Hello, today I will bring you guys to the Chiang Mai, I will bring you to see a beautiful farm in the northern part. I may go there in a wrong period but I share this review for people who plan to travel this year . It is my first time travelling to Chiang Mai. I travel during the end of August last year. My goal for this trip is to visit a rice terrace at Mae Chaem District and then go back to Chiang Mai. I plan to stroll at the walking street in Chiang Mai city. This review is a simple guide travelling review, I share both impressive things and unimpressive things through my own feeling which I am not intended to seek for something in return and benefits from this travelling review at all.

PS... I have taken many pictures, some are beautiful but some are not and please apologize for any mistake.

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https://www.facebook.com/yuttana.pichanchai, I want to start my journey now. I depart from Ko rat (Nakhon Ratchasima Province) by VIP bus of Nakornchaiair. The bus leaves at 20.00 pm., arrive at Chiang Mai around 8.00 am. which you would feel bored along the way hahahaha. I get off the bus at the station then go to wash my face and get on the Red car (30 Baht) to change the bus at Chiang Mai city gate, Jom Thong district (34 Baht) and then take a bus from Jom Thong to Mae Chaem (70 Baht) again. I now reach Jom Thong, I plan to visit the temple and worship but the bus from Jom Thong to Mae Chaem is going to departure so I just take my bag and get on the bus. The driver is very kind to let me sit in the front seat so I have a chance to ask him the direction and travelling places with him. He willingly gives me the detail without annoyed. I look at the side way view, even there are many curved road but he still drive patiently, I can guarantee safety. If I see this curved road, I would drive fast hahaha. I arrive at Mae Chaem around 13.00 pm. He is so kind to introduce me a motorcycle without charging me a transportation fee at all. I have to really say Thank You to him. I rent 2 days motorcycle (300 Baht/Day not include the gasoline fee) to become my friend while travelling, I go to the lodging and keep my bags there after that I go out to adventure the field.

I stay at Mon Mueng Chaem, the accommodation is quite far away from the center of the city, but I choose this place because of the view in front of the it ...^_^

At Chiang Mai bus station in the morning

A Chiang Mai red car, I comfortably sit there while waiting for a car to departure.

Chiang Mai gates, Carabao Dang label is so attractive.

Bus station to Jom Thong.

I see this animal during I am on the way to the destination, He is sitting in the rain....his eyes is so cute.

Finally, I arrive to Mae Chaem. Here is my friend for this trip.

View in front of the accommodation. Mon Mueng Chaem in the cloudy day.

I can see the city in a far distant.

After the luggage are keep, Mr. Pap's mother, the owner of the house has recommended me to hire a tour guide which is 300 Baht/person. Actually this price is not expensive but I choose to adventure it myself even though I have a little bit worry inside. I am travelling to Pha Pong Piang, a rice terrace that is well known of its beautiful and the difficulty of going up the terrace in Thailand. But I am not afraid of the difficulty at all hahaha. There are fields, corn farms (plenty of it) and pumpkin farms along the way. Those farms are cropped all over the areas that there seem to be not available space at all. It's said that they can utilize all the worthy area. I will continuously take a photo on things that beautiful and interesting. The road is slurry, a 2 simple driving lanes so my Click 125, my motorcycle can run through it easily. But jollity thing is just started when I enter Baan Teen Par which is the most beautiful point of the terrace. So, I take time taking photo for a while. I just notice that they don't have a group of tourist come to them except my group. After I see the beautiful of Baan Teen Par then I go out to adventure in Baan Pha Pong Piang. The route is full of mud pothole and water that run down from a foothill. It is a cruel route, I really feel pity on this Click 125. I can comfortably drive up the hill for a while then an unfortunate thing is going to happen because the rain is going to fall so I drive quickly up to Pha Pong Piang terrace. I make a quick park and taking a photos. But unluckily that I can take it not more than 10 pictures. It is causing me into a trouble, what I can only do is run to seek for a small house to shelter from the rain. The wind and rain come heavily. The rain stop raining when the sun set so I can only take some more picture here and then go back. Going into the forest is sound forbidden thing, the atmosphere turns dark immediately when the sunset specially in the forest that you will feel double lonely because there is no electricity to turn on the light and the distance is far from people. local people here can not drive to fast because of the condition of the cruel road but I can safely coming back to the room. I get a little surprise before I go to sleep... It makes me have a nice sleep tonight....^_^

Fields on the way

When I see thing in green I then stop the car and take a photo, not hurry. Another view point before reaching Baan Teen Pha. I can't stand to see the view only so I take a picture of it hehe.

Really enjoyable.

Baan Teen Pha, the route starts to go rough but it worth seeing it.

Finally, I can past through the difficulty and reach the destination. It's very beautiful...but...the rain is going to fall so I can take only few pictures and then the rain fall down...Y_Y

The strong wind blows for a second and then the rain falls.

Last picture before the heavy rain falls. I almost not able to pick up my camera before the rain falls. I hide myself into someone cabin, hahaha.

It's dark when the rain stop so I can only take more few pictures because I have to ride the motorcycle through the darkest to go back to Mae Chaem. The most important is that the rain just stop and it would double the route to be much more rougher.

I feel a little irate to be in the rain at Baan Pah Pong Piang, if I have a chance I would be here again ... It is the place I intend to take many pictures but I have got the less pictures here... Y_Y

A little surprise with a nice delicious cake, Thank You ...^_^

For today's trip, I intend to go up to Pha Phong Pieng again but the sky looks glum again, I think I should face the rain again if I go up so I change my plan to a rice terrace at Ban Kong Klan and go to another rice terrace at Mae Klang Luang instead.

Before departure, I have to eat some breakfast. After I inquire with local people about the restaurant, I then go straight to Mae Jan restaurant. It is a small local food restaurant, the price is cheap and delicious. Anyone who go to Mae Jan, you should not miss visiting this place. Apart from the yummy food, I can also get his recommendation about the beautiful and a long history temple. Local people here are nice and good manner which make this place become livable. But I also think that if many tourist come to visit this place, local people lifestyle would be the same or change like the first time I visit Phu Tubberk that there is only a cabbage field and a nature that everyone want to visit it, but 3 years later, I had visited there again and everything is just turned into only a memory because presently it have already turned out to a resort. I might say something irrelevant now hahaha. Let's come back to talk about Mae Chaem. After I am full, I then ride up to the viewpoint that when I look down I can see the whole city of Mae Chaem and then ride down to Wat Phutha Oen which a holy pond is popped up every year. All of Mae Chaem people drink water from this pond so I take up this chance and drink a lot of water for the prosperity of life. After I worship the place, then I ride to another rice terrace at Baan Gong Gan. This place is just transplant rice seedlings so it's considered still be a beautiful place. After I take photo here, I then ride from Mae Chaem to Mae Glang Luang which the distance is far enough and on the way I face with both rain, fog and cold weather but I enjoy it. For me I meet with a good mental health dog gang at Mae Glang Luang. I notice that dogs here at Mae Glang Luang and Mae Chaem are friendly, not bark and bite, so different from dogs in town that they are always ready to bite our ass hahaha. After I finish taking a photo at Mae Glang Luang, I then ride back to Mae Chaem. I would say that the weather is cold, my face turn numb. I am back to Mon Mueng Jam before the evening light disappeared so I have a beautiful picture of it. Now I want to talk a little bit about the accommodation, Mon Mueng Jam. Talking about the accommodation, It is a small, beautiful, quiet and a mother of the owner takes a very goods care of us. The room is clean and livable. But the only point I want to criticize is a breakfast, I think it would be better to change from Mama cup noodle to a gruel. I take a bath first and go out to buy something to eat before going to bed. A restaurant I would like to recommend you is Hern Baan Mook. The food is delicious, the song is sweet and good atmosphere. The restaurant owner is gentle, friendly and not expensive.

The field are cropped along the way from the accommodation to Mae Chaem city. It looks beautiful so I take a photo for you guys to see it.

Mae Charn restaurant, delicious and worth paying it ....^_^

Look yummy ....^_^

Just a second it turn out empty now hahaha

Seeing an above view on Mae Chaem ...^_^

Wat Put Ent is located between the way to the field. It is calm with a cool wind blow.

A holy pond which the water is running out for the whole year.

A rice terrace at Baan Gong Gan.

I would like to post these pictures first and I will continuous post it again in the evening....^_^. This trip I use Nikon 35 f 1.8G Dx sigma 15-30, an old camera lenses and Nikon 70-20. And after I finish taking a photo at Baan Gong Gan, I then ride down to Mae Glang Luang. I would say that the weather here is very good and cold which can make my face is turned numb.

It is really a green field

There is a group of dog running to welcome me.... so nice.

And this dog is sleeping tight maybe he is having a nice dream hahaha.

Today I go back to take a photo of the evening light at the accommodation at Mon Mae Chaem.

The last light of today with Mon Mueng Chaem sign but what you can see a long distance is Doi Mon Mark, Mae Chaem which is another beautiful mist that I would visit there one day.

I ride out after finish taking a shower to find delicious food to eat before bed. Here is another recommendation restaurant, Hern Man Muk. The food is delicious, the music is beautiful. the atmosphere is good. The owner is courtesy and the price is not expensive.

Would you like to drink a cold Chrysanthemum tea?

My last day morning at Mae Chaem. I return the key to the Mr.Pep's mother. She tells me to ride to the other side so I don't have to ride a detour way. I try the route that she recommend and then I feel pity to cry it out because if I know this route yesterday that there is a corner nears the accommodation, I would see the beautiful evening light so I can only take picture of this corner to console myself.

I have to say goodbye to Mae Chaem, one day we would see each other again, but I hope that tourism who visit this place would not change lifestyle of local people here....^_^.

Today's program is to ride down to Chiang Mai to rent a car ( since it is a low season, I rent a VIOS car in 600 Baht/day) and then I go to Mon Chaem because I just see the travelling review that the flower is blooming there ... but thing I meet make me feel surprised...there's no.... it's become like this Y_Y. There are really have nothing there, flower, tree are stripped out. It seems that the day I go to Mon Chaem is a renovating of flower plot day. Many tourists who visit there on that day all grumbling about what was happening here. I walk and take a photo and then go back to Chiang Mai with a feeling of disappointing and I have to hurriedly find a accommodation because I haven't book the place to stay yet. It takes a lot of time for me and I get the room around 19.00 pm at Indie House ....^_^


But this point look interesting but tourist also waiting in line to see this viewpoint here too.

Having meal while viewing the nature would be great.

Lastly, a picture of children, nice mountaineer and gift shop here.

After taking a rest, I then park the car and take a bath before go out to the walking street. It would be enjoyable like I see in the movie but it's wrong since I start this journey. I intend to park the car here and get on the red car. I wave for the car, tell them that I want to go to Chiang Mai walking street but the driver drops me at the Night Barzaar market ...Y-Y. I walk there for a while and feel that this is not the place I want to go so I ask people there and they make me realize that this place is not a walking street but it is a Night Barzaar market. If I want to go to the walking street, I have to walk more for 2 kilometers so I ask Tuk Tuk about the price of driving me there. The driver may think that I have so much money so he offers 200 Baht but I don't hesitate to walk rather than being cheated by them. I don't feel alone walking to that place because many foreigners are also walking there too and finally I reach there. The market is fulled of wide variety of goods but people are more plenty than a goods here. There are vendors and tourists, I think number of foreign tourist are more than Thai tourist here. I take a picture while walking there but... again hahaha, I raise my camera up and going to take a picture but the owner of the store shouting loudly with her displeasure feeling. Her handmade products are prohibit from taking pictures because she afraid that her products will be transcribed, her products is just 10-20 Baht. If I do really want to copy her products I would rather buy her products. Then I look for a photo taking restriction sign, but there is no sign here, So, I don't care about it and continuous walking then I were rebuked by another 2 stores. After that I am not dare to take out the camera and take a photo. Before taking a photo, I have to ask for permission from the owner of every store first. I admire that this place is consist of variety of goods and people. I feel so tired after I walk until I reach the road end. Again I take a red car back to the accommodation, there are two foreigners going along with me. They say they want to go back to the accommodation but the driver drops them in front of the temple. That 2 foreigners look nerveless and can't make a decision where to go next. I can't help them because

I also just being cheated by that red car, the driver drops me 3 alleys before reaching my accommodation. Again I walk exhaustively and that's the end of this trip for today. Today I feel disappointed almost the whole day....*_*

A big yellow bear.

Where is this place, the red car drop me here hahaha.

After I walk from Night Barzaar to a walking street, I continuous taking a photo as much as I can.

This grandparents is very cute.

A cute dog bag, very cute.

This group of birds are making a noisy sound.

Have a look at the pictures first.

This store strikes my eyes. If I have a chance, I would also want to open a small store like this, selling a postcard which it would better if the pictures are takenby myself ( even my skill is not that professional hahaha).

Her eyes are so round and bright.

But this dog's eyes going to close.

Last picture of this place, a cute girl of this walking street.

The last day morning, today I wake up early at Indie House. There is something special for me which is I can make myself a breakfast, the water and drinks are provided for self-service so I feel like I am living at home. After I check out, I go to worship Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. This place is so beautiful but there are so many tourist here. The corner that I want to take a picture which I see on the internet and books become only a dream because the place is really fulled of tourist. After I finish worship at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, I then continuous my journey to go up to Bhubing Palace. There are plenty of winter flowers including different type of roses. I don't take many pictures today because I intend to enjoy strolling and look at the beautiful flowers. I end my trip here before I travelling back, I have appointed the bus at Chiang Mai bus station and head back to Korat. This is 4 days 3 nights trip that I get a very worth experiences. I have experienced both gratification, disappointment, learn local urban and rural people lifestyle. The charm of travelling is not always at the destination but the charm of travelling is occurred since you decide to begin your journey ...^_^.

I make a fried pork dipped with egg.

Self service drinking water.

Indie House

Chiang Mai viewpoint, during the route going up to worship at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. It would be very beautiful to standing here and look at the light of the city in the night time.

I admire this man is masterly, he can speak many languages.

I now reach there, let's go worship in the temple.

A picture of a little red cheek girl before I say goodbye...^_^

I end my trip here, Bhubing Palace.

+++ Thank You everyone for entering the blog, no matter to see pictures or reading the review. I want to leave a message for brother and sister who want to go out for travelling, no matter you are visiting an old tourist attraction place or the new one, please keep in your mind to ward the place so that the beautiful environment of those attraction place would remain beautiful for a long time. If we destroy those place, it would be become extinct and run out one day, Thank You+++

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