Greeting to all, we would like to take you to Sam Roi Yot National Park and there are 2 highlighted places that we would like to introduce you as well which are Khao Daeng viewpoint in Kui Buri district and Sam Roi Yot Lotus pond in Sam Roi Yot district.

Let's start with our first highlight Khao Daeng viewpoint, it is located in Ban Khao Daeng, Tambon Khao Daeng, Kui Buri district, Prachuap Khiri Khan province. We are actually local people but we stay in Hua Hin (another district), so we do not know much detail about this district. We have been inspired to travel in this place because we are the member Bak Pae Tiaw forum, we come across to see the review of Khao Daeng, the photos are very beautiful. At first, we have thought to take the public transport to get to this place but we have seen various comments, most of the tourists take their private car. Eventually, we decide to take our private car for this trip.

How to get to this place: You drive a car heading to Sam Roi Yot National Park, it is between Sam Roi Yot district and Kui Buri district, the precise location is at km. no 286 - 287, it is 14 kms far from Phetchkasem main road and 37 kms from Pranburi district.

The accessible direction might not be so clear by our explanation because we have used GPS leading us along the way of our trip.

You are able to ask for further information how to get to Khao Daeng from staffs. The entrance fee of Sam Roi Yot National Park is 40 ฿, you are able to travel in every parts of Sam Roi Yot. After paying for the entrance fee, we have met with uncle Chai, he is the staff at Sam Roi Yot National Park. He will lead and explain for our trip today. He explains about Sam Roi Yot history, conservative animals etc.

There is also mangrove forest in this national park, it is very good source for learning about nature.

We do not walk that far because the bridge is not in proper condition in some parts. Furthermore, some monkeys stare at us. So, we better avoid them and go back.

It is time to say goodbye and thank you to uncle Chai, we then head to our next destination: Khao Daeng which is not far from here.

Finally,we reach our destination.

Even though, the road is quite rough but we can still drive our car peacefully till we see the spacious landscape. For security reason, it is necessary to cover your car nicely as per staff's advice. Otherwise, it is be risk that monkeys will approach and steal the stuffs in your car.

Once, we arrive, we have seen some motorbikes parked already. We have got our trip joiners now.

let's go...........

The entrance to Khao Daeng

Please follow the sign indicating the way to the view point then you will not get lost. We keep walking around 500 meters to reach the view point. There is no step available here, hence it is necessary to be careful of sharp rock while walking . We highly recommend you to wear canvas shoes. Importantly, please prepare mosquito - repellent as well otherwise you will be disturbed by mosquitos along the way to view point.

We still enjoy seeing beautiful nature without any hurry, it is not same feeling as another view points which are crowded with many tourists. We will be under pressure once we hear the noise of tourists' steps behind us. But, it is not the case for this view point. We almost reach the view point because we have asked one tourist who has walked down from the view point.

But, our assumption might not be true because it is still far from where we are now.

Finally, we are at the view point after spending almost 1 hour.

How beautiful it is! we can see 3 kinds of view; shrimp farm, village farm and mountain view.

From this point, we can see Khao Daeng temple and Khao Daeng canal. We can do some sailing in this canal too. You are able to ask for further information with staffs at National Park, the sailing fee is 500 ฿.

We have come to the view point at the late morning, so the weather is quite hot. But, there is still some place for us to relax and escape from hot weather.

It is time to go back because we need to continue to our next destination: Sam Roi Yot lotus pond. We drive the car back to Sam Roi Yot district and ask for the precise direction with local people.

We would like to ask for permission for sourcing web to use above map in order to explain how to get to Sam Roi Yot lotus pond. Please observe on your left hand side, it will indicate the way to go to Sam Roi Yot vegetarian canteen, you then continue driving 8 kms passing this canteen. Then, we will reach this lotus pond. The tourist will be charged for the entrance fee. However, if you have already paid for the entrance fee for another parts of this national, you can simply show it to the staff. Because, 1 ticket can enter to all parts of this national park. The weather is quite hot because we reach here at noon. It will be better if we arrive here in the morning or evening. This is also one of the nice natural source where you can enjoy seeing birds, fish etc.

Papyrus is the main plant of this lotus pond, it is very romantic once we see Papyrus's flower flown by the wind.

There are various relaxing areas, please feel free to take some rest at your most convenient point.

Above photo is only point where the lotus has been left.

After enjoy seeing the beautiful nature and feeding fish, it is time to go back. We plan to come here in the evening for next trip.

It is time to say good bye for this trip. Thank you very much for your attention.

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 Wednesday, March 16, 2016 5:18 PM