Greeting to all, this is the first trip that we go to travel abroad ourselves. We choose to go to Japan because it is most suitable with our ages in term of atmosphere etc. We go there in winter in order to escape from hot weather in Thailand. We then start reserving the flight ticket.

" To Be Ready for Listening to The Tale in Shirakawa-go village"

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--We start our trip at Osaka, we have reserved ticket for the transportation at 07.30 hrs heading to Takayama. We has left the hotel since early morning in order to ensure that we can be on time for catching the transportation.--

It is not so crowded on the bus, there are approximate 10 - 15 passengers. The driver will stop at parking area for having 10 minutes break in every hour. We do not take many photos at the parking area because we are so sleepy. Nevertheless, we still have some photos of the view a long the way after having a nap.

It takes around 5 hours to get here, we has now reached Takayama at 12.00 hrs. The bus terminal is not too big, there is the ticket counter and waiting area where are capable to accommodate the passengers. At first, we get lost for a while but it is finally fine. We have also noticed that there are many Thai tourists too.

We are quite familiar with the direction, we start searching for the accommodation that we have already reserved in advance. Finally, we can find it. We have also taken many photos along the way too.

After continue walking for 30 minutes, we are now at the accommodation. It is the building with 2 floors, the interior is well designed and decorated. Furthermore, the owner is able to speak English.

In early morning, we get ready to continue our next destination, we will go to Shirakawa-go. The owner is so kind, he has volunteered to escort us to the bus terminal. We have taken some light meals while awaiting for the bus.

Once it is the time for the bus departure, there are many passengers queuing up for getting on the bus. It is not allowed to reserve for the seat in advance. It is necessary that passengers need to queue up.

It takes around 20 - 30 minutes to reach our destination. We have seen that there are many transportations both public buses and private cars. We highly recommend to firstly drop your luggage at luggage dropping areas because luggage dropping areas are very limited. Then, you can continue asking for further information.

Once we have got the map, we then continue our trip. The first view point that we can obviously see, it is a bridge. It should be deserved as landmark. We continue walking as well as enjoying seeing snow and old houses.

The houses along the side are white because it is covered by the snow. Our shoes are wet and it makes our feet to be frozen. But, we still enjoy our trip, so we prefer to continue walking.

We continue walking for a while, we then see the bus terminal where there will be the bus to escort us to the view point. We have waited for the bus for a while but it has not arrived yet. So, we decide to keep walking to the view point instead. Even though, we could not get the bus, but we never regret about that because we can see such beautiful view along the way to the view point.

We spend around 35-40 minutes to the view point, we have seen that there are not so many tourists. The photo taking service are also available up there. There are many restaurants and souvenir shops at this view point.

We also have a chance to take some photo at the most favourite view point where most of the tourists like to come here. It is really nice.

We spend around 20 minutes at the viewpoint. On the way down from the viewpoint, we have noticed that there is a side informing us to be careful of slippery road while walking.

While, we are walking down from the viewpoint, we do not hesistate to stop by the old houses and souvenir shops. We really feel the original Japan.

We do not have much time to be at Shirakawa-go because we reserved for the transportation at 15.30 hrs. We highly recommend to preisely plan for the schedule because it takes quite a few hours to only go to the viewpoint as well as stop by the souvenir shops.

We finally reach the bus parking area at 15.05 hrs. We collect everything into our luggage and carefully check to ensure that we do not miss out anything. It is time to go back but we do not forget to take some more photos.

. It is also the time to say goodbye for this trip. We will continue our next trip in Tokyo.

Thank you Japan because it is the first country where we travel by ourselves.

Thank you Shirakawa-go, the nice city for having a great travelling.

Thank you to the trip joiner, this trip would not be happened without you.

" And thank you for listening to my story till the end"


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 Wednesday, March 16, 2016 5:25 PM