆ

Breakfast looks super and there are various choices for you to choose. Thai style coffee is a highlight, brew when ordered. I really enjoyed the meal.

Let's again look at the pool.

And then we stopped by the beach cafe. Sipping a cup of coffee with such a view really cleared up my head.

Next, let's move on to spa. How good will it be?

Here it is!

Atmosphere and service here is warm and welcoming.

Before we checked out, we also had lunch here, Fresh pawn Pad-Thai and Salt and chili pepper squid together with watermelon juice and coconut juice. Refreshing.

We took some shots and packed our bags. That's the end of our vacation.

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 Tuesday, April 9, 2019 12:04 PM