The rainy season is coming.

Hot summer is about to end but we still have got sometimes to go and have fun by beautiful beaches.

So let's put our pen down, rest our eyes from the computer screen, and go to touch the sky to fulfill our happiness!



Have you ever asked yourself .... that… what is your happiness?

For me, happiness is to spend some quality time with......

Because I sometimes work too much and concentrate only on my work so I feel that I have lost some part of love.

As a result once I have some spare times, I leave all my works behind and try to fulfill the love and happiness that have been missing right away.

We choose to go to fulfill our happiness at Thavorn Beach Village & Spa, Phuket this time.

Let's get to know more about this place together!

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Thavorn Beach Village & Spa is located in Nakalay Beach which is between Kamala Beach and Kalim Beach. It doesn't take long to get there from Phuket Downtown. Since we have limited time so we are going to the resort directly in order to treasure our time. Once we have arrived, we are served with two glasses of Roselle juice as the welcome drink while completing the check-in process. It is sweet and sour and very refreshing.

Because of our excitement and super nice weather, we didn't pay much attention to the Lobby.
We walk through the Lobby and now have found a huge swimming pool, No! We should say extremely huge swimming pool spread throughout the areas.

The swimming pool is also surrounded by tropical trees making the pool pretty shady. This really help when swimming. Anyway, I only be able to see it now..but later I will swim in here for sure.

We are heading to our room first to put down our belongings before going out and have some fun.

Wait! We stop ... when we see a little bunny.

There are more of them, the first one we saw is black, this one is white, and there are more. We are surprised since we don't think they should be by the sea like this.

Today I have turned into an animal lover but first let's continue to walk to our room now!

We have finally arrived at our room. We are staying in this Beach Cottage Room for the next two nights while fulfilling our happiness in this resort.

Beach Cottage Room is located close to the beach but not at the forefront which is not a problem because the beach is just within a few steps from our room.

Let's go and have a closer look inside the room!

To be honest with you, I don't think this room is attractive at all from the outside but once we have opened the room's door and see the inside; we totally love it.

The room is designed in a sweet light color tone decorated with white wooden furniture such as desk, chairs, and so on.

On the other side of the bed, there is a cute sofa will pillow in flower pillowcase. This makes this room looks very vintage.... and we love it.

The working desk is at the corner of the room with welcome fruits on it.

This is the minibar and dressing corner.

For those who book the room through hotel's official website, all minibar items will be complementary.

Let's go and have a look in the bathroom!

The shower room is separated from the toilet completely. There is another dressing table next to the toilet.

Remark: The photos of the bathroom below are taken later but I guess it is good to insert them here

The bathroom is totally huge and spacious. I would say it is bigger than half of the main bedroom.

The design and decoration of the bathroom is pretty different from the bedroom. It is more modern in white, grey, and black color tone with skim-coated wall. The bathroom is also fully equipped with all bathroom facilities.

We have done unpacking....( we have a lot of stuffs as if we travel to a far land )
And it is time to go out to breathe in the fresh breezy air.

I think I am falling in love with this resort already .... because wherever I go there are always trees. It is not common that we don't feel hot by the sea like this.

A long walkway paralleling with the beach.

Light breezing wind..

Singing Oh! Beautiful sea and bright blue sky, we can spot the sailboats sailing in the sea.

This is the happiness without embellishments. It doesn't need to be luxurious and we can be even happier.

This is my most favorite corner. I don't even realize that I smile once I see it. This corner is very refreshing during the day and very romantic at night.

We are by the beach like this so bring it over please, the coconut juice and watermelon smoothies.

We choose to eat at Crocodile Pool Bar by the beach and the swimming pool for our first meal here.

This is such an amazing ambiance. Let's see if we will be full with the breezy wind or with the food!

The first menu with huge Beef Burger is for my honey. I have got to tell you that it is not easy for one person to finish it.

Then it is our favorite Ravioli Carbonara. It is very tasty.

Italian-style Pizza is coming up next. It is a very thin crust pizza full with cheese.

Penne Pesto.

And lastly, Spaghetti Carbonara.

We are totally full now. So let's take a walk by the swimming pool for a while!

Like what I have said earlier, the swimming pool is extremely huge and full with trees.

We have arrived at The Nakalay Spa not long after.

The treatment rooms at The Nakalay Spa are very classic because the building is made of teak wood. This teak wood keeps the inside's temperature low even in non-air conditioned area.

Please allow me to take photos only in the spa reception area so I could have a total relaxation while having a spa treatment.

Chichi has offered such an amazing massage experience, I am telling you. So you can request her if you are here.

We have spent almost 2 hours at the spa and we feel so relaxed not thinking about any works or any stresses. We are going to see other room types available at Thavorn Beach Village & Spa now. The guestrooms can be divided into 3 zones here as follows.

1. Beach zone

2. Hillside zone

3. Swimming pool zone

Let's start from the Hillside zone first! We have been surprised with so many things along the way.

This place gives us a feeling like home, very shady with so many animals such these chickens as the example.

Look at this bird! He seems to like to be photographed like a model.

We are here at the foothill to go up to the Hillside zone. I like this zone personally because it is very quiet and the room has a spectacular view. The charm of this zone is also the use of the cable car to get to the room. This is interesting, isn't it?

There are many levels that you can take the cable car to depending on your room's location.

If you are ready, let's go!

Once you have approached your level, you can walk to your room through the walkway that connects your room with the cable car station.

This is the view from one of the rooms. Everyone likes this kind of view, doesn't it?

Hillside zone has 3 room types as follows.
1. Hillside with Ocean view Jacuzzi
2. 1-Bedroom Hillside Ocean view Suite
3. 2-Bedroom Hillside Ocean view Suite

This is 1-Bedroom Hillside Ocean view Suite which I was like Wow! when I first saw it. This room can turn into 2-Bedroom Hillside Ocean view Suite as well by just opening the connecting door.

Apart from the stunning view and the table set we have got on the balcony, there is a Jacuzzi located right here as well. This is totally amazing.

Let's have a look inside the room and you will understand why I shout Wow! earlier. This room is truly spacious divided into 2 parts, the sweet bedroom and the living room with a big sofa, dining table, and minibar counter.

Well, what about this swing sofa? I am not sure how to call it in Thai but I like it anyway. I would say everything is pretty well arranged in this room.

Let's move on to the second zone, Swimming pool zone!

This room is a Tropical Pool Access Room.

You can access to the pool directly from your room.

The room is designed in pretty similar theme with the room in the Beach zone with white color wall but with yellow props. All furniture are also made of wood.

As you have seen all the rooms in all zones, you can choose to stay according to your lifestyle and preference directly.

After exploring the rooms in all zones, we have spent our time in the pool until the late afternoon. And I want to tell you that it is truly romantic during the sunset by the beach.

The sky color after the sunset is attractively sweet.

Some people love the ocean during the daytime, some love the ocean after the sunset, and some love it at night. For me, I love the ocean throughout the day and night...
I don't know why....

An ordinary day has turned into a special one with this romantic dining corner for the two of us. I am sure that you will fall in love with this place too if you experience something like this and you may even love your partner more too.

Anyway, let's skip the romantic part and focus on the dinner!
I don't remember the name of this first menu but it is served as the appetizer with 4 kinds of food as you can see in the photo below. I don't want to dare saying their name because I might get them wrong.

The next dish is similar to one of the appetizers, the shrimp one. This dish is so good (personal opinion). The shrimps are fresh, the noodle is very crispy, but the highlight is the mango sauce. The sauce is sweet with a little sour taste. I would love to rate this dish 10 out of 10.

Next dish is Red Curry with Roasted Duck ...The soup is very tasty, not too spicy. In addition, the duck meat is tender and not smelly. So I would say that this dish is great as well.

And my honey's favorite dish is up next, Deep Fried Shrimp Cakes.

This Dip with Dried Shrimp Phuket Style is served with vegetables and a Pan-Fried Mackerel.

The last dish is Deep-Fried Fish with Thai Chilli Sauce, the chilli sauce is thick and you have got to try it yourself.

To end the dinner with this cocktail is just perfect.

Our first day here has ended perfectly. It has been such a refreshing fun day by the sea with a beautiful blue sky. The massage at the spa was totally relaxing and to see all the room types in the resort is exciting. Moreover, a romantic atmosphere at night like this is just way too good and I guess it is time to say good night for now.

The new day has come and we woke up quite late before going for the breakfast at Marisa Restaurant. This is an all day dining restaurant opening from dawn to dark.

They serve the buffet breakfast here with variety of food selections.

Freshly cooked sausages are served as well which are very delicious.

Noodle is also available. The soup is so good, you don't even need to put any condiments.

Simple and light breakfast is done. It is time to treasure our day again. Well, Thavorn Beach Village & Spa offers many activities for you to enjoy such as Batik Painting, Canoeing, Children Playground on the beach, and so on. For Children Playground, I recommend you to take your children there in the morning or late afternoon because your children might get sunburn during the daytime.

The time passes by so fast since we woke up late. After chilling out here for a while, the staff has taken a turtle for a walk. This is very cute and he is already 75 years old.

There are also parrots which are always singing. The question has come up into my head again that this is a zoo or a sea?

Furthermore, another highlight of the resort is that it is a house of a secret orchid garden. There are more than 1,000 orchids here. It seems to me that growing an orchid is basically not easy but here is even more challenging since they need to grow it by the sea... . but this is so cool.

We can say that Thavorn Beach Village & Spa is like a garden by the sea.

We are back to Marisa Restaurant for lunch around noon. This all day dining restaurant will start serving International cuisine from lunch onward.

The Steak is up first. I have to pass this menu because I don't eat beef normally. So it's all my honey's.

Thai cuisine is coming up next. It is Fried Sea bass topped with Sweet ,Sour and Hot Sauce. Sea bass is deep-fried served with authentic Thai sauce. It is perfect to eat with freshly-cooked steamed white rice. I like this dish because it is so good and I guess those who like something sweet, they will like this dish too.

Our next dish is a Curry Fried Fish. It is very well decorated and looks so yummy. Deep-fried shrimps are topped with curry sauce. The sauce smell so good and the whole thing is very tasty (like I said earlier, I really like shrimps).

These are our drinks during lunch, Roasted Coconut Juice,

Passion Fruit Soda, and

Strawberry Soda.

Let's have some desserts after lunch!

We choose to move to Thai Sala Bar for desserts. It is located right in the middle of the swimming pool so the ambiance is very relaxing. They serve drinks, ice cream, and bakery here.

This Iced Cocoa is so good. It is totally refreshing to have one in the hot weather like this.

Cappuccino.. I asked my honey earlier if he is sure to have something hot in this kind of weather.... The answer I have got was...I love it as always just like I love you.

And what I am waiting for is here, Green tea Lava. One word for this is... I love it!

It is served with Vanilla ice cream and fresh blueberry. The green tea lava is totally yummy.

We are super full after having lunch and desserts. What can we do if not taking a nap? We rest truly by taking a nap for a long while. We woke up again in the late afternoon before going to chill around the pier. We have found the fitness center accidentally though.

The fitness has pretty much everything.

We have decided to play table tennis here first. I didn't think it would be this tiring. It is not like I am good at it and we have a long game but I am tired of running to get the table tennis ball. The ball is small so it is hard to hit. The table is not big either, it is hard to work on it. Anyway, I have so much fun here and it is a good quality time for us two. Normally, we just turn our backs to each other and work on our computers.

There is another pool by the fitness which is good for those who finish the gym and want to jump in to the pool for a bit.

There is also a child pool here.

Let's go to the pier now! The weather with a breezy light wind during this time is so nice.

We are also able to watch the sunset from this pier as well.

The atmosphere like this, there has to be a romantic scene.

The sun is almost gone.

The sky after the sunset is truly beautiful. The sky color is different everyday, this is the real charm of the nature and I am totally in love with it.

We still feel full from lunch so we want to walk more and take more photos around before dinner.

We then have approached Marisa Restaurant and it looks stunning at night.

The candlelight does deliver better romantic ambiance.

The tables by the pool are good choices.

We have walked to the Lobby area.

I didn't pay any attentions to the Lobby upon arrival.

So it is good to come and see it closely and we have found it very beautiful.

Let's see this corner, Thai Sala Bar! It is very relaxing here during the daytime because it is by the pool, it looks interestingly nice at night as well. I guess I will just walk pass it, no more space in my stomach for more bakery now.

We have walked pretty much the whole resort and we start to feel hungry.
And tonight it is perfect for some good seafood.

Our dinner is Seafood Basket.

I don't know where to start eating, they are so many choices of seafood including shrimps, fish, mussels, crab, and squid.

This set menu is served with salad and some bread,

Garlic Fried Rice and Barbecue.

And the Spicy Tom Yum Goong.

Different kinds of sauces are also served so you can choose whatever sauce you prefer to eat with your seafood.

The dessert is Fried Banana with ice cream. They go pretty well together and this is included in the set menu.

And this is the drink I have with dinner. I don't remember how it is called but it looks and tastes very nice.

Last but not least, I would like to end this review with this photo.

To live your life happily not hard.

You just need to choose to live. Sometimes your position and money don't mean much.

The person next to you is the one....who can give you the true happiness.

Please don't just work and work and forget that one person, find your time to spend with him/ her.

And your world better to live in.

My personal opinion about Thavorn Beach Village & Spa

1. I like that it has a private beach so we can relax privately

2. The swimming pool is extremely huge

3. There are 3 different zones (Hillside, Pool, and Beach Zones) with different room types in the resort so you can choose to stay according to your lifestyle and preference

4. Thai food here is superb

5. You can watch the sunset from the resort

6. It is truly romantic here

7. They offer great service and the staff are all helpful

8. It is not far from Patong Beach

9. The resort is pretty far from the airport and other main tourist attractions in Phuket

10. There are insects at night

11. You can't swim in front of the resort during the low tide

12. The owner of the resort is very friendly

Lastly, .....thanks to all my journeys that has given me a chance to learn more and to love more.....

Thank you for all your kind supports.

Thank you for all your kind comments.

Thank you for all your kind likes.

Thank you for all your kind sharing.

Thank you for all your kind votes.

Thank you for all your kind visits on this review.

And thank you for giving me a space to share my travel experience.

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